Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update, Take 2

Thought I'd better update you, just because it's been a while.  It's been a while for a lot of things around here...most notably from this vantage point, it's been a while since I vacuumed the living room floor.  Poor babes, they lay here all day.  It's dirty.  I digress...

Oh Martha
In this post I went on and on about what a good homemaker I am.  I talked about projects and painting and Martha Stewart.  Well, I still really, really love that I get to be home with my girls, but I haven't done a new project since this post.  I have high hopes for remodeling our bathroom.  This is what it looks like now:

Nothing terrible, nothing great.  I think it's weird that the toilet is just kinda out in the middle of the room.  And, I stopped using the shower around the 6th month of my pregnancy - I could no longer turn around.  Now I just have bad memories.  Gross.  Anyway, it's on the list.  I'm trying to have a plan and a budget and an end product in mind, unlike the last bathroom we updated.  You see, I painted the walls white and it made the fixtures look dingy, so I ripped them out.  I was pregnant, don't judge.  It's awesome now, and Dan learned valuable plumbing and drywall skills, so all ended well.  This almost happened again last night when I thought I needed a new refrigerator...turns out, I just needed to clean the one I have.  I'm gross, and spoiled, I know.

Sufferin' Succotash
I still love okra.  This week I'm on to desserts.  I made this Rice Pudding.  It was delicious. 
I still tell my girls weird details about semi-factual stories.  I can't help it.  They seem to like it.  I have told them way more stories about me and Uncle Darin growing up at Meme's suggestion though.  It is important that they know how cool we were as Ponch and John patrolling the neighborhood on our "motorcycles". 

It's uncanny how often it happens.  Like, it might be my magical power.  I almost don't talk anymore...wonder if I could just start saying the opposite of what I want to happen and it would!?!?  It happens when I describe their personalities..."Lauren is more active and needs a lot more interaction.  Kate, on the other hand is so laid back and just likes to chat".  The words come out of my mouth and within minutes Lauren is taking a little mid day snooze and Kate is climbing the walls and looking around like she's going to make an amazing discovery.  People probably think I don't know my babies.  Oh, but I do!!  I know that they are little sneaks and love to make mommy go "Huh???!?!?!".

Keepin' It Real
I'm still OBSESSED with Monopoly at Albertson's.  I'm also convinced more than ever that it's a scam.  I need one more piece in about 8 sections.  Last week I got 17 tickets in one shopping trip and didn't need ONE of them!!  I was so bummed...and so were the babes, it took me a long time to open all 17, poor things were READY to get out of their carseats!  Disclaimer #1:  I know that the number and lingo of this game mean nothing to you, sorry, it's important for the story.  Disclaimer #2:  I bring them in the house with me, I just leave them in the car seats a little longer than usual. 
I'm back to confusing pillows for babies in the middle of the night.  As in "Here, will you take Kate back to her room?" while holding out my snuggle pillow to Dan.  He's so confused, I'm so confused, Kate's snuggled so peacefully in her bed across the hall.  Wow.

Tie Ball Game!
They are totally winning.  Is it a growth spurt?  Are they teething?  Are they just outsmarting me?  Who knows?  All I know for sure is that we hang out often in the middle of the night.  Cereal is going great!  They love rice cereal and oatmeal, sweet potatoes and green beans.  They still really love to nurse though.  I'm tired, but they're only little once, right?  Right?  Seriously, right????

Such unique earing styles:

Lauren: Baby bird approach 

Kate: We'll call this the Popsicle

Sporty Spice
I am not a gym rat.  I don't like it.  I don't like the smell or the sweat, the unfamiliar exercises or the super fit people who hang out there.  More than anything, though, I don't like that I never know what to wear!!  I have plenty to "gym" clothes, I just choose to call them "lounge wear" and wear them about 4 days a week while just hanging at home.  Like today, for example, I'm wearing my favorite stretchy pants, tennies, and a long sleeve t-shirt.  There is a decent chance that I will go on to sleep in this ensemble and then wear it to the gym at 7:30 in the am.  Does that make me despicably gross or just laundry savvy?  I'm still going, I feel good, I look the same, I want a new wardrobe for this new endeavor.

That's all the news!  The girls are awesome.  They had their 6 month check-up (my performance evaluation) last week.  Kate was 13 pounds, 11 ounces, and Lauren 13 pounds, 2 ounces!  They were still barely on the chart for height and head circumference, but almost 20% for weight!!  So hard to believe of my 5 pound pumpkins.


P.S.  I need computer help.  I want a cooler blog, a more streamline way to get pictures on my posts, lots of things to make it look better and be easier to post blogs quickly (this one is about 2.5 days in the making).  I have so much to say, and so many pictures to share, but there's got to be an easier/faster way!   How do I learn these things?  Who do I ask, where do I go, what should I even ask???

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  1. those girls are ADORABLE. as i write this belle is begging to see the videos AGAIN. you crack me up! laundry savvy for sure. sorry about the favorite phrase in parenting is "this too shall pass." it will. it seems like it will last forever, but it won't. good luck and be sure to take a nap when you can! and if you find out a way to make your blog cooler i expect you to tell me....i have considered hiring a blog designer.....but at this point just trying to convince jason to learn how to do it. he is good at EVERYTHING. sickening. there is also a blog class taking place soon in ttown i may go to...we'll see! love ya!