Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Closed Captioning

I sometimes pretend like they are speaking in a language I can't understand (they are) and interpret it for myself.  It's almost always funny, and they are always saying nice things about their Momma.  Enjoy!

Oh wow, Mom, thanks!  We love it when you plop us down on the floor in the living room for the 100th time today.  Oh look over here, same stinkin' toy as yesterday...and the day before that...and...
Let's see if we can figure out how this thing is held together and DESTROY it!  It'll take some work, but maybe, if we work hard, we can do something else tomorrow!
YES!!!!!!!!  We did it!  Kate, you ok?  Yip, escaped by my super fast rolling technique, you?  I'm trapped under it, but I think I have a plan...
I'm going to smile, and play the cute "Oops, did I do that???" line.  Keep cool.
Ok, got it.  I'll just act like I had no idea you were even over there.  Just give me the sign if you need to me puke or cry, I'm ready.

Yip, this is what I do with my day now.  Jealous much?!
E dot P dot

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  1. I'm laughing hysterically!!!!! I often wonder if my Boys think the same thing. Thanks for reminding me to swap out some of their toys.