Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday's Musings....on a Tuesday.

**I started this blog on Monday.  Sometimes (always) I don't finish what I'm working on immediately and have to come back to it later...imagine!**

1.  The girls talk/sign all the time.  They parrot back what we say, they jabber, they legitimately talk.  My favorites right now are Lauren's "Peeeeeeese" (head cocked to the side, begging, please) and Kate's "Bess You" (Bless you, sneeze anywhere she can hear you and she says this) and "All Gom" (all gone).

2.  Health care is a racket.  We didn't have maternity coverage for this surprise pregnancy.  The hospital bill was high...and apparently hugely negotiable.  I am the worst negotiator of all times, but we paid less than 40% of the original bill without having to ask for a reduction.  How about you just charge what it costs/you need to get paid and skip the step of over billing to under collect??  ObamaCare is not the answer, but there needs to be one.  It's a RACKET.

3.  Jack eats every two hours for about 25 minutes.  One hour and thirty five minutes is not very long to accomplish anything before it's time to sit down and nurse him again.  I would complain, but I think I have been eating about every two hours too, so who am I to judge?

4.  Speaking of diets...want to find a way to think about dessert all day long/make new desserts everyday/always have a sweet taste in your mouth?  Join Weight Watchers.  They must go hand in hand.  R-I-diculous.  I am ridiculous.

5.  Kate is going through a growth spurt.  Girl eats more often than Jack and I.  And she's sneaky.  Typical scenario: Kate comes in the kitchen and asks for a cracker.  I give her one.  Then she says "Sissy?", meaning, where's one for sissy?  So I give her another.  She takes a bite out of one on her way to deliver the cracker to her sister and then gives Lauren the half eaten cracker.  Sneaky...and I totally get it.

6.  I have got to figure out how to get out of the house with all three babes.  We are all stir crazy.

We do this kind of "out of the house".  I need the kind where there are other people.

7.  Do you read Jessica's blog over at How Sweet It Is ?  I do.  She lends to my dessert everyday problem.  And she provides me with a chuckle.  Yesterday she wrote this:

I’ve always had weirdo sleep anxiety, probably because I’m a first-born child and a full-blooded Scorpio with a major nutcase brain that pretends to be a normal brain, and if I can’t fall asleep within like 34 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I’m all up in my own face whining “omg… I can’t sleep. OMG. I’m never going to be able to fall asleep tonight. Wait. Maybe I should turn the TV off. No. Then I’ll be scared. OMG. I can’t sleep. OMGGGGGGG. What am I going to do tomorrow when I’m soooo tired?”
I’m so ahead of myself that I’m behind.
See what I’m dealing with here?
Oh and guess what? I’m really fun to live with!!
This is so me lately that it's not even funny...except I'm a Gemini and the TV part...no TV for me.  But I am equally crazy within one minute of lights out.  Sleep is important...and stressful.  It's odd for a little blob of a creature to have so much control over whether or not my night will suck.  Add anxiety to my already crazy brain and you've got yourself the perfect storm.  Again...Ridiculous.
E dot P dot

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jack - One Month

Can you believe Jack David is one month old today!?  I, for one, cannot!  He is a sweet, healthy, growing boy...here are some stats:

Gas? Really happy and I happened to capture it? 

Weight: 11 pounds 4 ounces
Clothing: I just got out the 3 month clothes!!!  He can still wear some 0-3mo, but NB is a thing of the past!
Eating: Every 2 hours during the day, and sometimes at night he makes it 3 whole hours!!
Talents: Loudest burper of our family!
Physical Achievements: He is lifting his head well and is stretching out more.
Other: Baths wear him out.  He is tolerant of his sisters, but never lets his guard down completely.
Favorite time to be Held: When Momma is eating.  Best diet buddy ever!

Favors: It has been said that he favors his father.

Fact: He is loved.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Tales of Two Girls

So, one of the most common remarks that I get from other mothers of toddlers is "You're so lucky they have each other to play with!".  I agree!  They entertain each other, learn things together, teach each other, keep each other company (as we 'speak' they are supposed to be napping, but instead I hear giggles and kicking on the wall - lucky).  The flip side of this lucky thing I have is that two heads are ornerier than one!

The first tale was semi-photo-documented:

The story.  I usually leave the door to our guest bedroom closed.  It's just easier...that way I can leave things on the bed, floor, etc. and the girls won't get in it.  One of the best things the girls have experienced since the birth of their new brother is all his 'toys'!  The swing (has buttons!!), the bouncy chair (has buttons!)...oh, the joy!!  I had the bouncy chair on the bed in the guest room since the baby wasn't in it and I needed to remove the temptation for the girls.  Well, I had been in there putting some of their too-small clothes in a box and just going through some stuff...and then the baby cried...and I left the room...and left the door open.  Enter the B's.

Can you say probable trip to urgent care for stitches?  Kate (who cannot climb up onto the bed by herself, oh how I wish I would have seen that teamwork!) was in the bouncy chair, snapped in.  Lauren had gotten into the too-small clothes and had a shirt on as a 'kerchief on her head and two different shoes on...and was bouncing Kate in the chair.  They were laughing so hard and having so much fun that I just took some pictures, said a few Hail Mary's, and walked away.  They survived.

Tale #2 sadly has no pictures.  I can't seem to have everything I need within arms reach while nursing Baby Jack.

When the girls get in trouble, I put them in the same place on the floor for time-out.  They have to sit turned away from the living room, sit until I say they can get up, and they usually cry.

I was on the couch nursing Jack.  The girls were on the couch with me.  And then they got up and started wrestling, running, jumping, playing around and over me and the baby.  I tried to get them to stop nicely a few times, and then I raised my voice, told them to stop and to get down.  And then, picture this.  They got down.  And Lauren grabbed Kate's hand and let her over to the time-out place and said "Sit down!".  And Kate did!  And then Lauren walked away and Kate did a little fake cry "WaaWaaa".  And then Lauren walked back over, helped her up, gave her a hug, said "OK!", and they went off to play.  I about died.  Time-out is now a game.  Momma needs to change it up a bit!!

Feelin' lucky!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Friesins: n: def.: a cousin who is also your friend.

I have a lot of friesins.  And now my kiddos have friesins.  And I love it.

We also got to spend time with the Terry friesins, but Jack ate the ENTIRE time we were at the farm, therefore Momma didn't get any pics.  Fail.

We had a great time in Laverne.  Jack was properly ooh'd and aah'd over.  The girls played so hard that they went to the bath needing hosed off first, and slept so hard they forgot where they were.  Good stuff!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dodie's May

I needed my Momma.  I was not pleasant or fun or as fast as I needed to be the last three weeks of pregnancy.  The girls were bored, I was feeling very inadequate, and I was hopeful to get some things done before baby Jack arrived.  Dodie to the rescue!

She came during the work week and stayed for 3-4 days for 3-4 weeks.  It was awesome!  We got some meals put in the freezer.  I got the baby's clothes washed and put away.  The girls got to go for a few more walks and a lot more swims than they would have if they would have just had me as activity director!  

And then, the cherry on top of the whole month was that both she and Pop were here when I went into labor and there was no "Pack up the girls!".  We just smooched them, and walked out.  When we had to stay a day longer in the hospital with Jack, it was no big deal because the girls were playing with Pop and Dode.  I can't imagine the added stress if we would have had to juggle them.

Thankfully, I felt better one week post-partum than I did 40 weeks pregnant.  Now, Dodie is just invited, not crucial to our survival.  But here's what I know...there's no replacing a grandma and grandpa as babysitter and there's nothing more comforting as the Momma than to leave your babies with your Momma.

Thanks, Mom and Dad...once again, it was much better with you than it would have been without you.

Love you,

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Baby Story

Is A Baby Story still on TLC?  For some reason while in college, I was addicted to that show.  I watched it everyday.  I loved the prep, the aftermath, the baby showers, all of it.  And, I loved the birth.  I thought it was so spectacular to watch...a new life burst onto the scene.  I especially liked the women who were calm and collected during the birth.  They didn't scream, or grunt, or sweat, or swear.  They had their make-up on, and their hair done, and they kissed their husbands right after their baby was born.  And now I know that, like all other reality TV shows, it was completely scripted and a lie!

I did not do well with the c-section I had to have with the girls.  Due to pre-eclampsia I had to be on some drugs afterward and could not get out of bed for 24 hours.  I was very sick to my stomach most of those 24 hours.  Maybe that's why recovery was not a picnic for me.  Whatever the reason, I was determined to not have a repeat c-section with Baby Jack.

Jack has already revealed a piece of his personality in that he is on his own timeline and there's not much to do to change it.  He was breech long enough to make me nervous, but then flipped in plenty of time.  I carried him high the entire pregnancy and he did not move down as early as my OB would have liked, but he found his way eventually.  He was supposed to come on May 23rd, he made his appearance on May 25th.  He was sunny side up for all of my labor, making me have terrible back labor, but then he turned before
entering the world.

My OB was getting nervous when I went passed my due date and started talking about scheduling something.  Because I had a previous c-section, induction was not an option, so the something she wanted to schedule was a c-section.  I did all I knew to do to make labor start.  I ate spicy food, eggplant parmesan, pineapple.  I sat around hooked up to my breast pump.  I walked and walked.  And then, on Thursday morning, I made myself a castor oil cocktail then promptly pumped, and voila...my water broke!!

Labor was slow.  On Wednesday at my doctor's appointment I was dialated to a 2.  When I checked into the hospital after my water broke and my contractions were about 5 minutes apart, I was dialated to a 2.  And then, eight hours of real-deal labor later, my doctor checked me again....and I was a 2.  I was defeated.  Sure, he had lowered in the birth canal, and things were progressing, but I needed that number to have changed.  I voted for drugs...immediately, loudly, rudely, persistently.

Our fear was always that an epidural would slow or stop my labor.  It was a strange thing in my case.  Within two hours, I had dialated to a 5, but my contractions were further apart.  Labor progressed well, and soon(-ish), I was at a 10 and ready to push.  But, because my contractions were far apart, pushing was not super effective.  Three hours later, though, he was in our arms!

So, in case you missed out on the math, that was 20 hours of labor with 3 of that spent pushing.  Momma was tired.

So, now that I've done it both ways, I get to have an opinion.  **If I've learned anything in practice and in life it's that no two bodies are the same.  You could have had a c-section after carrying twins eighteen months before delivering a single baby naturally and it could be completely different than my story.  I get it.**  While laboring and pushing, a c-section sounded like a really good idea.  I did not have fun on Thursday and Friday morning two weeks ago.  BUT, when it was over, it was over.  Yes, I was sore.  Yes, there are things that I would never speak of in polite company that did not happen during my c-section.  But, now, just two weeks on the other side of it, I feel completely normal.  I can chase after 2 little girls while holding a newborn...I could not even do the stairs while holding one little 5 pound baby at this point after their birth.

I am grateful.  Grateful to have had the experience.  Grateful that it's over.  Grateful that no matter how these little humans joined our family, they are here and healthy.  Grateful that I don't have to do it again anytime soon!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lovely Ladies

Oh, these girls!  They are so busy, so funny, so cute, so alike, so different, so exasperating, so fun, so 30 years younger and more energetic than me!  They have adjusted well to having Baby Jack around.  They say 'baby' (or 'babiessssss' if you're listening to Kate) even before I get them out of their crib in the mornings and must see him right away.  Lauren might be a little more fragile in the last week...maybe it's because Jack's around...maybe it's just a bad mood or new teeth, who knows!?

The girls are 19 months old.  They have more words everyday...fish, baby, wash, soap, eat, more, ball, outside, splash, bath, sucker, night-night.  They recognize animals and either say the name or make the sound.  We are working on colors and numbers.  They love to sit at their big girl table and eat, color, or look at books.  They play together, always.  They may be fighting or just playing near each other, but they are always together. In fact, if Kate loses track of where Lauren ran off too, there's a moment of panic in her eyes as she says "Sissy?".

My dancer.  She dances to every song...commercials, background music, radio, the song in her head that no one else can hear.  She has quite a few moves, mostly though she bounces and tosses around that curly haired head of hers!  SO adorable.  Lately, she even dances to the dishwasher.  When it's running, she goes up to it, puts both hands on it (to feel the rhythm) and gets down.  She's just jolly.  Jolly, what a great word!  She laughs out loud when she laughs.  She is uncoordinated, but fearless.  She is stubborn and challenging.  She has a sweet tooth.  She has a severe affection with all things feet (toes, shoes, socks) and anything with a button.  Awesomeness.

Lauren the Tender Hearted:
This girl is tender.  That's really the best word for her.  She wilts at raised voices (not that we ever do such a thing).  She holds a grudge and flashes dirty looks.  She needs snuggled and loved on.  She loves on her sister and brother.  Just tonight while they were in the bath, Kate was sitting down, and Lauren walked over to her rested her little cheek on the top of Kate's head and made that little "hmmmmmm" noise you'd make when you are just content and in love.  Presh.  She cries when Kate gets in trouble.  She is tender.  She has a waspy little body...she is lean and long and strong.

Dodie is back now...she's here to play and cook and hold down the fort so I can get out.  I'd like to say that we're getting into a routine and that I have this three-under-two thing handled BUT then I remember that my Momma's here.  I'll worry about that later....fake it 'til you make it, right?!

The Momma


Friday, June 1, 2012

Jack David

Oh, blog friends, he's here!!  And he's perfect!  And I'm tired...all is right with the world!

Jack was born at 6:17am on May 25, 2012.  We spent 24 hours longer than expected in the hospital for some light time due to a little jaundice.  He is almost 2x as big as his older sisters were at birth...he feels like a 3 month old to me.  He is a great eater, pooper, and sleeper (usually.  Only two bad nights so far.)  His hair feels like silk, he smells so good, his skin is so soft...delicious.

Already, on his one week birthday, he is awake a little longer between feedings.  He is stretching his legs out, and generally not as curled up.

Kate and Lauren adore him.  'Babeee' has replaced 'shooooooes' as their favorite word.  Lauren kisses him about 673 times a day....and it has to be on the lips, and I don't know what her criteria is, but sometimes she shakes are head and immediately goes back in for another, better one.  Kate mostly concerns herself with his sucker (pacifier) patrol.  She knows where it is and if he needs it at all times.  She also loves to lay beside him and hold his hand and find his toes.

I'm not nearly as hormonally emotional as I was post-partum last time (yet!?), but I will tell you that between the tired, overwhelmed, no clue how to do it all, inadequate, frustrated, ugh feelings...sometimes I think my heart my burst...and my throat along with it (you know, with the giant lump that gets in there when you think you might cry or just die).

Welcome to the world Baby Jack!!  You are loved.