Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hannah Rose

God knew exactly what we needed when He sent us this peanut!  Hannah is the sweetest baby on the block!  Smiling is her favorite, she is chuckling way ahead of schedule, is the roundest, softest little nugget, and sleeps like a dream!  I mean seriously, want to know how to burp her?  Move her to vertical orientation and smile at her.  Want to know how to put her down for a nap?  Snuggle her in a soft blanket for a few minutes, then lay her down and smile at her.  I should really, probably, write a parenting book.

She rolls with all manner of ridiculous punches.  She is interrupted during almost every meal, touched during every nap, carried by toddlers, and still...she smiles.  She loves her brother and sisters.  I think it's a very real possibility that she will honestly someday wonder 'Are you my mother?' about all three females in this house.

Jack thought she'd enjoy her nursing sesh more disguised as a ninja.

It's impossible for me to not assume I had something to do with her awesomeness.  'It's because she's our fourth and we are so laid back and chill.'  'It's because we know think she is our last and so we are just enjoying each stage more.'  'It's because we had a no fuss home birth.' 'It's because I'm just really, really good at this (confidence is something I really must work on.)'  I think likely none of these are true.  She is just perfect.  

Years ago I dabbled in singing.  I took voice lessons from a dear lady, Ms. Judy, and we met in her mother's
home.  Mrs. Jayroe, after having to listen to these lessons for years on end, once wrote me sweet note.  She said both vocally and in life I should always remember to end on a high note.  I'm not promising that this is the end of our procreating (likely, don't get your panties in a twist), but if it is, we definitely ended on a high note. 

Happy 3 Months, my love.