Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I love surprises.  I'm terrible at surprises, but I love them!  The only way they ever work out for me is when I, too, am a little surprised.  Usually, my planner brain does not allow for plans to change last minute or for things to just "come up", but this past weekend, they did!  Nephew Dakota's birthday party was last weekend in Laverne.  He's 8!!!!!!! which is a blog all on it's own (how does time go by so quickly!).  This coming weekend is an Eells' (my mom's) family reunion, of sorts, in Red River, NM.  Because we would see Dakota a mere 4 days after his party in Red River, we planned all along not to go home for Memorial weekend.  We had ideas of a day trip, or a bathroom remodel, or of couch time.  WELL...plans changed!  After talking to Darin, Shannon, and the gang last week we decided there was just no good reason not to go home.

We surprised Dakota and Makalyn (4 year old niece), then Darin and Shannon, all the grandparents, and even Dodie!  It was fun stuff!  The party was great, showing off the girls is always fun, and nothing beats hanging out with family!

Great Grandma Terry and the babes

Cousin Makalyn with Kate and Lauren

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  1. sounds like a good time! i haven't been able to comment on your blog for like a week! don't know what was up? the girls look adorable as always.