Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Martha!

I love the "stay at home mom" part of my maybe too much!  Sure, most of it is because I love the babes, and miss them so much when I'm away even for the few hours I do go to work.  But really there's another, big part of it.  I love, love, love my to do list - I even buy cool notepads with magnets so that my lists look nice.  I have self-inflicted chores to do everyday.  Dan got me a monthly house keeper for Christmas - I've already gotten rid of her, 'cause I just clean my things better than someone else!  My friend Daisy and I get together and make tons of meals in advance to stock up our freezer!  I make up projects, I become obsessive about finishing tasks, I re-organize closets and cabinets because it just makes me feel good. 

Freezer Meals

Whew!!!  There, I said it!! 

There is a strange conflict within about these confessions.  On one hand, I want everyone to come over, to show you what I've been up to, to find out what fun projects you're doing, etc.  On the other, I never, ever, ever want you to know that I have "Martha-ed" my linen closet!!  I mean, I used to have a real job.  I still owe a small mortgage on the education it took to be able to do that real job!  I have friends who still do very, very important things during the day.  (Listen, I'm not talking about being a mom...very, very important job!!)  But you get what I'm talking about, right?!  Now, I get SUPER excited when my Martha Stewart magazine comes in the mail.  I plan meals for the week.  I am researching and buying supplies to make SOAP for crying out loud!!!

 The Martha-ed Linen Closet

My "Refreshed" Laundry Room

My mom was a great 'part time' stay at home mom.  I remember doing all sorts of projects with her.  We had candlelight dinners that we spent the afternoon preparing for.  We decorated the whole house with those tacky cardboard holiday scene thing-y's...with scotch tape on the front door!!!  We "re-decorated" our bedroom - new paint, bedding, etc.  It was awesome!  But, it's strange now that's it's my turn.  It's like having my dream job, and not wanting to give full disclosure about how much I love it.  Like that little part of me that still wants to be a mover and a shaker business woman is a little embarrassed by the bigger, louder Betty Crocker part of me.

Well, I'm going to embrace it!  Watch out...soon, I'll be posting about bathroom remodels, and soap molding, and "green" cleaning products! 


13 days old...

P.S.  The girls are awesome.  Sometimes I think they know I'm a little bit...we'll say "special".  I love 'em anyway.


  1. first, i am completely jealous of your freezer meals. you should do a post with the recipes! second, i love my martha magazine. third, i know exactly what you mean about the conflict. i miss the business woman in me, but i LOVE the stay at home mom me! last, i am finding it more and more interesting how much alike we are. so glad to be able to see what is going on with you and your precious family.

  2. You officially make me feel so inadequate. Ha! I mean how do you do it all? I really need to get my boys on the same eating and sleeping schedule. I can’t even find time to get all the laundry put up sometimes. You are one amazing Mama. Kuddos! By the way, I'm so glad you introduced yourself. I've heard so much about you from Amanda. I look forward to keeping up with the Prince's.

  3. It's called "nesting"....and you realllly have it.