Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keepin' It Real

While my aunt and cousin were in town last weekend they called me on the carpet about a few things.  I'd be "confessing" to some less than mother of the year award behavior and they would say "Now THAT is the stuff you need to be blogging about!".  So, here it goes - the real stuff.

1.  The girls are now almost 6 months old.  I started this blog when they were around 4 months old.  From birth to 4 months not only did I not blog, I didn't "do" much of anything!  Newborns are WORK!  They have always been good babies.  But there have always been 2 of them!  There were days that I didn't get dressed.  Days when I called Dan 14 times between 5:00pm and 6:30pm checking to see what time exactly he would be home.  Days when it seems I ONLY fed, changed, or walked the floor with my two little swaddled bundles.  I cried.  A lot for a girl who never cries.  I would cry when they cried, I would cry when they were both quiet for a while, I cried when Dan prayed at supper, I cried when he left, I cried when I saw his car pull in the drive.  Looking back now it was a very short time.  We survived.  I'll do it again.  BUT, if you are a new momma or expecting momma and you read this blog, please remember that each month gets easier.  And, it's ok if the first few are tough.  You're the only Momma your baby has ever known, you can't "mess up" in their eyes, and really that's all that matters.

2.  I'm obsessed with Monopoly at Albertson's.  Albertson's is running a scam (I'm pretty sure).  For certain purchases you get Monopoly game pieces.  You can win anything from $5 to $5000 worth of groceries.  Obsessed!  Now, I haven't bought something I don't need just to get a game piece, but I have definitely bought a different brand of a usual item to get one.  And, here's the confession - I sometimes (ok, everytime) bring the girls in the house, leave them in their car seats, and open all the little tickets and put them on my gameboard before I get them out of their seats...EVEN IF THEY ARE CRYING.  Yip, I said it.  There.

3.  Almost everytime I'm out running errands, park, and get ready to go in I have a moment of pause when I actually consider if it would be ok if I leave the babes in the car and run really fast.  I'm talking about running in for a bag of ice, or to drop off some mail...things that if I lived in Laverne I would probably do without pause.  The what-if's always stop me.  I never actually do.  But, I do have that thought occasionally.  Don't report me.

4.  I let Kate fall off the couch.  Then, later, I let Lauren fall too.  I really try to not play favorites.

5.  The first month, I always, I mean everynight, always thought that I had a baby in my arms while sleeping.  "Is this a baby?" became something Dan just said in passing to me.  It was never a baby, but I always thought maybe...??  I also got very confused about how many babies we had in the first few weeks.  Middle of the night, up to feed them, and I'd ask Dan "Are there 2 or 3 of them?".  I think I just always felt outnumbered.

6.  Kate makes this adorable pouty face when she first starts crying.  Sometimes I let her cry longer than needed 'cause I just like to look at her sweet lips.

There.  I'm sure there's more.  I'm sure there's worse.  But for today it's all I have in me.  Just keepin' it real...

Mother of the Year,


  1. Hahahaha! Loved this post. When you say "let them fall off the couch" what do you mean? Like, you watched them fall to see what would happen? My great granddad, Daddy Boyce, once jumped off the roof of a house to see what would that? Or like they just accidentally rolled off and you didn't know until too late? Just curious, not judging.

  2. seriously cracking up right now. i can so relate to calling the hubs a billion times, and crying non-stop. i thought i would never stop crying...but i did! also...better to let them fall off the couch than the changing table (which has happened to both my girls!) love love love your blog!