Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uniforms and Tricks

Something about this title made me think of Pretty Woman...no hooker boots or THOSE kind of tricks, silly!
One of the CUTEST things my girls wear is this pair of 'jeans'.  They are stretchy and soft and the only thing that I got as a gift in Newborn size, then searched for so that we have had them in every size since.  They just look so stinkin' cute.  If they have a 'uniform', this is it.  Not everyday, but every week, they were this outfit or a variation thereof.

Sometime in the last few weeks, I have become acutely aware of how often I wear my 'uniform'.  I still dress up to go to work, and I still wear stretchy 'lounge' clothes a few days a week, but this ensemble happens at least once a week.  Well, last week, it suddenly occurred to me that there are more than one similarities in our 'uniforms'!!!!  Headband, check.  Cuffed jeans, check.  Muffin top, check!  (Just kidding, babies.)  Again, is this ok?!  How did this even come to be?  I think my subconscious mind just thought they were SO cute, I must have wanted to be like them...  I can't even promise I'll stop.  I like my uniform.  I like theirs.  I guess I just wanted to beat you to the punch in case you see the three of us out and about and think..."Wait, are they?....Do they?....No, SURELY Erin isn't trying to dress like a 6 month old."

I was going to act like I was busy doing something else, at least not posed, but then I remembered that the ONLY reason I wanted the picture taken was for the sake of this story, and you had to see the whole ensemble, so, I posed.  Again, just beating you to the punch.

They are doing baby push ups.  They can put their pacifiers in their own mouths, and each others.  They are sitting up, kinda.  They are super into noises...tongue clicks, motor boats, claps, stomps.  **Aside:  this is a strange ego boost for me.  They think I'm super good at a flamenco style dance with lots of clapping, and also excellent at river dancing.  I may have missed my calling.**  They like to "stand".  They LOVE to be bounced on the bed.  They are camera hogs - Kate cheeses up, Lauren gets her serious face on trying to figure out how it works, what it does, and how to fit they whole thing into her mouth.  They have figured out how to un-do their diapers.  (You know there's a story to come from that new trick!)

It truly seems that they do something new and awesome everyday. 

Have a happy day,
The Momma


  1. Mother Daughter outfits were all the rage in the 50s. Wait till you get that sewing machine so you can bust out matching sets!!! Love the pushup too. How can she do that??

  2. Erin, you look so good! Love you!