Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

OK, with a title like that, it must be said that the secret #1 on my list is The Sound of Music.  I love it.  Romance, nuns, mountains,'s the perfect mixture.  Now, on to the real stuff.

1.  I love Kate's little curl.  It's only on the right side of her head, it's always there, and it always curls up.  Love.

2.  Lauren has discovered her favorite teething toy.  Noses.  Any ol' nose will do.  She clamps down, just about goes cross-eyed, because eye contact is still important, and makes this sweet little growly noise.  Love.  Of course, I cannot capture this on camera.  I'll keep trying,'s a must-see.

3.  I just about slept through the night last night and it reminds me that sleep definitely belongs on my list of favorite things.

4.  Headbands.  Am I the only one who thinks it's ok to wear headbands?  I never see someone else (my age) wearing them, but I justify it by thinking that if they were terribly out of style, they would be harder to shop for???  Maybe it's ok because I'm trying to grow my bangs out, and every woman knows the pain of that?  Ok or not, they have become part of my "uniform" (tomorrow's post).

5.  Beth Moore Bible studies.  They are just good.  Studying David now, loving it.

6.  The green filler flower in this pre-birthday, bought-it-for-myself-at-CostCo, because-I'm-worth-it bouquet.  Don't know it's name.

7.  Barely pink finger- and toenails.  On other people.  I'm sure I'd love it on myself, but I CANNOT find the perfect pink.  Mine is either "might as well have painted them clear" sheer or "is that White-Out?" opaque.  I'm on a mission...I'll find it.  And then I'll tell you it's name.

8.  Back to sleeping.  I'm kicking myself/wiping tears.  They both almost slept through the night last night.  Kate really did, Lauren only up once, and then, only kinda.  The variable, you ask?  We left them unswaddled.  I'm so sad.  I love a swaddled baby.  But, I love a baby who sleeps through the night a little bit more, so, I'm over it.

I know it looks creepy, but they like having their noses up against the bumper.

9.  Chiropractic.  Kate was constipated.  Kate got an adjustment.  Kate is VERY unconstipated.  ***I swore to myself early on that this blog would never have an agenda or be preachy.  BUT.  Chiropractic is super cool, I know a thing or two about it, it's important for kids, and I'd love to talk about it.  There.***

10.  These two little girls.  And their dad (not pictured).

Ok, I think that's it.  I'm thinking of having some structure to my posts, whadya think?  Monday lists, Wordless Wednesday (stealing this, pics only), Friday Feasts...I don't know, any suggestions or preferences? 

Love ya.


  1. first of all...i just finished david and LOVED it. secondly, check out my website and look at the pink sand polish...may be right up your alley. i like the chiropractic info....and lastly, headbands are awesome. jealous you can pull them off!

  2. I love lists! Monday is a good list day. Wordless Wednesday.....I already can't wait! and Food on Friday sounds delicious. What about Tuesday and Thursday. Surely we can come up with something. Or someone out there can think of something. I could use a post every day!!! Love it!

  3. Trace. Never said anything about pulling them off!! :-) I just like em anyway! Bought the nail polish and an eyeliner...I had no idea it was so easy to shop! I thought I needed a book and to call you. You should post a how-to, or something on your blog...I'll definitely shop more often (maybe I'm the only person who didn't know this). Would I like Fancy Nancy lip gloss? Pick me a color...