Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Feast

I just made the most tasty dinner ever, and I thought of you.  Isn't that nice?  The main reason I sat down to type this blog is because I'm so full I can't do chores and if I sit on the couch, I'll be out like a light...and it's only 7.  But let's go with "Isn't that nice?".  I wish I was a little more Pioneer Woman-ish, but I didn't think to take any pics.  Until now.  And now it's all half eaten (ok, all gone) and there are dirty dishes and shiny, full faces.  It'd be gross.  Besides, if you read the Twilight series first, then watched the movies, you'll agree that sometimes your imagination is WAY better than 'real' life.

Roast.  Roast Beef.  Roast Beast.  Roast and Taters.  Call it what you want, everytime I have it, I think to self "Why, oh why don't you make this more often?".  Then my rear-end answers, but we won't get into that.  Can't claim that I invented this concoction, but my momma might have, and I paid attention...get ready, it's super complicated.

I make mine in a crock pot.  Start with a roast.  Salt and pepper every visible side.  Plop it in the pot.  Next, half some potatoes (today I used fingerlings).  Then quarter an onion or shallot or whatever you have.  Open a bag of already peeled and clean tiny carrots.  Throw all that in there around the hunk of meat.  Salt and pepper the veggies.  Put it on low, cover it, and WALK AWAY.  That part is the nicest and, in about 5 hours, the hardest part of this recipe!  The end.  I heart beef.

Baklava.  I know.  Pretty fancy.  Worth every stinking minute.  I had some phyllo dough in the freezer from one of our cooking/freezer days and the recipe on the back of the box was for baklava.  If you haven't had this, I'm sorry.  If you have, loved it, and didn't know you could make it at home.  I'm sorry again.  I'm sorry because, it's almost swimsuit season, and I may not be around the same pool you are with my baklava backside to make yours look better.  Be careful.  Don't be like me.  Have a normal person size serving.  It's ok if the remaining isn't "squared off".  If your hubs wants some, make him get it himself - you can't be trusted.  Oh my.  Worth.  Every.  Calorie.

Drifting off into my diabetic coma...
Peace out,

Tie Ball Game!

Thursday morning I was defeated.  DEFEATED, I tell you.  I'm not a very competitive person until it's a competition, and I have made the quest to sleep through the night a competition - me vs. the babes.  *Disclaimer: they're good sleepers.  We get up 1-2 a night still but usually they nurse or just need their pacifier and go right back down.*  I had VERY high hopes that starting solid food would make them sleep through the night.  Immediately.  Not so.  We had reason to hope at first...we've even had a couple 6-7 hour stetches of sleep.  But here's a little tale of Wednesday and Thursday night.

Wednesday night.
I would say we went into this night on a fairly even playing field.  There'd been a few nights of status quo, a few days of routine naps and outtings, and decent amounts of solids actually making it "down the hole".  Wednesday evening I had the bright idea to try carrots.  So far they'd only had sweet potatoes and while they had done well and seemed happy, I was broadening their foodie horizons.  They no-likey carrots.  We had gags, terrible faces, that all over body shake that if Dan would have been home and I could have gotten on video would be viral by now.  I don't think ANY of it made it "down the hole".  At this point, I was not discouraged at all.  It was new, they had done so well with the sweet potatoes, I had high hopes and no fears about one night of no solids in their little bellies.  WRONG.  I guess my babes had grown accustomed to that full feeling.  They needed it, they missed it.  No amount of milk could take it's place.  But they spent the night nursing every 1.5-2 hours trying to fill the hole.  Mommas surviving those first few months when this is normal and to be expected - God bless you.  You will move past it, it will get better, ugh.  So.  Thursday morning: Babies 1, Momma 0.

Thursday night.
I don't have it all figured out, but I'm no dummy and I NEED MY SLEEP!  My plot to out-smart the little monsters started early.  I decided to add a morning "meal" of solids and try the new food then.  It still got introduced, they still hopefully won't eat only sweet potatoes for the rest of their lives, but we would sleep.  Carrots on day 2 went better (per Dan, I was at work, exhausted).  They had their new food, then milk the rest of the day, and sweet potatoes for supper.  Those girls LOVE sweet potatoes.  I was doing supper time alone.  Both girls in Bumbos on the counter, one Momma, one bowl, one spoon.  (Judge if you must, I'm sure there are too many food safety violations to even count.  I don't care.  They suck on each others toes and fingers, slobber on the same toys, and I can't handle 2 bowls and 2 spoons!  So THERE.)  Anywho...I could not shovel it in fast enough.  It was a mess, but they had their tummies full.  And we got up ONCE last night!!  Momma 1, Babies 0 (figuratively, I think they think they're still winning!)

Maybe everyone in the world already knows this.  Maybe it shouldn't have felt like such a victory.  Maybe I shouldn't feel like I should call GMA to be a guest to introduce my new way of WINNING, but I do.  Deal.

Clean, full babies.  My new favorite kind.

The Winner

P.S. I received my first-ever blog "shout-out"!!  I'm on a list of favorites posted by my friend Tracy.  Read her blog, I love it.  Read the other favorites.  Read, read, read...comment, comment, comment.  It makes us feel good.  The Blessed Life - Five Things Friday (or if that doesn't work, 'cause I have no faith in my "link" skills, go to

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you were just learning English and had to be around me the word "home" would be one of the most confusing.  You'd think it would be the THEIR, THEY'RE, THERE fiasco, or the ACCEPT, EXCEPT problem, or, most troublesome for me the LAY, LIE, LAIN, LAID, LYING, LAYING - AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  But nope, if you were hanging out with me, especially this past weekend you would need ole Webster to help you with the word "home". 

While in ABQ preparing to go HOME for Easter I kept having to think of things we would need from HOME.  The girls' sweet Easter dresses, 49 diapers, my Spanx (teehee, a girl will never learn!), camera, phone, etc...Mom and Dad were here (from HOME, visiting our HOME in ABQ) and it made the trip HOME so nice.  We had 2 cars, 4 adults, 2 babes, 2 car seats, and 1 smelly dog.  We divided and conquered.  It took us longer than usual, but we had no schedule, and since Mom and Dad weren't at HOME waiting on us, but enjoying Lauren's screaming in the backseat right along with us, we took our time!  It's a long road no matter how you look at it, but I'm thinking looking at it rear facing in Lauren's chair must be the worst.  Bless her little heart!

We had such a nice time at HOME.  We got to see all the aunts and uncles, grandmas and papas, and cousins galore.  We met the soon to be newest member of the family (Congrats, Haley and Blake!!!).  We saw our church family.  We ate entirely too much.  Entirely.  Oh my.  It was awesome!

Easter is a strange holiday.  As a Christian, it is one of the most emotional, hard to wrap my mind around, awesome holidays.  As a consumer, it is such a sweet time for kids - the pastels, the bunnies, the eggs, the chocolate.  Our girls are, of course, too small to appreciate the consumer part, so I spent most of Holy Week with a frog in my throat.  The sacrifice God made for became even more powerful now that I have children.  I cannot imagine.  I am so grateful.  What a wonderful Savior!

So glad to have spent it at HOME with our family.  So glad to be HOME to rest and recover from all of the fun.  So glad I don't have to teach anyone mastery of the English language.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keepin' It Real

While my aunt and cousin were in town last weekend they called me on the carpet about a few things.  I'd be "confessing" to some less than mother of the year award behavior and they would say "Now THAT is the stuff you need to be blogging about!".  So, here it goes - the real stuff.

1.  The girls are now almost 6 months old.  I started this blog when they were around 4 months old.  From birth to 4 months not only did I not blog, I didn't "do" much of anything!  Newborns are WORK!  They have always been good babies.  But there have always been 2 of them!  There were days that I didn't get dressed.  Days when I called Dan 14 times between 5:00pm and 6:30pm checking to see what time exactly he would be home.  Days when it seems I ONLY fed, changed, or walked the floor with my two little swaddled bundles.  I cried.  A lot for a girl who never cries.  I would cry when they cried, I would cry when they were both quiet for a while, I cried when Dan prayed at supper, I cried when he left, I cried when I saw his car pull in the drive.  Looking back now it was a very short time.  We survived.  I'll do it again.  BUT, if you are a new momma or expecting momma and you read this blog, please remember that each month gets easier.  And, it's ok if the first few are tough.  You're the only Momma your baby has ever known, you can't "mess up" in their eyes, and really that's all that matters.

2.  I'm obsessed with Monopoly at Albertson's.  Albertson's is running a scam (I'm pretty sure).  For certain purchases you get Monopoly game pieces.  You can win anything from $5 to $5000 worth of groceries.  Obsessed!  Now, I haven't bought something I don't need just to get a game piece, but I have definitely bought a different brand of a usual item to get one.  And, here's the confession - I sometimes (ok, everytime) bring the girls in the house, leave them in their car seats, and open all the little tickets and put them on my gameboard before I get them out of their seats...EVEN IF THEY ARE CRYING.  Yip, I said it.  There.

3.  Almost everytime I'm out running errands, park, and get ready to go in I have a moment of pause when I actually consider if it would be ok if I leave the babes in the car and run really fast.  I'm talking about running in for a bag of ice, or to drop off some mail...things that if I lived in Laverne I would probably do without pause.  The what-if's always stop me.  I never actually do.  But, I do have that thought occasionally.  Don't report me.

4.  I let Kate fall off the couch.  Then, later, I let Lauren fall too.  I really try to not play favorites.

5.  The first month, I always, I mean everynight, always thought that I had a baby in my arms while sleeping.  "Is this a baby?" became something Dan just said in passing to me.  It was never a baby, but I always thought maybe...??  I also got very confused about how many babies we had in the first few weeks.  Middle of the night, up to feed them, and I'd ask Dan "Are there 2 or 3 of them?".  I think I just always felt outnumbered.

6.  Kate makes this adorable pouty face when she first starts crying.  Sometimes I let her cry longer than needed 'cause I just like to look at her sweet lips.

There.  I'm sure there's more.  I'm sure there's worse.  But for today it's all I have in me.  Just keepin' it real...

Mother of the Year,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 16!!!

I's the 19th...but, when you are the daughter of a Tax Man, today's April 16th!!!!  My dad is a CPA in Laverne, America.  He is so good at what he does.  He cares about his clients, he works hard, he is a good boss, he puts up with some things I would have nipped in the bud years ago, and through it all he genuinely enjoys it.  (This all from the prospective of spectator, but I still think it's pretty accurate.)  BUT, April 16 has always been a big day for our family!  Dad works A LOT from January 1 - April 15.  Like, a lot, a lot. 

When we were little, I would have ranked April 16 right up there with Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.  It was a holiday!  Maybe not birthday or Christmas style, but big.  Our holiday started on April 15 at about 5 pm.  Darin and I would get home from school and know it was going to be a fun evening!  We would play in the backyard with one ear trained on the alley.  Dad always walked to work (and still does), and we could hear his coins or keys jingling in his pocket.  It was so exciting!  We would usually then pack up and head to the farm so that he could "smell around".  He and Mom were so tired, but we still in someway celebrated that Tax Season was OVER!

Then, for the rest of the year, Dad would usually be around in the evenings and weekends.  It was a big day.  It still is a big day!  Mom and Dad are headed this way.  We are going to play and eat and I've told the girls many times over the last few weeks that they can nap all they want with Pop!  So, Happy April (16th)!!!!  Get outside and "smell around!"

Monday, April 18, 2011


Dear Adoring Fans, I'm sorry I have neglected my blog for a few days.  I had company, therefore, live people to run my crazy antics past.  I'm back.  (Heeheehee, I know I'm full of it.)

Jinx.  This is a real thing.  As in, ah crap, shouldn't have said that, I jinxed it!  This last weekend my Aunt Jan, cousin Lori and baby Zadie came to play.  We had a great time!  The girls "played" together - my girls laid there, and Zadie tolerated them, we went shopping and found Easter dresses for all, cooked and ate and laughed and talked.  It was wonderful.  BUT, I learned that you can definitely jinx something.  Example:  Me: Oh no, I never have to rock the girls to sleep for their naps.  I just put them down and they fall to sleep on their own.  JINX!!!!!!!!!!!  Example #2:  Me:  We can be gone as long as we want.  The girls do great out shopping, they can nap anywhere.  JINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was astounding how many times my little pumpkins made a liar out of me!  I might have learned the lesson, probably not.

We did have fun though and again, I am reminded how blessed I am to actually like/enjoy/choose to be friends with my family.  They're pretty much awesome.  Maybe they're just the same kind of weird I am and I recognize something familiar.  Whatever the reason, I again hope my girls become good friends with their cousins.

On a totally different subject, we started solids tonight.  I have been dreading this for a month.  Yes, there is some hope that they might sleep longer, and that would be huge.  Also, it is fun when each new milestone gets here.  BUT, our evenings have become a well-oiled machine, and I just didn't know how we would work in the eating thing!!  Tonight, though, it worked out great.  I waited until Dan got home (man to man is the only way to go!), and I think some of the food actually got swallowed?!?  It took quite a little while to get through the thimble serving size and clean up was a disaster, but it was kinda cute.  Maybe I won't actually nurse them until grade school!  ;-)

Missed ya'll.  I have many blogs floating around in my little pea brain...we'll see if I actually get them on "paper" this week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lessons about Love

These little girls are teaching me things.  Big, important things.  They are only 5 months old.  My brain might explode by the time they are 18.  Here's today's lesson:
Always act excited and happy to see those you love.

If it makes you happy, let it make you REALLY happy!
(I can't find how to turn these pictures, sorry!)
If it makes you sad, tell someone who can help.
(No babies were harmed in the making of this post.)
If someone you love is sad and you can't help, wait patiently until it's better.
Hold tight to those things you love...even when they're just "things".
(Still can't flip it, sorry!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Done with You Today

When I was little, I remember my mom sending me back to bed for like the 14th time and saying, "Goodnight, I'm done with you today".  It never hurt my feelings.  I hope it doesn't hurt the babes' feelings.  It has already begun.  Maybe Lauren just doesn't like Tuesdays.  Maybe I have too high of expectations for Tuesdays.  Maybe...ah, who knows.  But it was Bad.  Like, wish I had a full time job and a full time babysitter, bad.  On the bright side, she should sleep like a rock tonight. 

They're still awesome.  I'm still grateful.  (Mantra, maybe it'll lull me to sleep.)

Such a scam artist!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sufferin' Succotash!

This was our supper.  I call it succotash - I don't think anyone else does.  I might make it every night from now on.  It made me think of summer-time, and my Papa Eells' garden, and of my Granny Eells.  It made me wonder why I haven't bought frozen okra before now.  This dish, my friends, gave fried okra a run for it's money (I never thought it possible!).  Delish.
***Saute some onion and garlic in a little butter (or olive oil or bacon fat).  Add in some frozen okra, frozen corn, and a can of tomatoes.  Let it simmer until it's all slippery and gooey and perfect.  Make it tonight.  Buy 4 bags of okra while you're at the store - I wish I had.  Thanks, Amanda, you always have tasty ideas.***

As I was calling this dish succotash with such confidence and certainty, it made me think of all the other things I blatantly guess about.  In the last month-ish I have been very mindful to be talking to the girls as much as possible during the day.  It develops their little brains, increases their language skills, etc.  It's HARD.  I run out of things to talk about.  Sure, we read books, but let's face it, most children's books are dumb.  I always tell them the plan for the day, just in case they're like me and like to have a plan.  But then I start grasping at things to talk about.  Since Seiling Music Festival (my NW OK friends know, the rest of you, think grade school, It's a Small World After All, fun, traditions), I have been singing my songs.  I tell them about American and Oklahoma history.  I teach them about anatomy and how the body works.  On really dull days, I tell them the names of all the articles of clothing that I'm folding and sometimes even spell (socks - S-O-C-K-S).  I make up a LOT of stuff.  If I can't think of the name, I make one up.  If I back myself into a corner in our walk into history, I incorporate what I've learned from documentaries or Disney movies (watched and loved "The Kennedy's" this week and Pocahontas must be somewhat true!). 

I vow to stop.  What if they retain some of this and argue with their teachers someday when the stories are more factual!!  I'll stick to things I know.  I'll sing "John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmitt" more's one of their faves, and I know all the words!  I will NOT keep telling them semi-factual stories.

Here's some random pics that have nothing to do with this blog!!

An example of Lauren's hereditary bed head.

This makes me misty.  I wish I would have sucked in my tummy, but really, I don't care.

My favorite view.  I sometimes chew on their "back of the knee roll".

Peace out.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I've Learned

What a week!  I sometimes feel, though, that they are all such big weeks!  Whether we accomplish something big, or our schedules are full, or they reach a new milestone - something cool happens all the time!  Here's another list - of things I've learned this week...

1.  You should never say to your husband: "Babe, how is it that one of them always has a blow-out when you're with them - they never have blow-outs with me."  Rookie mistake.  There has since been a blow-out everyday this week - all when I am on diaper duty.  Amazing!  I don't so much mind though, because naked baby is my favorite kind of baby.  I like wardrobe changes throughout the day!

2.  There really is such a thing as a green egg.  And I do like green eggs (haven't had any ham recently!).  Dan has a patient who is keeping us supplied with fresh eggs - feels like Easter. 

3.  Spanx are a scam.  We had to film a video for a new project at work yesterday.  Big occasions call for big panties.  Sure, they sucked in my waist (needed) and they helped me to be a little less self-conscious about that one part of my body.  BUT, they made me strangely aware of others.  It's got to go somewhere, ladies.  Beware of back fat and new thigh rolls.  Scam.  (No accompanying picture.  You're welcome.)

4.  Some of the things you pass on to your children are just wrong.  Like the frightening bed head.  I have high hopes for this to get even better with length and maybe a little curl?  In the meantime, I think it looks like she is running really fast!

5.  My friend Brittany is the coolest!  We call ourselves the "Stupid Sisters" because of a series of seriously stupid scenarios over the years.  She's not stupid.  I don't know what roll she played in the following fun - I like to think she thought it up, planned it, wrote the song, hired the actors, taught the choreography, and filmed it.  I think this because I know it's quite possible that that is just exactly what she did.  So, super cool, BKing!  I think we should now be the "Super Cool Sisters".  (Watch the video, watch it a few more times, then forward it on to all your friends so they can watch it, then watch it 14 more times, thanks.)  ***Someone call me and teach me how to make this look cool.  I KNOW there is another way short of just copying that address.  Help.***

6.  I think Lauren's problem earlier in the week was plain, old-fashioned boredom.  I'm so ashamed.  They didn't let me know that they are OVER laying on the floor, playing alone, and staying in the house all the time.  I'm sorry, babies.  She has been much better as we have done more fun stuff (like running errands, and working in the yard, and being "worn" by Momma as we do the chores - they really don't ask for much!).  Here's our outting one day - we made it around the loop 4-5 times.  Momma was all out of chores and creative ideas.

Roxie got to go too.  She looks like I beat her into submission for this pic.  Promise I didn't - that's her version of "stay".

Happy Weekend,
Big Momma

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pick a Baby

Not my favorite day.  Something is wrong with Lauren.  She cried a lot today, like a real a 'something hurts' or an 'I'm terribly sad', make your heart hurt cry.  She usually barks.  We said from day one that she's just not very convincing.  She was convincing today.  I'm about convinced that she's teething.  I don't know though, do you ever know for sure?  So, it wasn't a great day because of that.  But, it was also not a great day because I felt bad for Kate.  There I was, snuggling a sad baby, and instead of just really feeling bad for her and focusing on her, I was worrying that Kate wasn't feeling much love today.  Days like this are the hardest for me.  It just feels at some point like you are picking your favorite and letting the other cry.  I hate it.  Somehow, these days don't happen as often as you'd think, and for that I'm grateful.  It also occurred to me that this is not a problem only for mother's of twins, but for every mother with more than one child.  At some point, one just needs you more.  So, hopefully in the end it all evens out.  Send your guesses about Lauren's affliction, and don't worry too much about Kate - she was diggin' Lauren's exersaucer!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Potty Humor

After blog stalking some other moms, I thought I would count the diapers we go through in a 24 hour period.  Guess!?!  18 diapers!!!!!!!!!!  That's 126 a week.  Or 504 a month.  Or 2520 since birth - actually this would be a low number, cause I KNOW we were changing diapers more often that first month!!  I wish I wouldn't have counted.  However, it makes me even more grateful.  I think Dan and I have only purchased maybe 3-4 boxes of diapers...and a few of those while I was pregnant and we were still excited about the thought of all of the poop we'd shuffle!  Thank you Meme and Papa, and Laverne baby shower hostesses, and Dodie and Pop.  Crazy!!!

Poop Snake (I fib, we appreciate alliteration in this house)

I also need to clear up a little point about yesterday's post.  I re-read it today and I feel that I painted a picture that I'm super motivated and painting walls everyday.  Here's a little peek into our day today:
9:30 massage for Momma
10:30 Momma and girls to the office to see one patient
11:30-12:30 drive around ABQ and have Wendy's for lunch - attempt to get them to sleep before...
1:00 hair appointment - color, trim, lots of friends to hold babies, laughs with the girls, pampering
4:00 home - girls nap.  Momma made the bed and then laid on it for 45 minutes
6:00 stir together spaghetti for dinner
Somehow it is now 9:15 and I haven't done jack.  No to-do list, no big plan for a project, no shower today...nada.

There, just in case I misled you.

Remember, I always have witnesses, and they plot to expose me...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Martha!

I love the "stay at home mom" part of my maybe too much!  Sure, most of it is because I love the babes, and miss them so much when I'm away even for the few hours I do go to work.  But really there's another, big part of it.  I love, love, love my to do list - I even buy cool notepads with magnets so that my lists look nice.  I have self-inflicted chores to do everyday.  Dan got me a monthly house keeper for Christmas - I've already gotten rid of her, 'cause I just clean my things better than someone else!  My friend Daisy and I get together and make tons of meals in advance to stock up our freezer!  I make up projects, I become obsessive about finishing tasks, I re-organize closets and cabinets because it just makes me feel good. 

Freezer Meals

Whew!!!  There, I said it!! 

There is a strange conflict within about these confessions.  On one hand, I want everyone to come over, to show you what I've been up to, to find out what fun projects you're doing, etc.  On the other, I never, ever, ever want you to know that I have "Martha-ed" my linen closet!!  I mean, I used to have a real job.  I still owe a small mortgage on the education it took to be able to do that real job!  I have friends who still do very, very important things during the day.  (Listen, I'm not talking about being a mom...very, very important job!!)  But you get what I'm talking about, right?!  Now, I get SUPER excited when my Martha Stewart magazine comes in the mail.  I plan meals for the week.  I am researching and buying supplies to make SOAP for crying out loud!!!

 The Martha-ed Linen Closet

My "Refreshed" Laundry Room

My mom was a great 'part time' stay at home mom.  I remember doing all sorts of projects with her.  We had candlelight dinners that we spent the afternoon preparing for.  We decorated the whole house with those tacky cardboard holiday scene thing-y's...with scotch tape on the front door!!!  We "re-decorated" our bedroom - new paint, bedding, etc.  It was awesome!  But, it's strange now that's it's my turn.  It's like having my dream job, and not wanting to give full disclosure about how much I love it.  Like that little part of me that still wants to be a mover and a shaker business woman is a little embarrassed by the bigger, louder Betty Crocker part of me.

Well, I'm going to embrace it!  Watch out...soon, I'll be posting about bathroom remodels, and soap molding, and "green" cleaning products! 


13 days old...

P.S.  The girls are awesome.  Sometimes I think they know I'm a little bit...we'll say "special".  I love 'em anyway.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lauren likes to hold hands while she too.

Since my new obsession is reading other's blogs I have learned how tormenting the lack of closure can be.  I feel that it is hugely egotistical of me to assume that you ponder the outcomes of the events and goings-on in this house, but isn't the whole notion of a blog slightly egotistical?  So, here are the outcomes and updates (as my memory will allow, I haven't re-read my blog).

The girls are doing great in their own beds.  They simply did not notice the other's absence.  I know this should make me happy - we didn't have to struggle to accomplish separate beds, there was no drama, they won't need to sleep together when they're 14 to be able to fall asleep, etc.  It makes me sad.  I want them to want to snuggle all the time.

They are still swaddled to sleep.

Roxie's toe is fine.  Like, never happened and forgot all about it, fine.  She is however slightly less neglected.  We moved her food and water bowl outside this week.  She has adapted well.  She can still come and go as she pleases, but she eats outside.  As the girls are becoming more mobile, the thought of them crawling over to the dog bowl and having a taste motivated me to make the change now...and caused me to puke in my mouth a little bit.

Kate still has a mullet.

There are helpful and not so helpful people everywhere.

Dan wants me to add that he's getting better at dressing the girls.  No comment.

The end.

Oh, do you think babies can just have "bad days"?  I was a little grumpy today (no good reason), they were a little grumpy today (no apparent reason).  Chicken before the egg?  Egg before the chicken?  For a while, my crazy mind went through the possible problems - teething, gas, sleepy, growing, etc.  Eventually I decided to just call it a bad mood day.  Thoughts?

Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Months!!!

The babes are 5 months old today.  I've actually teared up twice.  It's just unbelievable to me how quickly the time has gone by.  All in all, we are very richly blessed.  Here's some lists in honor of the occasion.

Things I miss about the first 4 months:
1.  They used to stay right where I put them.
2.  I could carry them both in front of me and walk around our house without considering it a workout.
3.  The firsts - first smile, first laugh, first roll over, first adjustment, first recognition, first time they "found" each other.
4.  They used to stay swaddled until I un-swaddled them.

Our first family picture...the night they were born.

Swaddling, and spooning, oh my!!

Things I don't miss about the first 4 months:
1.  Them weighing less than 5 pounds.
2.  Floppy heads.
3.  Giant soft spots (ie. self-destruct buttons - terrifying.)
4.  When they were not on the same schedule and eating every 1.5-2 hours.
5.  The firsts - first time to drive to OK, first time out of the house, period.

Sunning, in our anti-jaundice campaign...

Things I am anxiously awaiting:
1.  Sitting up
2.  First words
3.  Sleeping through the night a little more consistently
4.  Playing outside
5.  Baby swimsuits
6.  When they hug back
7.  Forever being able to mess with people on April Fool's Day.

And, to close, one more jab at Daddy's Dressing Skills...

Lovin' my girls...