Friday, April 29, 2011

Tie Ball Game!

Thursday morning I was defeated.  DEFEATED, I tell you.  I'm not a very competitive person until it's a competition, and I have made the quest to sleep through the night a competition - me vs. the babes.  *Disclaimer: they're good sleepers.  We get up 1-2 a night still but usually they nurse or just need their pacifier and go right back down.*  I had VERY high hopes that starting solid food would make them sleep through the night.  Immediately.  Not so.  We had reason to hope at first...we've even had a couple 6-7 hour stetches of sleep.  But here's a little tale of Wednesday and Thursday night.

Wednesday night.
I would say we went into this night on a fairly even playing field.  There'd been a few nights of status quo, a few days of routine naps and outtings, and decent amounts of solids actually making it "down the hole".  Wednesday evening I had the bright idea to try carrots.  So far they'd only had sweet potatoes and while they had done well and seemed happy, I was broadening their foodie horizons.  They no-likey carrots.  We had gags, terrible faces, that all over body shake that if Dan would have been home and I could have gotten on video would be viral by now.  I don't think ANY of it made it "down the hole".  At this point, I was not discouraged at all.  It was new, they had done so well with the sweet potatoes, I had high hopes and no fears about one night of no solids in their little bellies.  WRONG.  I guess my babes had grown accustomed to that full feeling.  They needed it, they missed it.  No amount of milk could take it's place.  But they spent the night nursing every 1.5-2 hours trying to fill the hole.  Mommas surviving those first few months when this is normal and to be expected - God bless you.  You will move past it, it will get better, ugh.  So.  Thursday morning: Babies 1, Momma 0.

Thursday night.
I don't have it all figured out, but I'm no dummy and I NEED MY SLEEP!  My plot to out-smart the little monsters started early.  I decided to add a morning "meal" of solids and try the new food then.  It still got introduced, they still hopefully won't eat only sweet potatoes for the rest of their lives, but we would sleep.  Carrots on day 2 went better (per Dan, I was at work, exhausted).  They had their new food, then milk the rest of the day, and sweet potatoes for supper.  Those girls LOVE sweet potatoes.  I was doing supper time alone.  Both girls in Bumbos on the counter, one Momma, one bowl, one spoon.  (Judge if you must, I'm sure there are too many food safety violations to even count.  I don't care.  They suck on each others toes and fingers, slobber on the same toys, and I can't handle 2 bowls and 2 spoons!  So THERE.)  Anywho...I could not shovel it in fast enough.  It was a mess, but they had their tummies full.  And we got up ONCE last night!!  Momma 1, Babies 0 (figuratively, I think they think they're still winning!)

Maybe everyone in the world already knows this.  Maybe it shouldn't have felt like such a victory.  Maybe I shouldn't feel like I should call GMA to be a guest to introduce my new way of WINNING, but I do.  Deal.

Clean, full babies.  My new favorite kind.

The Winner

P.S. I received my first-ever blog "shout-out"!!  I'm on a list of favorites posted by my friend Tracy.  Read her blog, I love it.  Read the other favorites.  Read, read, read...comment, comment, comment.  It makes us feel good.  The Blessed Life - Five Things Friday (or if that doesn't work, 'cause I have no faith in my "link" skills, go to


  1. first, i must say that the use of the phrase, "down the hole" is hysterically funny to me. second, you are hysterically funny to me! have you tried avacados? that is another great food to start with. also, sweet potatos are like one of the easiest baby foods to make yourself so i hope you are! wayyyyy cheaper also. lastly, thank you also for the shout out. i LOVE reading about your babes and i know others will also.

  2. I have been making my own baby food. So far. We haven't tried avacado yet. I have green beans ready and want to do avacado soon. I feel like the whole thing takes so long!! I want to mix 'em all up and just give them a baby food casserole!!

  3. I love hearing about the girls! It is so fun introducing them to new things. Ellie loved "orange" but nothing "green" forever. But peas have a difference texture. Good luck and just keep shoveling it down the hole! Lol Have a great weekend!

  4. I checked out Tracy's blog and you are is great! Love your blogs and new pictures. Keep them coming. Who knew you liked Roast Beast sooo much????

  5. Are you feeding them cereal, too or just veggies? Mine don't really like rice but seem to tolerate oatmeal. I bought the baby bullet over the weekend. I have high expectations...hopefully I won't be dissapointed. Try apples next...mine love it. Steam apples then puree. Heavenly! I would even eat it.

  6. I love reading your blog!!! It makes me happy and sad. LOL the reason it make me sad is cuz I miss doing everything like that with Keeley but she is a big girl now just turned 5. Keep up the good work momma they are growing so fast and they are so beautiful just like their momma!!! Enjoy this time with them cuz it goes by so fast.

  7. Kendra, sorry for the delay, but yes, I'm mixing sweet potato with a little rice cereal. I'll definitely do apples soon. Sounds tasty!

    Christy, glad you enjoy my blog! You're little girl is so cute, I like "keeping up" with you on Facebook.