Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am certain that each pregnancy is unique and different.  At least I hope they are.

My pregnancy with the girls was considered high rish just because there were two.  That meant that beyond having frequent obstetrician appointments, we had monthly, then more frequent visits with a perinatologist.  We had a LOT of ultrasounds and check-ups and blood work.  I read pregnancy, twin, nutrition, and nursing books.  We talked about names every night.  We talked to my belly.  I ate just enough calories of the right make-up. 

And then they were born and I learned that NOTHING I read prepared me.  I learned that no matter how many 'pictures' I had seen while they were in my belly, I didn't know what they looked like.  I learned that as much as we try to micro-manage, God has this gig all figured out without any help from us.

And THEN I got pregnant with #3.  And I hadn't planned it.  And I was shocked.  And I had my hands full.  And I knew that stewing about how its growing and how its developing doesn't change a thing.  And honest to goodness, there were days I forgot I was pregnant.  It's a different experience.

AND THEN I got to see baby #3 in an ultrasound today!  And we found out that he's a BOY!  And all those old wheels are turning again...and we'll be talking to him, and wondering what he'll look like, and picking out names, and imagining how our family will change.

Can't wait!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Daily, I'm amazed by the things you DO NOT have to teach children!  Yes, there are many things that must be taught, over and over, like 'share with your sister!', but they really do come excellently hardwired.  Examples:

I love that you do not have to teach a baby to laugh!  It just happens...and it's uniquely theirs.  Lauren rarely just lets go and LAUGHS but she giggles a lot!  Kate on the other hand, straight-up chuckles.  It's all hers, I laugh entirely too loud, Dan has a silent laugh when he really means it...Kate's got her own thing going on.

You don't have to teach them to fend for themselves.  We are born self-serving, selfish creatures.  They share a banana every morning - bite for Kate, bite for Lauren, bite for Kate, etc.  I hold, they either stand right at my feet and mean business, or else take a bite in between playing.  BUT, when it gets close to the end, they know it.  They fight for the last bite, every time.

At this age, you don't have to teach them to wave or smile at people who are being friendly (or minding their own business, or wishing that the baby would quite waving at them).  These two have never met a stranger (from a distance) and love to make friends wherever they go.

Surprisingly, but here's proof, you don't have to teach them to eat a variety of foods...that vegetables are good for you!  (They open the refrigerator themselves now, and when being super sneaky, help themselves...this morning, to tomatoes.)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Did This Happen?

Today was a BIG day! 

We had to be at the office at 11:45.  I saw a patient, the girls had a snack, then we ran a few errands.  We only had to get in and out of the car three times due to some creative parking plans, but STILL.  We went in and out of seven places (one drive-thru), then came home for a quick nap.  Now, we are leaving again to go pick up Daddy (the Edge sold, praise the Lord!) and do one more stop.  Then home again for dinner, and to get settled in with Happy the babysitter so that Momma and Daddy can go finish Christmas shopping!!

I mean, that's HUGE!!

When did this happen?  When did leaving the house become a DAY?  When did it happen that having to put on make-up and plan meals on the run almost sent me over the edge? 

I used to handle seemingly more important and more detailed errands and stops before work in the morning!  At one point in my life, I went to school, and worked, and had a real social life (ie, stayed up past 9 pm)! 

It's amazing what two little people and one bun in the oven can do to a girl!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remember This...

The year is drawing to an end....yes, I know it's not even the 15th of December yet, but let's be honest, it'll be over in a flash!  There are so many things from this year, this stage; so many things I want to remember about these people.  Here's a few fresh on my mind today:


The stinkin' smiliest, giggliest little lump of girl I've ever been around!  We can look at her funny, and she about busts with giggles...cackles, might be more descriptive.  She sounds kinda like an old man laughing.  Her shoulders go up to her ears, her eyes go closed, and her cheeks look like they should have stretch marks! 

Discipline means nothin' to this girl.  Slap her hand, nothin'.  Grab her chin to make her look at you, and she'll point to something right passed my shoulder and try to divert.  She has pointed back at me, when I'm pointing "No, no" to her.  She shakes her head more ferverently than I ever could.  She may be a challenge!

She is walking's a sweet, careful, caculated waddle.  She's just cautious.  She walks more than crawls now though, and every day she's faster and better.  She gives the wettest, sloppiest, tastiest "frenchies" you've ever experienced!

Kate signs "dog" and "more".  She says "dog", "ball", "momma", and "da".  She loves Roxie somethin' fierce.  She looks for her and signs "dog" the minute we walk down the stairs in the morning, she goes over and pats Rox's head randomly throughout the day, and signs or says "dog" whenever she hears her coming.

She loves her pacifier, all things electric, her daddy, pasta, grapes, bananas, playing in the refrigerator, dancing, and baths.  She's not a fan of the first 2 minutes of naptime, brocolli, socks, or hair bows.

She is soft and squishy and snuggly and so loved.


This child is a live wire!  When she's happy, she's really happy; when she's sad, she's really sad.  She feels all feelings BIG.  She is the first at everything.  She doesn't walk, she runs.  She doesn't feel bad when she gets in trouble, she can barely go on.  She doesn't sing, she yells.  She doesn't mess things up, she destroys them!

She has a sweet little giggle and even sweeter smile.  She flashes her two front teeth in all their glory from across the room all day long.  She loves to be tickled (armpits, under the chin, thighs)!  She loves to be chased and snuck up on.

Discipline is a different ball game with this one.  She can barely go on when she gets in trouble.  She crumbles to the ground, face down, and WAILS.  She is always very sorry! 

She is so strong, fast, adventurous.  She can make it up the stairs in nothing flat.  She bales off the bed or couch like it's a tiny step.  She like to dance fast and big!

She is so tenderhearted.  She will come up 10 times a day and put her head down on my leg and pat me.  She gives all her dolls hugs and kisses.  She comes up to us, arms straight up in the air, grabby hands and NEEDS up for a hug.

She loves electronics, buttons, music, all fruit, cheese, naptime, drinking out of a straw, baths, brushing her teeth, and bouncing on the couch.  She is not a fan of meat, socks, or the word "no".

She is waspy and adventurous and sweet and LOVED.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double Flop.

OK friends, I need some help.  Well, I always need THAT kind of help, but this request is for the practical, real kind.  I'm short on ideas...

My bestie reported to me last week that her little pumpkin (only three weeks older than my pumpkins) was doing some impressive things at day care.  Now, some of them are totally situational and not necessary to have the babes doing...he takes his nap on a pallet on the floor with 10 other pumpkins!!  Like, lays down when it's time, falls asleep even though he has the ability to run off, sleeps, then gets up when it's time!  This is so impressive to me!  The girls go to sleep on their own, but in a CONFINED space.  If they had run of the chance.  But alas, while impressive, I don't feel the need to attempt this.

One of the things I do have the need to do is to introduce some craft/learning/organized chaos time.  Fingerpainting was the example bestie gave.  We don't fingerpaint!!  I freak out when they find a pencil laying around!  I think some art supplies will be their Christmas present, but what then?!  How do I control the mess?  How do I practically, in the wintertime when it can't be done outside, start this?

Another bestie suggested play dough.  FLOP.  They poked it a little, they laughed when I impressed their hand into it....then they had a bite and spent the next little bit gagging at the salt.  (I had made my own at bestie's prompting...she told me they'd eat it...they did.)  It was an inaugural craft time, it lasted for approximately five minutes, it ended with them literally wiping off their own tongues on their sleeve.

So, shout out your ideas!  They are 13 months old, brilliant, and there are always two of them.  Be kind to the Momma/cleaning lady.

(Flop #2 comes from the fact that I've misplaced my camera (indefinitely) and did not capture the faces that went along with playdough consumption!  H-I-larious.)

The Momma

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Oh, it's a sad week in the Prince House.  I'm weaning the girls.  Nursing the babes became almost a cause to me during my pregnancy.  I'm a hippie at heart, and have always had a vision of how my pregnancy and birthing a baby would go...and it had nothing to do with high risk monitoring, monthly ultrasounds, precautionary medicines, and a planned c-section.  When it became evident that I was going to have to pull up my big girl panties about the pregnancy and birth not going my way, I found a new thing to try to control champion.  It was nursing. 

I read books, I talked to other twin moms, I met with lactation specialist, I googled it.  I had a plan and more determination than was probably healthy.  This WOULD go my way.

And, praise God, it did.  The girls were great nursers from the get-go.  And, because it was also important to Dan, he helped a ton.  We survived.  They thrived.  We ignored the advise to supplement when they were so tiny.  I got very brave and creative about breastfeeding in public.  And it has been one of my favorite, precious parts of their first year plus of life.

But, it's time.  The biggest reason for feeling that it was time has been baby #3.  I cannot imagine the tantrum to come if they were freshly weaned when 3 gets here and gets all the boob time.  Mayhem, I tell you!  It'll be good that it will be a more distant memory.

This is how Lauren feels about it:

This is how Kate feels about it:

Amazing how differently they deal with crisis, isn't it?! 

The end of an era....
The Momma

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If I Were Their Babysitter....

I'd have gotten myself canned today. 

But instead, I'm the Momma.  And I had a nice, long, hot shower....and it was quiet the whole time!!  And then I put on my makeup while watching GMA and ignored the natural disaster in progress.  And everyONE is ok, and everyTHING is fine, and it was a lovely morning.

Less Type A All The Time,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Curse

I love Thanksgiving...I always have.  My mom always hosts both sides of the family.  They have between 25-35 people.  There is entirely too much food, too many people in the house, it gets too hot in the house with the too many people, it's too loud to visit, IT'S AWESOME!! 

Mom has a super cool tradition of a tablecloth.  She started the tablecloth in 1985, but back dated to include the previous seven Thanksgivings.  The cloth is really just a white, flat bed sheet, but it has been turned into my favorite piece of family history.  Everyone who eats Thanksgiving at her house has signed the tablecloth, then adds the year for each holiday spent at her table.  There are old preachers, and family friends, old boyfriends turned husbands, and old boyfriends turned ex's.  There are some loved ones written in my mom's handwriting because they had already passed before the 1985 debut.  There is my name in kindergarten writing - you know, the "arms" of the E don't touch the rest of the letter...awesome.

In 2000 I missed my first Thanksgiving because I was in ICU.  That gives you some indication on the importance of the tradition.  I was recovering from surgery in ICU, IN THE HOSPITAL, and my mom and dad sent a cooler and my two cousins to visit and hosted Thanksgiving at their house!  It's important stuff, people!

Last year, the babes were three weeks old, and we didn't plan on going home for Thanksgiving.  Mom and Dad were going to come out here - it was to be the first Thanksgiving missed.  We decided to go home!  They ended up not hosting it, and we ate at Aunt Jan's and then visited the rest of the family at Terryland.  It was lovely - but not the same.  I had high hopes for this year.  It was back...we were all going to be together, and it was going to be awesome!

Enter the stomach bug of 2011.

Mom, the girls, and I arrived in Laverne late Monday night.  Lauren wasn't quite herself Tuesday afternoon, and then got sick to her stomach Tuesday night.  By the time my family of four (Dan joined us on Wednesday) pulled out of Laverne on Saturday we had spread that tummy bug to 15 people.  SO SAD.  Not because we were sick - we're all fine now.  Not because we were patient zero and that's embarrassing and sad.  It's sad because Thanksgiving just wasn't the same.  The Terry's still came, the Eells' said 'no thank you very much!'.  The food was all fabulous and in abundance - but I couldn't do my normal amount of damage because of my still recovering tummy.  There were still 21 people, but it wasn't that loud, and didn't really get too uncomfortably hot in the house.  It just wasn't the same.

I see a pattern.  I'm messing up Thanksgiving!!  And it's so important to me...

I have high hopes for 2012.  Put it on your calendar people...we'll be back, and it'll be legendary!

The Momma

Friday, November 18, 2011

Picture This

How has it been a week since I posted a blog!!?  How have so many cute things happened and I don't have any videos or even very many pictures to go along with this to help explain the cuteness!!  I hope my descriptive language can do it justice today!

Lauren walks.  She never crawls anymore.  If she falls down while walking, she just stands back up and takes off.  It seemed to happen so quickly!!  Kate walks more everyday, but if she needs to get somewhere fast (like to beat her sister to it) she crawls.  Lauren never wanted to hold hands to walk, Kate prefers it...never a better reminder of how tiny and short they are than to "walk" around holding hands with Kate!

They play peek-a-boo!!  So stinkin' cute!  Lauren has it mastered.  We say, "Where's Lu?" and she puts her little hands up over her eyes to hide, then does a big reveal!  Kate's attempt is more unique, maybe cuter (whisper that!).  She does the same when we say "Where's Kate?" except for the fact that she ALWAYS misses her eyes!  Maybe her little hands land on her cheeks, or ears, or on top of her head...she has no idea it's not just perfect (because it really is perfect!). 

Lauren blows kisses in her own unique style.  She puts the back of her wrist up to her mouth and makes "suck face" noises.  Not her palm, there's no blowing, or throwing that kiss, there's never a definite end to the event.  H-I-larious.  Kate just cracks up at Lauren at this new trick.  I think she knows Lu is doing it wrong and has decided to not even attempt.

They give fives!  It's usually like 25's...rapid fire five givin'! 

Their hair seems to get curlier all the time!  Especially after baths or if they wake up sweaty from a nap - curls deluxe!  I'm so glad I have always had to deal with unruly hair, there might come a day when I can help tame theirs.

They each have 2 new teeth!  Kate now has four across the bottom and two on top.  Lauren has two on the bottom and four across the top.  I'm sure if I googled this, the order of tooth appearance says something about their personality, or future stature, or something.  I'm not googling.

Such big stuff!  I have to be in class this weekend and they'll spend all day Saturday and most of Sunday with their daddy.  I'm sure I'll have new tricks to report!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Party!

I'm late. 

It was a fun party!  The whole family got together in Laverne to celebrate the babes, costume party style!  There were two football players and a cheerleader, a cop and jailbird, and 2 ghosts.  There was also an abundance of dessert and a baked potato bar!

The girls lasted about 4 minutes in their costume, the ghost face never made it to their chest.  First Halloween attempt - semi-fail.

Stinkin' fun.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

Four years ago today I wore these shoes and made some jab at my then boyfriend, Dan, about how much taller I was than him.  He somehow, cleverly, turned that jab into a proposal.  It was a happy day!

The B's love to "help" fold laundry.  Lauren has a severe affinity to my "intimate wear".  Go ahead, try to take them off her, dare you.

This morning I became acutely aware of how and why I am going to be a severe embarrassment to the babes about the time they hit Jr. High.  You see, I've spend the first year of their life doing the most ridiculous things to get a laugh.  It'll be hard to switch that off and remember that it's not so funny in ten years.  This became evident in the form of a dance party this morning.  And maybe even slightly more when I busted a move in the grocery store yesterday.  They LOVE all my best moves.

I made this rice pudding yesterday, sort of.  I Granny Eells-ed it.  Use half and half instead of milk, and omit the cocoa powder and chocolate chips, oh, and I didn't have the patience to zest, so a put two giant strips of orange peel in there then fished it out later, oh, and I didn't have any vanilla beans (stocking stuffer, Meme?) so I used plain ol' vanilla extract.  I guess I should just write my own recipe!  Make it.  It smells like winter and is delicious and you'll be glad you did.

Got an email update from Baby Center today that baby bean #3 is the size of a lime this week.  I never got that ultrasound, so it's still unconfirmed how many limes are in there.  90% of the day, I am certain that there is only one, I definitely feel different than last time.  However, when I squeeze into my jeans (or anything with a zipper) I am certain there are a bushel of limes in there.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Broken Babies

You know how you get used to a certain season in your life?  Let's just say you were used to two sweet girls who napped twice a day for about two hours each nap.  Let's also say that many times throughout the day they played together without your being near/touching them.  Let's also say that they liked to be held occasionally, but were also content to do their own thing.  Maybe they went to bed at the same time every night, and woke at roughly the same tolerable hour.  That all sounds pretty peachy, doesn't it?

Now, let's pretend that you left your sweet angels with their sweet grandparents and disappeared for two nights.  By chance, maybe, possibly, said grandparents held sweet angels 92% of the day, had one on one constant contact, and never, ever let sweet angels cry!  Let's also pretend that the magic gods of the clock decided to mess with it and move it back an hour.  For fun, let's throw in some phase of the moon (don't know what phase we're in, don't care - blaming it too!), a possible tooth, a growth spurt, and some gas.  What are you left with????


Sheesh!!  Last night was reminiscent of month, needing to pee, grumpy, tired, and ever so slightly emotional.  Dan, receiving a phone call about every 52 seconds just checking to see when he'd be home!! 

Today seems better.  I think they're fixable.  AND, good news - in two weeks, we'll go let aforementioned grandparents spoil them again and start all over!!

Thanks for babysitting, Dode and Pop.  I really owe you one.

Slightly exaggerating,

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Need to Miss You

One time in our engagement period, I was leaving Dan for a few days to visit my friend in Oklahoma City.  I was sad about spending so much time apart and fishing for Dan to say the same.  He missed the hint and instead reassured me by saying: "It's ok, babe, I think I need to miss you for a while." 

I get it now.  We left the girls in Albuquerque with Dodie and Pop and were gone for the weekend.  It was a good and productive weekend for us, the girls were well loved and fine, and Dodie and Pop had a blast.  And, truth be told, it was nice to miss them for a while!

When they were 0-6 months old, I could not wrap my mind around ever leaving them.  I missed them when I showered, I worried about them, I called Dan 14 times during my 2 hour work shift to find out what they were doing.  I don't know if it's that they are mostly weaned, or that they were with my parents and I wasn't worried, or if I was just tired and needed a break, but leaving wasn't as hard this time.

But I did miss them.  And it was one of my favorite Momma Moments to walk in the door and see two big smiles and four arms stretched right up to be held.  I don't know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but sometimes it's good to miss someone for while.

The Momma

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Day!!

My punks are twelve months old today!!!  I don't like the 'Y' word.  It makes them seem too big, too old, too independent, so they'll be twelve months plus however many weeks this month, then next month we'll seemlessly move into 13 months, and it'll hurt the Momma less!!

Can you even wrap your mind around the fact that this:

Becomes this:

Becomes this:

In a YEAR!!?!

Thank you, God, for giving us these two.  We love you, Kate and Lauren.  It's hard to remember life before you were here.  You make us laugh, wonder, hope, and love each other better.  We celebrate you!

Big time,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Not because I love her more.  Not because she's funnier.  Not because of any reason other than I have some FUNNY pictures of her!

Crack attack!!  She was telling Roxie all about it, too.

And now, she's super mad about me putting her crack on the www.

So mad, she's gnashing her teeth - all 4 of them!!

But then, she forgives me and just wants to play!

Lauren's Momma

(P.S. Thanks, Melis, for taking all the cute pics!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We used to barricade the babes in the worst way.  We had our reasons...we knew that they were only surrounded by approved things, knew where they were at all times, knew they would not get on the stairs, etc.  It was a safe, controlled environment - that they were outgrowing.

Frankly, so was I.  I felt confined to a small space most of the day.  If I went into the kitchen they stood at the ottoman (barricade that way) and leaned as far as they could to see me, and cried.  If I went upstairs, there was always a little part of me that wondered if they could/had escaped and were doing scary things.  It was time to break the chains!

We have a very open floor plan downstairs and most of the spaces were too big for a regular gate.  Dan improvised!  He set up the "pen" to block the entryway from both sides of the loop.  NOW, the babes have full reign of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and hall.  They are so excited!  Already, Lauren is walking more, and Kate is being more adventurous!

Yes, it means there will be more toys throughout my house.  It means that there was more to baby-proof, and there will be a learning period for us all as we figure out things that are just too big of a temptation.  But, we're FREE!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


1.  From Friday pm til Sunday pm I wore the same "workout" pants and t-shirt.  Yip, slept in 'em, then couched in 'em the whole day, repeat.

2.  I'm nine weeks pregnant.  With the babes, I had morning sickness (all day nausea, very infrequent, actual sicks) until week 16.  Seven weeks seems like a really long time.

3.  We are considering cancelling the ultrasound appointment on Thursday, and just waiting a while to find out if it's a two-pack this time around.  This is really not like me, but it might happen.

4.  The babes really like to crawl around on the couches.  Is it because they think that if I hang out there all day it must be super cool?

5.  My Dan-o takes really good care of his family.

Keepin' it real,
E dot P dot

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I peed on a plastic stick and it showed a + instead of a -.

The plus side of that is we're very much in baby mode and really, what's one more.

Another plus side is that we love a challenge.

Plus: I don't have to waste any money on fancy tummy oils or lotions - the girls ruined me.

+: May 23rd is one of my favorite days (because I'm self-centered like that and it's my birthday) and I like that as a due date.

Plus side: we'll get a new car!  I've never loved the Edge.  (Slight negative - I think I'm headed straight for a minivan!)

Plus: supposedly girls are easier to potty train than boys and maybe I won't have three in diapers for long!

+: I talked my OB into a sneak peak ultrasound next week to double/triple confirm that there's only one occupant.  (Pray it up, peeps!  I might lose my "+"-ive-ness!!!)

Plus: God is faithful in teaching lessons.  Someday I'll learn that the best laid plans....

Another plus: we had left over names that no one has snatched up!

Funny plus: I like that my mom and dad will have 5 new grandkids, from only 2 kids (plus spouses!) in 26 months!!  It seems mathematically impossible, I like that.

Super Plus: who wouldn't want another one of these???

The Positive Momma

P.S. If you are learning this for the first time, and feel that you are a good enough friend that you should have been told in a more personal are probably most certainly right.  I apologize.  There are just not enough quiet hours in the day (at least not enough that I can keep my eyes open).  From here on out, count on learning all the important details of our lives in mass probably won't be getting any better any time soon.  xoxx

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stair Masters

Dan just "came clean" while the girls were "coming clean" in the bathtub.

He was home with them today while I was at work.  He was talking to my dad on the phone when he heard the giggles of little girls who were getting away with something.  He peeked.  Yip, they had escaped the barricades of the living room, and were out exploring.  They were just in the other part of the living room when he came back into the kitchen to finish his chat.  THEN, he heard the splat/pitter/patter of little hands and knees on the tile floor in the entryway.  He started wrapping up the conversation, hear him tell it...a few seconds later went to check on the girls.

This is what he found:

This means that Lu had conquered 12 steps, and Kate is on number 10!  I DIE!!!!

Life's a changin'!
Wife to Father of the Year

Sunday, October 9, 2011

11 Month Old Monsters

Can you believe that our tiny babies are eleven months old!!?  I surely cannot.  In the midst of each day, some parts drag on, some stages seem to last forever, some nights are so long they seem to be weeks...but, at this end of eleven months, it feels like the blink of an eye.

The girls have changed so much.  They communicate more, they move more, they whine, they belly laugh.  They reach up for us and give the "grabby hands" sign when they want up.  They jabber, a lot.  They giggle, and laugh.  They steal toys from each other and whine. 

Lauren is taking a few steps now...I think her record is six.  And Kate walks as long as she can hold on to something.  They push each other on their Princess Mobile.  They play hide and seek in the curtains...and behind anything they can peek around.

They play so well in the bath.  When we lay Kate back to wet her hair, Lauren bee-lines over and blows "raspberries" on her belly.  They both giggle so much.  Occasionally, Lauren gets too excited and forgets to aim and "raspberries" right into the tub of water.  This makes Kate laugh, not Lauren so much.

They still love to be out and about.  Whether it's just out for a walk, or shopping, or the zoo.  They just love other people, new scenery.

They're still great eaters.  Shredded cheese, pasta, all fruit, and most any vegetable or meat gets devoured, or at least spends a little time in their mouths.

We have so much fun!  Dan and I say to each other at least 5 nights a week after we conquer bedtime - "They're just so BIG!" 

Counting our blessings,

(Thanks, Dodie, for taking most of the pics!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A recap:
I blogged about how important it was to blog, and keep a record, and remember....and then I didn't for 10 days.  Boo on me.  Myyyy Baaaaad.

Some things other things I'm behind on:
1. Dusting
2. Laundry
3. Patient Recalls
4. Exercising
5. Calling my friends
6. Making Halloween costumes for the babes

Some things I'm NOT behind on:
1. Resting on the couch
2. All things Food Network
3. Pinterest
4. Nail and toe nail hygiene
5. Diaper maintenance
6. Eating

Keepin' it REAL.

Here's the goods.  I know you just use me for their cuteness.  It's ok.

"but pleeeeease"

ignore the scary eyes...just showing off the pointer finger

 Picnic at the zoo

Lazy Momma