Friday, March 14, 2014

I Got Fixed!

Heeheehee, that title cracks me up!  Stitch Fix.  I got Stitch Fix-ed!

Have you heard of this?!  You go through an online questionnaire about your likes, style, budget, size, etc.  Then set a frequency that you would like to receive Stitch Fix.  My first 'fix' came on March 1, and I have to say - it was a ton of fun!!

It was exciting to get a prettily wrapped package

It was fun to see the infographic of style and outfit suggestions!

And it was fun to go through the five items they sent!

Why I'll do it again:
1.  It was fun and I thought of it as a first date.  A little awkward, but worth a second try.
2.  I LOVE having someone else shop for me.
3.  There was a review process of the items I sent back, so I feel like I might like more next time.

Why I didn't keep much:
1.  For the last 4 years I have worn primarily yoga pants and shopped a Target - these were FANCY clothes by that standard.  They were of decent quality and way higher priced than what I'm used to spending on myself.
2.  I didn't love the fabric of most of the shirts.  I can't even tell you the name of the fabric, sorry.  Think Chico's.
3.  Most was not casual enough for my clothing needs.

My entire 'fix' cost $280.  I ended up keeping only one shirt (the black one) this time and with the $20 style credit (money I paid when I signed up) and a $25 referral credit I ended up paying around $10 more.

It's worth a try, friends.  There is no commitment and no requirement to buy.

Here's My Referral Link if you decide to sign up.

Happy Anti-Shopping!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wellness Wednesday - Let's Get Oily!

First of all, don't you love how I've stuck with the Wellness Wednesday theme...stuck with the title with complete disregard to the actual day of the week??  I'm just cool like that!

Another way I'm super cool, you ask?  Well, I only admit to crunchy behavior when said crunchy behavior is en vogue.  I wanna be a cool kid.  Still. I am, finally sharing something I've been doing for a WHILE because now...all the cool kids are doing it!

We have been using Young Living oils for general health support for the last five years over here at The Prince House.  In the last 6 months, there has been a huge trend toward oils.  I don't know why, I don't know what the catalyst was, I don't know if all the dollars earned from this boom in business are being used in kind and smart ways...regardless, I am thrilled!

I am thrilled for a few reasons:

1.  Anytime we become more aware of the products we use (health care, home cleaning, beauty/self care products, etc) and choose more organic, REAL ingredients, we are better for it.  I try to move toward less or no chemicals with every purchase.  My go to cleaner (think Formula 409) is a product from Young Living called Thieves Household Cleaner.  While it does still have some hard to pronounce ingredients (surfactants made from natural sources) it is a 'clean' cleaner and disinfects without the use of scary antibacterial chemicals.  My personal skin care routine has become a mixture of essential oils (frankincense, lavender, etc), coconut oil, baking soda, and epson salt.

2.  As a mom, I love having something safe and natural to reach for when the kids are sick.  Thankfully, all of the illness we have had are of the 'let it run it's course' variety.  But, even if you know the best thing to do is to let it run it's course, you still have a sick and miserable child (or three) on your hands!  I use essential oils to alleviate the symptoms without altering how the body naturally fights the illness.  Lavender for pain from an ear ache, peppermint for tummy trouble, RC (Young Living's blend of eucalytus, pine and peppermint) for respiratory issues, Thieves to shorten the duration and **hopefully** prevent the whole house from getting 'it', Peace and Calming - well, for peace and calming, and Stress Away and wine for me.

3.  I just love it anytime we as a culture trend away from the 'I'm sick, figure me out, give me a pill and don't ask me to change' mentality and move toward anything that looks like 'It's my body, I'll take care of it the best way I can, and I love to learn new ways that can naturally help me do a great job'.

I am a distributor with Young Living.  If you would like to try an oil or two, I will pass along my wholesale discount to anyone new to the oily life!  If you are ready to jump in, Young Living makes it very easy...the Premium Starter Kit comes with a home diffuser and 11 Everyday Oils for $150! (A savings of $150 over buying all components individually at retail prices!)

While I am still not a fan of multi-level marketing sales, this company does a lot of things favorite is that there is no requirement for any further action past the Starter Kit.  If you get it and it's just not for you, they can never hear from you again and that's ok.  Or maybe it will make a huge difference in your health and that of your family' a business!

I am loving my new role as the oily leader of my little group.  I am passionate about learning, doing it right, finding better resources than Pinterest for the decision I make for my family's health, and sharing information. I also am a part of an excellent, bigger team.  I have surrounded myself with women (incidentally!) that are well versed and experienced in the use of Young Living products!  If you'd like more information, let me know!  If you are ready to sign up, here are the details:

1.  Go to: Distributor Sign-Up
2.  Make SURE to check Wholesale Member (so that you will get the wholesale discount.  Prices linked above are RETAIL prices)
3.  Enter #1168979 into Sponsor and Enroller ID.
4.  Fill our your information.
5.  Select your kit.  (RECOMMENDED: The Premium Starter Kit - you get the home diffusor + 11 oils in this kit.)
6.  Choose your Essential Rewards package or opt out (I recommend you opt out in the beginning.  Try your new oils and then you can set up for Essential Rewards later if you choose.)
7.  Add any other items.
8.  Check-out!

In Health,

Disclaimer:  While I am a doctor, the most important part of patient care is the individual case history.  If you plan to treat these oils like medicine for your family, then learn and understand them like medicine.  The more aware we are about ALL things that we put into and on our bodies, the better we will be.