Monday, May 23, 2011


In honor of my birthday, here's a list of 31 random things about me.  (Stolen, thanks Tracy, and whoever you stole the idea from!)

1.  Coffee.  I love coffee.  So strong that you consider chewing.  Black, or with cream and sugar, or with fancy creamer.  Don't care.  I heart coffee.
2.  I love music, but I never know who sings something, or the name of a song off the top of my head.  I can, however, sing most every word.
3.  I like doing laundry.  Especially towels, sheets, baby blankets, etc.  My least favorite things to fold are Dan's undershirts.
4.  I'm tidy.  I don't like piles, or things not put away.  I'm definitely more tidy than clean.  I consider a room "done" if everything is where it goes, not if everything is cleaned to a shine.
5.  I'm out-going and loud with people I am comfortable with, and pretty awkwardly shy with new people.
6.  I'm so tired that when I dream, I dream about sleep.
7.  My favorite social thing to do on a weekend night is hang out on the couch with Dan.  (Yes, it's social, Dan's there, silly!)
8.  I have a super power.  When I think of a patient who hasn't had an appointment in a while, they almost always make an appointment within a week.  Magic.
9.  I like check-ups.  Dentist, optometrist, blood work.  I feel like it's a clean slate.
10.  I think if all women collectively decided to throw away all our make-up except for lip gloss and mascara the men of the world would never notice.
11.  I knew I wanted babies and this dining room table for my house before I had a husband or a house to put it in.

I didn't, however, know that I wanted an antelope on my wall....

12.  When the babes go down for a nap, or when we leave the house and they are both in good moods, I feel like a timer is set and move in freakish, super-speed fashion.
13.  I'm not crafty.  At all.  Poor babies.
14.  Dan makes me laugh as many times as he makes me roll my eyes at him.
15.  My favorite job other than mother and chiropractor was tractor driver.
16.  I'm a handwriting chameleon.  You know when you get a card in the mail and can tell who it's from by the handwriting, I'm not like that.  Sometimes I don't even recognize my own handwriting.  (Dan fears that there are hidden alter personalities due to this ability!)
17.  I am NOT fashionable or trendy.  If I ever leave the house looking cute it's because someone talked me into buying said cute article, and I finally had to give up and leave the house wearing one of the 18 things I had tried on, and just happened to get it sorta right.
18.  I LOVE books on tape.  I used to have one going in my car all the time. 
19.  Dream jobs to try:  Reading a book for a book on tape (except I'm TERRIBLE at accents, so no accents), Professional Organizer, Starbucks barista.
20.  I wear out funny stories. 
21.  I'm equal parts sad and happy that Monopoly is over at Albertson's!  (Happy because I know there will be some new mundane thing come up for me to become obsessed about and I can't wait to see what it is!  Sad 'cause I didn't win.)
22.  I have SEVERE anxiety when I have to play ice breaker games.  Severe.  Like I have butterflies right now, thinking about it.
23.  I like cookie dough more than I like cookies.
24.  We have a xeriscaped yard.  Sometimes I rake the rocks as therapy.
25.  I can't nap.  Strange because I come from a long line of nappers.  I'm not good at it.  It takes me 45 minutes to calm down, and then 4 hours to feel like I've finally come back to life from my nap.
26.  I sometimes pretend like I'm on my own cooking show when I make dinner.
27.  I must really feel like I'm only 27.  I can't think of 4 more things.  AND, the babies are down for a nap and I'm in super speed mode!

Happy Birthday to Me!!


  1. Love your blog! How on earth do you come up with this stuff??? You must dream about something besides sleep! Hope you have a super birthday....and that you can make it last a few days longer!! Love you

  2. i totally relate on the fashionable thing. how do people do it? i hope you could hear me gasping in shock and horror as you suggested getting rid of makeup. i wouldn't be able to leave the house!!!! ya likin' the polish?