Monday, April 18, 2011


Dear Adoring Fans, I'm sorry I have neglected my blog for a few days.  I had company, therefore, live people to run my crazy antics past.  I'm back.  (Heeheehee, I know I'm full of it.)

Jinx.  This is a real thing.  As in, ah crap, shouldn't have said that, I jinxed it!  This last weekend my Aunt Jan, cousin Lori and baby Zadie came to play.  We had a great time!  The girls "played" together - my girls laid there, and Zadie tolerated them, we went shopping and found Easter dresses for all, cooked and ate and laughed and talked.  It was wonderful.  BUT, I learned that you can definitely jinx something.  Example:  Me: Oh no, I never have to rock the girls to sleep for their naps.  I just put them down and they fall to sleep on their own.  JINX!!!!!!!!!!!  Example #2:  Me:  We can be gone as long as we want.  The girls do great out shopping, they can nap anywhere.  JINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was astounding how many times my little pumpkins made a liar out of me!  I might have learned the lesson, probably not.

We did have fun though and again, I am reminded how blessed I am to actually like/enjoy/choose to be friends with my family.  They're pretty much awesome.  Maybe they're just the same kind of weird I am and I recognize something familiar.  Whatever the reason, I again hope my girls become good friends with their cousins.

On a totally different subject, we started solids tonight.  I have been dreading this for a month.  Yes, there is some hope that they might sleep longer, and that would be huge.  Also, it is fun when each new milestone gets here.  BUT, our evenings have become a well-oiled machine, and I just didn't know how we would work in the eating thing!!  Tonight, though, it worked out great.  I waited until Dan got home (man to man is the only way to go!), and I think some of the food actually got swallowed?!?  It took quite a little while to get through the thimble serving size and clean up was a disaster, but it was kinda cute.  Maybe I won't actually nurse them until grade school!  ;-)

Missed ya'll.  I have many blogs floating around in my little pea brain...we'll see if I actually get them on "paper" this week!


  1. glad you're back! funny how the kids make sure we know who is boss. it never fails i will brag about something and BAM, they do the opposite. good job on solids. nursing in grade school is NOT an option.

    love ya,

  2. Are you making your own baby food or using Gerber? I'm so torn and can't decide if making my own is worth the hassle. Amanda told me she is planning on it but I wanted to talk to someone who has actually done it before I spend the money on the fancy babyfood maker machine!

  3. Kendra, so far (one batch) I'm making it. I baked then blended 2 sweet potatoes and at the rate that I can actually get it in their mouths I have enough for 4-5 meals. We'll see how long it lasts. Please remember that I work only VERY part time. Nothing wrong with Gerber!

    Tracy, oh, but the calories that I've gotten used to burning by sitting around on my butt!! How I will miss them....