Friday, May 27, 2011

The Little Engine That Could

Oh, the fun we're having!  It's amazing what a difference a few days can make!  Tuesday, I was seriously considering posting one or both of them on Craigslist and loaning them out to the highest bidder.  Today, I can hardly stand to sit here and type this 'cause I just wanna go play with them!!  (OK, I did...I'm back, the beauty of blogging!)  The only variable I know of in the turnaround of our nighttime woes has been naps!  I have stayed close to home this week, made them go down for two naps of decent length a day, and last night L got up once and K SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!  This only goes to prove, once again, mothers, that if you are in a stage that you think you will just NOT survive, just push through a few more days!!  It always changes!

They are days, if not hours away from crawling!  Lauren, especially, gets up on all fours and rocks and rocks...I can just see her little brain chanting "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!".  Kate does this same trick, but she's not as sad about not going anywhere.  She's content to just enjoy the view from a little higher altitude.  They both have perfected the "plank push-up" and I actually semi-suspect that Kate will be a bear crawler before a knee crawler.  She can really get her haunches HIGH!

They are doing so well with food!  I have been making their baby food and can hardly keep up!!  They are fans of sweet potatoes, green peas, green beans, spinach (mixed with another veggie), squash, apples, pears, bananas, and new this week, blueberries!  We're doing it as 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner...mostly because I've barely got breakfast cleaned up by dinnertime, there's no way I could have it clean by lunch!!  It still makes a giant mess, but I'll take some of the blame for that!  They've also started eating some little puff things...think cheerios that melt super fast in your mouth.  They at least have fun playing with them!  Sippy cups are still hard...they love to play with them (throw them on the floor), but I'm not certain they've ever actually swallowed any water.  Oh, and they still nurse about 45 times a day.  Oinkers.

Their little facial expressions melt me/make me laugh 400 times a day!  Oh my!  They can raise one eyebrow, wrinkle up their little noses, smile so big you can see to their spleen, and stick out that bottom pouty lip to get their way.  Presh.

They are sooooo ticklish!  This might be my favorite thing!  I pester them while they're nursing, while they're playing, never while they're sleeping, but most other times!  They scrunch their little shoulders up to their ears and just giggle and giggle.  Kay-ute!!!

We still go for a walk most everyday if it's not terribly windy and they are talking so much more while we're out.  They talk to me, they talk to each other, they sing...mind you, if you're not the Momma this all sounds exactly the same and exactly like non-sensical babble....I'm so glad I'm the Momma!  They are becoming more and more fascinated with Roxie.  They stare, tell her stories, and once, Lauren got close enough to come away with a handful of hair! 

My view...

While we're on the subject of our walks, I have to tell you about my birthday present from my Daddy.  I take the girls and Roxie on walks on a trail near our house.  It's along the Rio Grande, there's a bunch of cottonwood trees, there usually aren't many people, it's beautiful.  It's also been a little creepy a time or two.  Before I had the babes, it never crossed my mind to suspicious of anyone, but now, I am.  I mentioned this to Dad last time they were out, and he got me a gun for my birthday!!  A red, plastic, pepper shooting one!  It's beautiful and awesome!  So, if you see me and my big yellow buggy with my big, slobbery dog, watch out....I'm packin'!

As we speak, they are part watching Baby Einstein, part having a serious conversation, part crawling, part whining, part licking the dust off my still dirty carpet, part naked, part perfect....

In a better mood,
The Momma

From an earlier post, this is the best we could do to capture the nose bite/growl.  Don't mind the fact that I'm wearing two watches...

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