Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Mister

Jack is 2 months old!!

Weight: 13 pounds 
Clothes: 3 month (but I need to get out the 3-6 mo)
Eating: Still every 2-2.5 hours during the day and sometimes he makes it 4 hours at night!

Not a Super Fan Of: his sisters bracelets...he knew he looked girly!! 

Loves: his sisters, sleeping in Momma's bed, bouncing in a tall persons arms.

And he smiles!!!  And not just when he, looks you in the eye, and smiles.  LOVE.

You are loved, chunky monkey,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ugh. Part 1

Disclaimer: I'm fine.

This shiz is hard.  Like running a marathon after pulling an all-nighter studying for organic chemistry after you broke up with your first love hard.  (See what I did there...physical, mental, emotional exhaustion...)

I think something happens at about seven weeks post-partum...something not nice.  I was blind sided by how I've felt the last week+, but then, a few sleepless nights later, I remembered this happening about this same time with the girls.  So now, I have a theory.

Step 1:  It all starts at the six week post-partum check-up.  You have an expectation and that expectation is not fulfilled.  You expect that the doctor is going to come in applauding and with deep admiration in her eyes.  After all, the last time she saw you, she witnessed you survive child birth.  You expect something like, "That was the worst labor I have ever attended, you for sure had the longest, strongest, worst labor and then birthed the biggest baby ever...YOU ARE THE WOMAN!"  Nothing doin'.  You get normal small talk, maybe she comments that you look nice, but of course you's the first time you've left the house in six weeks and you have on make-up!  Then comes the exam.  Twenty seconds later, after the least thorough check up you've ever had, she says, "Everything looks great, you can return to your normal routines."  Come again???  You lay there thinking, "There is no way anything looks great or that anything will ever be normal were there, surely you remember the terrible thing that happened to me six weeks ago...please?? What???"  And this lack of justification begins a nasty downward spiral.

Step 2:  Your hormones go nuts.  About the time you think you've avoided the 'baby blues' all together, suddenly you can't ask your husband to turn down the TV without bawling about it. And your hair starts to fall out.  And your face can't decide if you should look like a dry, wrinkly old woman, or a greasy, pimply teenager.  Also, those 'I'm so happy, and he's so cute' endorphins have made their you're just surviving and he's just the guy who keeps waking you up.  Hormones.

Step 3:  Momma's tired.  You still get 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep max.  Add to those very short nights, ever lengthening days as baby is now awake more during the day.  He's awake, but still kinda just a blob.  He doesn't want to look at a toy, or lay on the floor and watch his sisters play.  Nope, he wants to be held... preferably while you're standing and doing a steady, but gentle bounce.

Step 4:  You get sick.  With the girls it was an unexplained fever for a few days.  This time it's mastitis.  My theory here is that your body needs you to take it easy for a few days, so it just figuratively pushes you down like a mean bully in between classes in high school.

Step 5:  Pride rears it's ugly head.  You could ask for help.  You could call a friend or mom or babysitter.  You could let the house go and just order supper and make your husband pick it up on his way home...but you don't.  Because it should be getting easier, not harder.  Everyone expects that you've made it through the worst part, so to call now would be to admit defeat.  Stupid you.

Steps 1-5 are my theory on why weeks 6-9 are harder than weeks 0-3.  And, like I said, I had forgotten (and it has only been 18 months!!).  So, dear blog reading friends, while it may not be true for everyone, what if it is for your friend?  When you drop off dinner for her on her second day home with her sweet newborn set an alarm in your phone to come back over in 6 weeks.  Then, don't call, just show up.  Let her cry for a while ('cause she will), make her eat something ('cause she hasn't), then make her go lay down and you bounce that chunky monkey that was once her tiny newborn.

Happy it's week 9!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch Your Language!

The girls are talking more all the time.  They babble to themselves, they babble to each other, and they mimic everything that comes out of our mouths.  However, they are still missing some very important consonant sounds.  It's cute.  I'm not worried that one day they won't be able to enunciate a 't' from a 'p' sound, or an 'l' from a 'y'...but today, it is just not in their skill set.

I have admitted before that I am a "Friends" junkie.  I love them...they are my friends...I never tire of the reruns.  So, immediately upon trying to work on phonics with the girls a specific episode came to mind.  Maybe you know it, maybe you don't....

Here's how it plays out at our house.  Baby Girl says, "yyyyight on".  Momma says, "Baby, look at Momma's mouth - la, la, la, light on."  Baby Girl says, "ya, ya, ya yyyyight on!" and then claps for herself.  Baby Girl says, "soat peeese".  Momma says, "Baby, look at my mouth - pa, pa, pa soap please."  Baby Girl says, "pa, pa, pa soat peeeese" and then jumps up and down, so proud.

I feel ya, Phoebe...I feel ya!

Glad I'm not a Teacher,

My Menfolk!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patent Pending

Today.  Because it's a little humid (by desert standards) and my swamp cooler is not keeping up...
Today.  Because I spent time cleaning dried up, soaked in spit up off the couch...
Today.  Because I actually said the words, "WE DO NOT TOUCH POOP!"..
Today.  Because I got to leave the house for an hour and half this morning and came back and acted like I forgot how to be a mom...

I'm going to share with you my brilliant idea.  Copyrighted, patent pending, don't steal it 'cause I really think it's clever and someday when I have the time to look up the phone number to talk to someone who might care I may actually do something with it...are you ready?  Brilliant, I tell you.

You know how all diapers have little cartoon designs on the waistband.  I think that's stupid.  Especially the Preemie through 2 sizes.  Infants don't know who Mickey is, people.  Well, I think there should be little cartoons for Mommas on there.  Maybe sweet words of encouragement.  Maybe just nothing, 'cause sometimes nothing is funny and encouragement just makes you cry.

Here are some of my ideas:

Funny Reminders Ecard: Lessons in Womanhood: You are only helpless while your nail polish is wet. Even then, you could pull a trigger if you had to.


All copied from Pinterest - sources varied.


You can do it, only 24 more diapers today!

Be thorough, she may change your diaper someday (thanks Josh!).

Potty training is harder than this.

Have you eaten today?  Take a vitamin!

As you can tell, it's been one of those days.  I paint a pretty picture on this blog...because 'pretty' is usually what's in my heart about these youngins.  But, there are days that if this was a real job, and these three were my boss...I'd quit and fly 'em the bird on my way out!

Eating chocolate instead of drinking,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I miss blogging.  I love having a record of our life...even when it's the day to day regular routine.  BUT, I have not figured out the balance (another blog to come) to do a blog without interruptions stealing my joy!  Right this minute, there are THREE napping babies in my house!  I think that's happened maybe 1.5 times since Jack joined us!  Now, there's nothing planned for lunch, I haven't showered, there are toys and laundry EVERYWHERE, and I haven't had breakfast (does coffee count?!), but bygoshbygolly, I'm bloggin'!

In order to catch up...a picture fest!

I got a wild hair and thought mani- pedi-'s would be fun.  And then, I had 40 wet fingers and toes (rookie mistake #673)!!  They loved it though!

They still love outside so much.  Above, they were studying something...intently.  And then smooching through the glass.  Precious.

Movie time.  They always 'assume the position' and are such cool characters.

Dodie got them a new tunnel - what a hit!!

I swaddle the baby.  They needed to be swaddled.  And then, those weirdo babies just laid there and enjoyed the claustrophobia.

She's actually 85 years old.


And one's up!! Perfect timing, little man.

Monday, July 2, 2012


There is a nice park in our new neighborhood.  It has real grass and a play structure and is usually deserted and kept fairly clean.  Now that I'm no longer 30 pounds overweight, I like to go and play there with the girls.  Dan is home Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a little while, so we've been taking a wagon ride, walking to the park, and playing...just us girls.

The B's are getting so much more able and adventurous.  Well, one is able and the other is adventurous!  Kate is so brave and willing and adventurous, but so uncoordinated (poor baby bleeds everyday...bonks).  And Lauren is so strong and capable and coordinated, but so cautious.  It'll change...they'll make a liar out of me...but this month, the above statements are accurate and said with love.