Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Season of Sick

Maybe it's always been this way, but it seems to me that sicknesses have a designated season now more than ever.  Flu Season.  RSV Season.  Pneumonia Season.

I find this so interesting.  Can't we just call it - 'You're More Susceptible' Season?  The 'bugs' aren't more prevalent, we are just a more willing host this time of year!

Here's the recipe to ensure some downtime:

Less Sun (source of Vitamin D)
Less Water 
More Stress
More Sugar
A Willing Host, A Happy Home, A 'Cootie's' Playground, if you will...

So, what do we do about it?!  We change the formula!  

Go outside, when you can.  Show some skin while you're outside, when you can.  We use a whole food line of supplements to supplement our vitamin D when we can't be outside as often.  

Drink more water.  I struggle with this in the cooler months.  I could drink coffee or hot tea all day long.  And while you get some hydration from caffeine free teas, there's no substitute for a drink of water.  I am very intentional about it for me and the kids.  For the kids, water is their only option for a beverage, ever.  For me, I just get out a glass for water when I make my first cuppa in the morning and I make myself match each coffee or tea with a glass of water.

Decrease sugar.  So, so hard, isn't it???  This is not rocket science...we all know we would weigh less and feel better if we'd stop eating sugary foods - and yet, it's hard.  If you would have seen me at Thanksgiving, you would definitely call this pot the kettle.  It's just so GOOD, isn't it?!  Here's what we have to do...  Remember how it will make us feel/be susceptible to.  Try bites of our favorite things, skip the mindless munching. the buzz kill guest and bring a healthy option to parties.

Decrease stress.  We are making a big movement toward this over here.  We are being very intentional to let the things we say yes to, the parties and open houses and gift exchanges, be well thought out and selective.  We are also making this season about Jesus instead of keep up with the Jones'.  In doing this, I have realized that the hustle and bustle of this season is 100% self inflicted.  It's ok to say no, it's ok to give a gift card, it's ok to bring the cups and napkins instead of a baked good - it's really ok.

So, it's simple on paper, isn't it?  Here's the key...take one healthy step each day.  Don't make this yet another thing on your to do list - just tuck it away in a safe corner of your mind and let it help you make better choices.

My Medicine Cabinet for the Season of Sick:

Thieves - Young Living Essential Oil - I LOVE this one.  It has a proven track record, it smells good, it WORKS, it has many applications.  It's my go to oil and first thing I reach for when boogers arrive on the scene.  (You can order this through me if you'd like to try it.  I'm happy to let you try a bottle at my distributor cost!)

Boiron Homeopathic Treatments - You can pick these up at most pharmacies.  This is the only cough syrup (besides just a spoonful of honey) that we use.  

The Neti Pot - I cannot tout it's praises loudly enough.  It's awesome.  Do it.  And let your kids try it...mine shocked the socks off of me and are neti pot PROs.  They love it...weirdos.  (Read the warnings, clean the pot well, don't be stupid.)

Immuplex and Cod Liver Oil - from Standard Process.

Stay Healthy, my friends,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You're So Vain...

Really, I'm so vain.  For a while now, I have wanted someone to capture in photos a typical day at our house.  It's not glamorous or exciting, but I know this season is so short and really, it's amazing.  I wanted someone to freeze time for that when they are busy and out of the house and on to other things, I'll remember.  Or when they have babies underfoot and feel lonely at times in that, I can show them what it looked like for me.

That...and I want witnesses!  I wanted someone to see what the double jogger loaded up and Jack on my chest for our morning walk looks like!  I wanted proof that the hour before Dan walks in is indescribable in the combined needs of the three hungry, bored, tired, cranky kidlets...that getting dinner ready is a circus event.  That I sometimes hide by sitting on the kitchen floor because it's out of the direct line of sight and that somehow makes them forget that I'm right there and that they need to be 'UP'.  I wanted proof that while, yes, I always have a to do list and a few projects going - they halt 14 times a day to read to a baby or kiss a boo-boo or just snuggle.  And, as gross as it is...I hate that there is no proof that 8 times out of 10, I have a baby on my lap when I go pee.

Well, my friend Sandy came to visit.  There was a witness to a typical day...and a few times, she picked up a camera.  (Don't worry, not one is of a bathroom)


"On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgment and efforts to get things done, hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur." - Evelyn Underhill quoted in 'One Thousand Gifts'

I'm an amateur, but I'm learning...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - An Intro

I had this whole other life before I was a mom.  It's a foggy memory, at best, but I know it existed.  In that life, I was educated by book and life on the human body and it's workings.  Life is different now.  Now, I am reminded of that era only once a month...when I notice the bank draft for the payment on the mortgage sized debt on my big brain.  Sure, I adjust Dan and the kids some, and you know I politely offer force my opinions on practice management on Dan occasionally.  But, for the most part, I call on the professional chiropractor part of my brain VERY infrequently.

I have recently become very aware, though, that the lifestyle that comes with that - what has become just our normal life - is a different approach to managing a family's health than most.  It's not the only way, but our way is different than some.  

And so, not as a health care professional, but as a mom who is just trying to figure out what works best for us, I thought I would share some of the things that we do that are maybe not the conventional approach.  Take 'em or leave 'em.  I hope that this can be a discussion of many wellness type options out there so that we can all learn something.  I hope this does NOT become a place for heated debate.  I don't have the stomach for it.  Some people love to ruffle a feather with their out of the norm stance.  I do not.  I don't have the time or the sleep reserves for this to get heated.  If this isn't up your alley, know that I'll always post these topics on Wednesdays (unless it's Friday (sheesh!!!)) under the title Wellness Wednesday.  Skip it.  Come on back on Thursday and see some cute pics of my littles.  Basically, be kind.

Here are some items on the list to be discussed:


How We Deal with Sickness

My Medicine Cabinet

Essential Oils

Bentonite Clay

Bone Broth

Apple Cidar Vinegar

What We Eat

Whole Food Supplements

What else do you want to talk about?  

I'm excited about this, friends!  I have become encouraged by some unlikely sources to share what we do to maintain health.  I think we are moving into a strange season of health care here in our beloved country.  My feeling is, that the more empowered and confident you are to manage and maintain your family's health, the better off you will be.

See you Wednesday to hop on in...
The Momma Formerly Known as Dr. Prince

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Boutique shopping intimidates me.  Rather, the super cute girls that work in boutiques intimidate me.  That coupled with my most utilized clothing items being of the cheap yoga (stretchy) variety, and my kids needing only clothes that paint and red dirt can't destroy....I mostly avoid all of the cute little boutique shops here.

I've lived here over a year...I finally went in recentlly!  And here's what I learned:

1.  Boutique owners are small business owners (just like us!) just peddling different stuff.  They are trying to make a buck and maybe have a creative outlet.

2.  Small boutiques have WAY more 'Made in USA' and even 'Made in Oklahoma' things than Target...go figure.

3.  The women who work there were never once anything but kind and helpful.  They're not better than me, they're trendier than me!  (I am 100% certain that if I tried to pull off that cute little headband worn like a sweat band I would channel Richard Simmons, not an Olsen twin.)

Exhibit A

4.  Shopping is fun!  Even if you don't buy, even if you don't even like anything in that store, it was so good for me to change my go to a new place.  To take 30 minutes for myself on a Mother's Day Out day and not clean or do office work.

Go shop locally!  Spend an extra $5...It feels at least $5 good.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Movember

We must take good care of our menfolk, huh, ladies?! I jokingly tell Dan often that if I should die, he needs to remarry THE NEXT DAY! Grieve in private. Grieve me for years...but you add a woman back into this house...THE NEXT DAY!

Between the nighttime deafness and the inability to find anything, anytime, Mommas are important to daddys.

But, daddys are so important to babies (and the mommas, too!). So we gotta keep them healthy!

Movember. No Shave November.

Are you familiar with this idea? Men quit shaving for a month and do it for a cause (so that we can't beg them to shave!)

Men's health really does get neglected on the public arena. We know all about Pap smears and mammograms, but no body wants to talk about men's health.

And I don't really either, so I'm not going to. Here's what I will do...a couple tips, if you will.

1. Learn about the issues. Testicular cancer is an untalked about condition that mostly affects men in their 30-40's. Read about it, then tell your man about it.

Time out: Wait, first, some rules:
- I am merely passing along information, I'm no expert
- Stop thinking about it
- Do NOT comment on Facebook
- Don't ask me about it...Google it.
- Stop thinking about it
- I'm sorry ...or...
- You're welcome
- I don't want to talk about it

Here it goes.

2. Guys who have lots of sex have fewer men's health issues. (Especially prostate problems, it's real, google it.)

There, I said it.
Stop thinking about it.


Friday, November 22, 2013

A List (And a Giveaway!!)

I've given up writing my daily to do list.  It was the exact same things everyday, and I found myself gauging how good of a day it was by how quickly and efficiently I made it through my list.  Silliness.

But I still LOVE a list.

1.  Lorde station on pandora.  I had to spend some time thumbs up-ing and thumbs down-ing due to some expressive language, but overall, it makes me feel like a hip mom.  (Ha!)

2.  This video 
(copy and paste if the link won't work, then come on over and TEACH ME HOW TO USE A COMPUTER)!  
I guess I am just obsessed with this song in general, but these girls!!  Here's my take...1. They are LOVING on themselves.  Watch that lead lady...confidence oozes off of her.  I dig it.  2. Due to my extreme (over) self confidence, I can insert myself into either the melody or harmony roles in this song and think I would ROCK it.  But that beat box????  A vocal drum line?  This, this is what I aspire to.  Don't mind me...I'll be practicing.

3.  Instagram.  It's my current favorite form of social media.  If you're on...follow me!  But more importantly, follow these girls:  @jaminato @herwelshness @tiffanyruda @theandersoncrew @underthesycamore @five_chicks_and_farmer  
These are some of my favorite people that I've never met in real life.

4.  Young Living oils.  (Coming soon, a recurring Wellness Wednesday post.  Where I act like a used to be a doctor and throw hippy opinions on wellness at'll be great!)  Thieves, Peppermint, and Citrus Fresh are on my favorite list this week.  I use them to freshen the air, protect against cooties, and calm a sick tummy.

5.  My kiddos are **already** obsessed with "Hippopotamus for Christmas".  Lord, help's still a month away.

6.  Gillian Flynn (author).  I love a well written fiction novel.  I'm reading Gone Girl's what I love.  The chapters switch back and forth from the perspective of the two main characters.  When I'm ready an Amy chapter, I am 100% Team Amy.  When I am ready a Nick chapter, I am 100% Team Nick.  I am either the most fickle person I know, or that is some GOOD writing.

7.  The Jesus Storybook Bible  I love it soooooo much.  I learn something.  The girls listen intently.  The chapters are short enough to be bedtime manageable.  It screams JESUS on every page.  Love.  Love enough that I want you to have it!  I'll pick 2 winners!  One from comments here on the blog, and one from comments on Facebook.  (Feel free to share this post!)  It'll be random and fair.  I'll get them in the mail to you before Thanksgiving!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Think It's My Thyroid...

**Disclaimer - Thyroids are important.  When there is truly something wrong with a thyroid it must be addressed.  I'm attempting to be funny, not disrespectful to the 10's of you who read my blog and have an actual thyroid problem.**

I have convinced myself that I have a hyperthyroidism.  The most notable symptoms of hyperthyroidism are that 'ants in your pants' feeling, not being able to sit still, sweating, and then later, bugging eyes.  Yip, I have all of these.  I was about to go get blood work and sign up for a transplant when my dear Jen suggested maybe it was just the coffee talking.  This got me to thinking...

My day starts before I'd like for it to (6, yes, I would LOVE to sleep in til 6) via one of two methods:

1.  Jack the terrorist screaming from his room like he has probably vomited everywhere, had a terrible nightmare, is delirious with fever, AND there is a live bear in his room stalking toward his crib.  Leading to the sprint out of bed (EVERYtime) to open the door and finding an immediately silent happy baby who says 'Hi, Ma!' or maybe 'movie??'.


2.  A little curly headed girl (or two) who did the ninja sneak into our room and doesn't make a peep until she whispers 'Momma!' a half an inch from my face.

Folks, both will get your blood pumping.  Good morning!!!

Then, I fire up the Keurig for her morning workout.  I like to have my first cup standing in front of the machine, ignoring the three alarm clocks, drinking it as quickly as the temperature will allow, so that I can make my second cup and go sit in the living room with them.

Next, we have rapid fire emergencies:
1.  Momma, I have to pee NOW, bad, bad...hurry Momma!
2.  I want breakfast!!!
3.  Jack is shooooooey, and he's taking off his diaper!
4.  Babe, did you fold the gowns for me to take back to the office?
5.  etc...

We are really, really trying to raise respectful tiny humans, but most of the time their initial request for something (shoes, snacks, up!, etc) are like a drill sergeants barking a direct order (or so I imagine).

There is a break in the middle of the day when a miracle happens and all three take a nap...but instead of sitting down for that hour, there is shiz to do!  And I always fool myself into thinking that if I do it all really quickly then I can sit for a second when it's done.  False.  False, Erin.  It was false yesterday, it will be false tomorrow.  They know.  Put away the last dish or last folded piece of clothing, close the final account I was working on, wipe down the last of the miraculously re-appearing yogurt smear from breakfast....and someone wakes up.  And, none of mine are very slow to warm.  They don't wake up and want to sit and rock and snuggle.  They don't crave a moment alone snuggling with the momma.  Nope, they get real busy and real loud and make sure the lazy two wake up immediately.  Game on.

There's the pep rally that is required to get out of the house...I'll race you to the front door!!  Bet you can't keep both your shoes on AND your hair in a ponytail!  Jack, want to watch a movie in the car!!!!  Oh, the enthusiasm that is required to make the job go more smoothly!!

And then, underneath it me, having my 5th cup of coffee, shaking and sweating...thinking, "Ga, I MUST have a thyroid problem or something..."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Word of the Month

Gratitude.  Thankfulness.  Give Thanks.  Grateful.
However you say it, for a few days in November we are flooded with it, aren't we!?  There are the 30 days of Thanksgiving on Facebook, home decorations with the words on it, and sermons on the subject.

Have I told you that I love our church?  I grew up in a Methodist church, Dan and I went to a non-denomination with a Baptist lean church while in Albuquerque, and when we moved here we were wide open to where we might attend.  We shopped, tried lots of different ones...and it was hard.  It was hard, because there wasn't anything BAD about any of them.  When we visited New Covenant UMC though, it happened to be a week where they discussed/mentioned Canyon Camp.  I went to Canyon Camp three times, over three years about 20 years ago...but I had an emotional reaction.  'Our babies HAVE to go to Canyon Camp, Dan-o.  This is our church.'  And, as easy as that, it became our church.  

One of the things I love/am amazed by sermons is how different things jump out to/speak to different people.  Dan grabbed on to a different topic than me this morning.  He was researching on his phone and studying and very interested in something I vaguely remember being mentioned.  And when I repeated to him the phrase that sparked this blog, he said "Oh, that's good!" as though it was the first time he'd heard it.  Weird.


Any feeling of entitlement will completely take the place of any feeling of gratefulness.  (My paraphrasing from A.C.'s sermon.)

Entitlement robs Gratefulness

Pride is easier than Humility

This slapped me upside the head like I haven't been in a while.  Ouch.  You can't feel entitled and grateful at the same time.  It's EITHER/OR.  

In reflection, I realized that entitlement has become my camouflage.  It has become my justification for the purchase.

We are in contract on a house!  I am so excited!  But, in an attempt to justify the purchase, I add a story to the announcement.  "We *finally* bought a house!"  "We've been moving or in rent houses for 3 years, you know?"  "I haven't done a home project in so long, I'm so anxious to get started."  

All of these statements are true.  And every single one of them is unnecessary.  Every statement attempts to remind that we have, in some way, EARNED this house.  We DESERVE it!  And, as I learned today, you can't have EARNED and DESERVE something and still be truly GRATEFUL.

We really don't get sick very often...we make good food choices, and get adjusted, and use essential oils and whole food supplements, therefore, we are entitled to good health.  

All of those things are helpful to healthy lifestyle, but I believe (yet forget to be GRATEFUL) that health is a gift.

Our business is growing and doing great!  "Well, we did live off our savings for a few months."  "Dan works so hard, I'm glad there is *finally* fruit." 

True, again, and silly.  
Yes, the Lord has blessed us.

Why do I feel the need to justify our blessings?  Just so you will reck-a-nize how hard we work, how long we've waited, how smart we are?  How exhausting.  

We have way more than we have earned or fact, we are the richest people I know.  
And I am grateful.

Photo Cred: Kristin Cook Photography
Acknowledgement: when your babies are little pictures are no longer current after one year.  But you get the point...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Not as Impressive

People stopped and tried to do math in their head when I used to say we had three under two.  People whistled and gave me a pat on the back when I used to say we had three under three.

It's just no big thang anymore, people.  We now have three, three and under.

Kate and Lauren turned 3!

This was my favorite birthday to date.  They were PUMPED.  The rest of us (Dan, Jack and me) all have a birthday within three weeks of each other in May and June.  It was a lot of celebrating shotgun style...and the girls noticed that not one of those parties were for THEM.  So, they started in with "It's almost my happy birthday" about June 15.  Folks, that's a really long count down to November 1.  They knew how many people had birthdays each month and marked them off an imaginary list...each moving them closer to theirs.

They asked for bikes.  And scooters.  And babies.  And new 'jams.

Their bicycle dreams came true!  It was just like Christmas morning...little 'oh my gosh!'s, and 'for ME?!'s and 'look, Daddy, look!'s.  If you look closely one has a lilac body and the other a pink.  There was not one second of hesitation on whose was whose.  Kate is pink, Lauren is purple.  Duh.

Lauren took off immediately...cruisin'.  Kate started out by EITHER being able to pedal OR steer.  It was a rough two days, but she's got it now!

We had a friends pumpkin painting party, and a family pizza party, and balloons and cakes and presents, oh my!  

Oh, nothin'...just Rapunzel and Snow White teeter-tottering...

I just can't help but make it a little about me.  It was my third anniversary of motherhood, ya'll!  I'm so in love with these girls.  They are unique and funny and the same and sensitive and clumsy and so, so strong.  They are perfect...

I am so truly blessed.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garage Sale

Hey Guys!  Welcome my very first Guest Blogger!  Jen Womack is my newest bestie!  She's the one this blog was written about.  I never told you that I didn't scare her off!  She took a few weeks to reply to my text, but we are friends - like for real!  Our littles are similar in ages, our sense of adventure and humor are in sync, and....importantly, she had enough junk in her garage to make my junk into enough to be a fabulous garage sale!

Here's her take:

I remember so clearly my first garage sale. It was summer, and my sister and I were looking for ways to earn money. We picked weeds and washed windows but, frankly, we had our eyes on a bigger payout.  My mom agreed to a garage sale as long as; one, we did all the work, and two, we absolutely did not have it at our house. No problem! We enlisted a friend and had our first multi-family sale. I remember the sorting, and pricing, and the thrill of a sale. I remember haggling with strangers, but mostly, I recall the stack of cash at the end.

Until this summer, these childhood yard sales were my only point of reference. Perhaps because I associate said sales with such rosy memories, two decades later, I jumped all over the invitation to combine my unwanted things with a friend’s (Erin’s) in yet another ‘multi-family’garage sale.

Now, I know this sounds a little heavy for a topic like garage sales, but it was such an  insightful weekend. I would never have guessed two days of unloading my ‘junk’ on others could invoke such a range of emotions. Here’s my take-away:

1) Garage sales are a lot of work! As a kid, the prep work was fun. It’s easy to price and sell something you didn’t pay for yourself. It is also easy to sit around with friends and make signs when you have no other obligations, namely 3 kids and a household to manage. This was so different! The week prior to the big sale was manic and my kids watched a month’s worth of cartoons and scavenged for many of their meals while I priced items and strategized with Erin. I felt like a bad mommy by the end of the week and was so happy when it finally began and we could think and talk about something else.

2) Friday is THE garage sale day in Edmond, Oklahoma. I would have never guessed this, but the crowd on Friday morning blew us away. The bargain-hunters descended long before we were set up, and didn’t let up for hours. Erin and I barely spoke the first half of Friday. Saturday, though, was painfully slow at times.

3) Letting go of your baby’s things is all kinds of hard. I had zero problems selling the plastic slide or turtle sandbox but was surprised at the pain I felt selling some of the baby clothes and tiny blankets.  “Don’t you know,” I wanted to say to the person talking me down a dollar, “that Avery wore that in her first days home,” or that “Hunter took his first steps in that romper,” and so on. But memories have no cash-value and I am no hoarder, so I let go….but, it hurt.

4) Two hormonal women + too much caffeine and sugar + too little sleep = tears. We watched an expectant mother carefully shop the cheapest used clothes for her firstborn and listened as another mom explained how she wanted to come by after pay day and shop the leftovers. It’s hard to put into words what made me want to cry. It’s not pity for them, or guilt that I feel….we’re all just doing the best we can. It’s that, pay day never enters my mind if the kids need new shoes, clothes, etc.  This was a good reminder to not take that for granted.

5) A thing is only worth what someone will pay for it.  I’ve heard this saying countless times but a garage sale is absolute proof. I had people talk me down to scandalous prices. I lost count of how many times someone tried to haggle for Erin’s liter of apple cider vinegar we were using as a bookend. One lady offered me a quarter because, ‘it’s leaking a bit.’ We sold things I would never have guessed anyone would want. And other, ‘nice’ things, just didn’t move ‘til we were willing to almost give them away. I had a woman try to give me one dollar for a pair of shoes I wanted two for with the excuse that they were a half size too big. Worth and value are certainly in the eye of the beholder.

6) Lastly, garage sales, like most things in life, are better with a friend. Without Erin, I would have made a few more trips to Goodwill and called it done. Instead, we plowed through together, laughing and sweating, and made a great team. We began our weekend with a shot of espresso and too many Krispy Kremes and ended it drinking iced white wine through a straw (no judgment…it was good.) The de-cluttering that took place in that weekend was downright therapeutic, but, for me, the most exciting part was bellying up to Erin’s kitchen table and counting our stack of cash….we were giddy as little girls.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Universal and Personal

God is stirring up some stuff in me and our life.  Sometimes it gets ugly and hard while He's working something least that's my experience.

One truth that's been made clear and repeated many times to me in the recent weeks is that we are all the same in God's eyes.  We are all His children...He loves us.  Period.

That truth has been demonstrated to me in the commonality in the human experience.  The struggle I have as a wife or mother or daughter or friend most any wife or mother or daughter or friend can relate to.  Sure, we have unique experiences and short term memory loss of some stages of life, but for the most part...we can insert ourselves into another's shoes and see the world.  It's our job to empathize.  To lighten the burden on others for the simple reason that there is no reason why that burden isn't ours.

I was aware of this last week in church.  I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I hadn't screamed at the kids while getting to church, Dan and I were using our nice words, I had showered...I was good.  And during praise and worship my eyes scanned the crowd and I saw a woman who wasn't.  She was hurting or hurt or sad or mad or sick.  I didn't take the opportunity, so I'll never know for sure.  Here's the thing...she may have 4 dozen friends ready to help.  She may have just needed a minute to get some stuff out and it happened in front of people at church.  I may have accidentally given her the stink eye on my way in and have been the cause of her tears.  And maybe a stranger asking if she could help would have made it worse...but what if it had made it better?  We're the same, crying lady and me.  We are God's children, and we are supposed to make it a little easier on each other.  But I didn't.

But there's a whole second layer to this giant cake of God's love.  So today, I'm struggling to reconcile the God who loves us.  Period.  With the God who loves us.  Personally.  Do you see how that feels different?  It's that empathy versus sympathy thing (thank you very much for Latin root words, Ann Wright).

Today it was personal.  Today, I wasn't alright.  Dan and I were not using our nice words this morning.  And it escalated into ugly...and there were 6 baby witness eyes and ears.  This means that my hurt and anger and indignation were accompanied by every mother's constant friend - guilt.  But God made it personal.  He showed me He cared for MY marriage, not just marriages.  You could argue coincidence, but I would call BS if you did.  While standing side by side, arms crossed, going over every jab and thinking of a way to make it sting worse next time...the praise band sang the song we lit our unity candle during in our wedding.  It's not a popular song.  I've never heard it at our church...but today, it happened.  And it was personal.  It didn't fix anything.  Forgiveness still had to be sought after and wounds will still have to heal.  But God whispered down to two of his, and reminded us that yes, we are just two of MANY of His children.  But He loves us personally.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All of a Sudden

You know...the 'all of a sudden' that takes three years to arrive.  The 'all of a sudden' that you'll miss if you're not careful.  The 'all of a sudden' that will probably change tomorrow.

But, all of the sudden, things are a little easier in these here parts.  Yes, there are still three under three and a new business to grow.  Yes, Dan and I are still trying to figure out who WE are, and somehow turn three blobs into human beings in the process.  Yes, I know a JINX is waiting for me tomorrow.  BUT...all of a sudden things like this happen:

**sometimes we sleep through the night.  We still have to work REALLY hard at bedtime, and morning still starts WAY earlier than I'd like, but, for all intents and purposes...WE SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!

**yesterday, one time, I peed by myself.  And I didn't even lock myself in.  The door was open, but no one came in to check on me/be held/try to unroll the TP/...nothin'.

**Jack can run a spoon!  I usually just 'slop' his high chair tray anyway, but for things like yogurt and rice and oatmeal we were still spoon feeding him.  Not anymore, folks!  It's a disaster, it requires a hose to recover from, but, Jack runs a spoon.

**They give a little.  For almost three years, there's been a whole lotta take.  Sure, they smile at me, and when it really hurts they yell for 'Momma!', but over and above they are little mooches who only take.  But last night as I was snuggling with Lauren, she petted my face and said, 'Momma, you're my best friend.'  And sometimes when I tell them that I love them, they say it back.  And Jack will waddle right over to me and tilt his little face up for a kiss.  That's giving, friends.  That's a whole lot of filling my love tank WAY up.

**They play together.  Without me in the room.  Nicely.  For longer than 45 seconds.  Sometimes.

**The girls can be trusted to obey well enough to walk into stores just holding my hand.  This one's huge.  I don't have to park right beside the cart return, load them all up, and wear Jack to go grocery shopping.  Now, I carry Jack, hold one girl hand who holds another girl hand, and WE JUST WALK IN.  Yes, we stop traffic.  Yes, someone always comments about my hands being full.  Yes, it makes some people in busy parking lots nervous...but not me.  We walk in, boys!  I still sweat a lot.  It's still not among my favorite weekly chores.  But it's a whole lot easier than it was two months ago!

This all is said to update you on where we are.  Basically, the kids are grown, and I'm thinking of taking up tennis and cross stitching to fill my day.  (Ha!)

This is for the Mommas who are not yet at their 'all of a sudden' moment.  It comes.  It comes so gradually and so very freaking slowly, that you might miss it.  You cannot predict it.  Repeat after me: You cannot predict it.  Quit trying to calculate the ages of my won't be the same for you.  But it will come.  And it'll make you really, really happy.  And it'll give you time, finally, to teach that 14 month old #3 brand new, never been mentioned before, this is your nose!  Cows go 'moo'.  Can you say 'Momma'?


Monday, July 8, 2013

Where It's At...

Laverne is where 4th of July is AT!

I loved it as a kid - the candy at the parade, the friends over swimming in the afternoon, the turtle races, the fireworks at the football field.

I loved it as a teen - the 'big kids' back, just like at Homecoming, seeing friends in the middle of the summer, the fireworks, the dance.

I love it now - the reunion that it is, the small town patriotism that is so alive and well I had a lump in my throat more than once on Thursday.  The things that never change, the things that do - that needed to.  

I LOVE it.

Here are a few of my thoughts on why and how Laverne does it so well...

You can eat 3 square (-ish, I don't think I saw any vegetables at the park! ;-)) meals on 'free will donation'.  And folks, it's this way because the organizations that these meals benefit make way more money due to generous donations than if they'd set a price.

It's a place where you can 1. be like me and post so many pictures on Facebook of your offspring that everyone knows that way or 2. teach your children your maiden name so they'll be linked up with the right family; and then just let them loose!  This village will not only help you look out for your babies, but spank them if they need it or kiss a boo-boo when that's what's needed!

In Laverne on the 4th, a turtle may not just be a turtle...but a champion.

The tradition of the 4th is so deep and means so much that I saw some elderly people and some newborns in the park on a 90 degree evening.  It didn't hurt them one bit, but I bet they don't choose to have dinner there just any old day.

4th of July in Laverne is a place where your babies become friends with the babies of the people you became friends with when you were babies...on the same merry go 'round.  (Whew!)

Being from Laverne means that you correct your two year olds that 'It's a TIGER, not a LION!' with a sense of urgency and outrage that hardly matches the offense!

It's a time to introduce your children to Dumdums and Smarties, to Tootsie Rolls and Super Bubble.

Anyway...I kinda love it.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Mother's Day Out.  Oh, how I loved Mother's Day Out.

They were loved and taught some things and cared for and made friends.

And they did all of those things while I was DOING OTHER THINGS!

And it's over.  Summer may be rough.  It may be awesome.  It'll be what it will be.

Last Day May 2013

First Day September 2012

Saturday, June 1, 2013

And All of a Sudden....

He's ONE!!! 

This little boy slays me.  I am his, he is mine.  

He stands.  He signs 'thank you'.  He laughs so hard he gets to coughing and choking.  He pulls hair, hard.  He is starting to have a thing for his Daddy.  He thinks he's invincible, and big.  He thinks Peek a Boo is magical.  He may never be completely weaned.  He eats more than the girls combined.  He prefers outside...and naked.  

For all of the moments that we thought he came to quickly and would be too much and could not see how we would survive...he has completely erased it all.  God has been good to us.

He's such a gentleman.

We celebrate you, Jack.  You're wonderful.