Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

You know it...a random list.

1.  There is a real disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  It is when someone's mood is seriously affected by the weather.  It's cloudy today, it was cloudy yesterday, there is no rain.  I'm SAD.  *Disclaimer:  while this disorder is real, the definition is mine.  I'm not trying to poke fun, just claiming that clouds make me blue and that there is an actual named disorder for it.*

2.  You (my readers) are too kind.  I can't tell you what it means for me to go about my day - wiping bottoms and noses, soothing tears and forcing laughs, cleaning and picking up - to then write about it, and then receive some of the sweetest messages.  It means a lot to me.  Like almost cancels out the clouds and brightens my day, a lot.

3.  Kate loves her hands.  She always has.  She studies them, she waves them around even in her sleep, she thinks they taste tasty.  Lately Dan has been reading into this.  "I think Kate will be a sign language interpreter."  By this logic, Lauren will install TV's as she is just as enamored with remotes.  "Kate has really big hands."  This just makes me crazy...are they big?  Like too big, big?  Is she normal?  Is Lauren too small?  Ugh.  "Kate has hands like Gonstead."  Dr. Gonstead was the doctor who developed the type of chiropractic that we practice.  His hands where big and jointy.  Sometimes Dan is weird.

4.  My birthday is Monday.  I love birthdays and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I don't get worried about the number, I think of it as my personal holiday!  I don't get bent out of shape if nothing big's kinda just for me, a day all my own, even if it looks exactly like all the other days.  (Happy Birthday TOMORROW, dear Tracy!!)

5.  Pie is my favorite and yet the worst dessert to make.  I made a strawberry pie Tuesday.  I made it about 4pm.  I make dessert quite often, and I ALWAYS sample it before actual dessert time.  There is NO WAY to disguise the fact that you sampled pie.  Sad.  Especially when "sampled" means a hole about the size of 2 pieces.  "I had a little taste and saw something strange and had to dig around in it to make sure it wasn't something gross and then..."  It's a lie, it sounds like a lie right out of the gate.  Shoot.

6.  I'm an "I love you" over-doer.  I always have been.  I am of the camp of if you feel it, say it.  I told Dan I loved him entirely too early in our relationship - he physically flinched.  Well, true to form, I left it at the end of a message yesterday.  Now, in all fairness, I do love her, she's my ABQ bestie, she's a sister in Christ, but we hadn't gone there yet.  I'll always be the one who said it first!  She was a good sport, I was red in the face for about 90 minutes.

Costa Rica.  Dan.  I'd already said I love takeseesbacksees, even after he does this.

Hope if it's cloudy at your house, it's raining.


  1. i seriously can't get enough of you! 1. thanks for the bday shout out! 2. i always knew you were a good storyteller....think animal burial on the side of the road and rat stompin'. 3. the pie thing is too funny. i can't think of a dessert that it is easy to hide pre-dessert time sampling....except pudding maybe. 4. i am so glad we have gotten to communicate more through the blogging world! i love you!!!

  2. There can NEVER be too much "I love you!" Thanks again for brightening my day with your thoughts and comments about your life with the girls.

  3. You are killin' me! What a hoot. The only outright LIE is the birthday "it's just another day" LIE on #4! Expect boxes for the next week! Kate's hands are perfect and I think pianist....Lauren just loves the world and everything in it. They are just perfect! And they always say you marry a man just like your dad....welcome to my world!

  4. I still have to giggle, it was so natural!

  5. Tracy! I have to teach you about desserts, grasshopper! Cookies, totally sneakable. Cupcakes, same...who counts to see if one or 5 is missing. Pudding is brilliant! Brownies - just cut them and put individual brownies on a plate - again, no one counts! You gotta be craftier, dear friend. Consider this your birthday present. BTDub, do you get a notification of replies to comments? Is this how I should send a "comment" back to you or do you have to intentionally go to this post to see this comment? Whew.

  6. i am so glad i read this..i have learned so much. and as far as comments go, i have to come back....there is a way somehow to have follow up comments emailed, but i don't know how! hehe! i am still a blog rookie!