Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drinkin' from the Saucer

I never know if a saying is unique to our family or if the whole world uses it, but today my cup so runneth over that I'm drinkin' from the saucer!  The bar was set HIGH for Mother's Days to come!

First of all, I am a mother.  Finally.  I feel that I was born to be a momma.  I love every second of it, even the seconds when I hide in the garage or the days when my favorite "time" with my girls is when they're asleep.  I am so grateful for the gift and responsibility of sharing in the lives of these two little girls.

Second of all, I am a daughter, and I got to spend Mother's Day with my momma.  One of the things I love the most about my mom is that no matter how many hats she has to/gets to wear, when relating to me, she's always the momma.  The best example of this was the weeks after my girls were born.  She LOVES being Dodie (her grandma name) and had longed for the day our babies would arrive.  She is excellent at being grandma, and I know she could have spent all day, every day holding the babies.  She did, some, but she let me hold them the most.  She babied her baby (me) while I was learning to baby my babies.  She made sure I was drinking plenty of water, taking advantage of every second to close my eyes, eating well, not lifting too much, etc.  She did laundry and grocery shopped, made dinner and breakfast for Dan.  She swept floors and kept track of thank you notes that needed to be written.  Would she have rather sat and rocked a baby?  Sure.  But she was FIRST my momma and fulfilled every need she could, and THEN she was Dodie and loved her some babies!  I have the best mom.  If ever you think I'm doing an OK job at my new role, it's simply because I had a great example.

I'm a wife.  And he done good, ladies.  Gifts, a nap (20 whole minutes, peeps!!!), errands ALONE, dinner.  He took care of me today!!   Our life is MARKEDLY different since our two housemates arrived.  We do way less fun stuff together.  We eat out NEVER (please notice the implication of actually going out being less, not eating food that someone else prepared less often!).  I still really like him.  And I think (I know) he really likes me.  I love to watch him love our girls.  I love even more to watch them love him.  Check out one of my gifts here The Vintage Pearl.

The cream on top of the sundae that was today (I know, I it a cup of tea or a sundae?  Just go with it!) was the we dedicated our girls to the Lord today at church.  It was such a sweet little ceremony and reminder of what a gift they truly are.  The verse that was used was I Samuel 1:27-28.  What is it about the Word that truly is living?  How pertinent, how true for us, what a tough thing to truly give your child back to the Lord.  To say "Thy will be done" and trust that it will be GOOD, but not know that it will be what you would have chosen.  I have had a lump in my throat all day.  So grateful for our church.  So grateful for answered prayers.  So grateful for a loving God.
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 28 So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.”

Like I said, drinkin' from the saucer.  I'm so grateful.  I hope you had a great day, too.  It has crossed my mind more than once today that this would be a tough day for many women...those who've lost their moms, those who long to be moms, those who have lost children...too many scenarios.  I mention these to let you know that I am not saying I'm blessed in a cliche way.  I am seriously overwhelmed, grateful, and unworthy.

Love to you.

This is about the 85th time together where I MEANT to get a picture with my mom and my girls and didn't.  Next time.


  1. The are NO words! you are the best.....

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Your first of MANY! My girls made mine so special and can't believe this time year, 3 kiddos will make my day special!
    I too have a Vintage Pearl necklace and can't wait to add to it when Baby #3 gets here in Nov! Keep Blogging, I love it!!! :-)

  3. sounds like you had a GREAT first mother's day! being a momma is simply amazing. did you know the vintage pearl is right here in ttown? LOVE their stuff, but don't have anything of my own yet! miss you!