Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of the knee jerk responses I get when out and about managing the babes is, "Can you imagine someone like the Octomom who had eight at one time!?!"

I usually reply with some line like, "Two arms, two boobs, two parents - two is the perfect number!"

I don't want people to think I don't love my job, or the babes, or that, heaven forbid, I can't handle it!  But, can you imagine?!  Sometimes even two babies is a lot of babies!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Two tushes are definitely better than one.

Good thing I put the snacks in the sweet little snack cups, huh?!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I have wanted to do a post about our "normal" day for a while now.  I think it will be a sweet way to document the things we do, their schedule, their milestones, etc.  Also, I'm already struck with how much I've forgotten already about our "normal" day at each stage.  For example, I almost had a heart attack when our friends came over the other day with their two month old and just left him laying on the couch!!  I know I did that with the babes.  I know he wasn't going to go anywhere...but I think there's a tendency to only relate to the stage you're living in that moment.  I want to remember these moments.  Here's our day:

Slept through the night!!  Up at 6:01 for a little snack, but then back down until 7:15!

One of the best moments of my day!  When I go in int he morning, both are standing in their crib, usually "talking" with each other.  In this pic, they are watching Roxie who followed me in.

One of about 400 times a day I carry them like this.  We go everywhere TOGETHER!!

Morning snuggles and stretches and freshening and giggles!

Breakfast!!!  One our their favorites is avacado and banana smushed together....tasty! 

Then, of course, it's learning time - via Baby Einstein or Signing Time.  (And Momma takes a shower, or blogs, or does the dishes, or just sits and learns too.) 
This day happened to be a Friday, so after morning naps - Daddy was home!!

And the momma got her hair did! 
We musn't forget chore time!  Not really, but Kate was crawling under everything cleaning up the "leftovers". 
Shopping!!  Costco run - first time sitting in the cart (we love Costco - their carts are two-holers!!)

And that's all the pictures I have to document the day that I was going to take a picture of everything!!  There were two naps, snacks, more meals, a few fits, a car many things!!  But, this looks very similar to our day.  What fun we have!!

The Momma


Friday, August 19, 2011

Deep and Wide

I was making my To-Do list this morning, and a little thought crept in...I'm kinda sorta crazy.  Like crazy person crazy.  It didn't occur to me in a "OH no!  What am I going to do?  I'm crazy!" kind of way...more of a "Huh, I think I'm a little crazy"-on-to-the-task-at-hand kind of way.  You see, I spend entirely too much time on Pinterest

So now, I spend way too much time planning my day because I found this!

You can get your own here!!

And then, I was browsing Wednesday, and found this:

And as of about noon today, my hair looks almost exactly like this (except for blonde)!

It got me to thinking about all the things that make uniquely crazy.  Like how when listening to others have a conversation, I can hardly stand it when someone interrupts someone else.  BUT, have a conversation with me, and I GUARANTEE I'll interrupt you at least once!

Stolen from here

I get fightin' mad when ordering at the drive-thru window at Starbucks.  Me: "I'll have a grande iced coffee with cream and one pump of coconut."  Magic voice:  "So that's an iced coffee, grande, with one coconut and cream?"  Well, yes, but...wha...wait...and no matter what order I say the 15 things you have to say to order coffee there, they repeat it back in the opposite order.  Fightin' mad.

I have an irrational fear that I will get a paperclip in my eye.  Like puncture wound.  As in, I can't keep from squinting to type that....oh, the thought!  (Huh, L.C.?!?)

Sometimes when I'm making dinner, I pretend like I have my own Food Network show.  Like talk aloud to myself, demonstrate...crazy.  Sometimes the girls are my audience...most times no one is there.  Crazy.

My beloved has his own little quirk: Scenario: Dan starts to tell me a long, dramatic story.  I look at him and he realizes he's already told me the story.  He pauses.  He looks at me sheepishly, and sometimes, I give him the nod.  He MUST finish the story.  He knows I know the end...doesn't matter...must complete the thought, aloud, to an audience.

So, what makes you uniquely crazy?  I realized that we all have SOMEthing, and that it's not hard to find someone just as see, I found all those cartoons on Pinterest...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking Advantage

It is commonly accepted knowledge that exclusively nursing one baby for the first 6 months of life burns 500 calories per day.  I have two babies.  That's 1000 calories.  I took advantage.

It was a lot of calories!  I was/am hungry all the time.  And while I'm still nursing them, they don't count on me for all their calories.  I've always loved food...preparing it, thinking about it, talking about it, planning for the next time I'll have it, eating it.  And I loved it even more when I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and kept losing weight!  It was crazy!!  And awesome!  And is slowing down.

They are eating big girl food more and more.  They don't eat 14 times a night anymore.  And yet, I'd still like to eat those extra 1000 calories.  They are naturally weaning themselves....slowly, but surely...and I need to start weaning myself off dessert and second helpings and full meals as snacks before they quit me completely!

Here are a few ideas I am implementing to cool it on the calorie intake:
Eating only while at the table, doing nothing else but eating.
Not even buying foods I know I cannot control myself around.
Turning OFF The Food Network (when those shows are the background noise to one's life, it's amazing how much one thinks about food!)
Reminding myself that I have two little sponges, learning habits from me.

What do you do to help yourself stifle bad habits with food?

E dot P dot

P.S.  This is not a plea for compliments!!  Please, do not tell me "Oh, but you look great!"  'Cause then my brain says to self, "Yeah, you do look should have a cookie!"  Thank you if you thought it....but shhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Operation CIO

Operation Cry It Out.

One of two things happened.  1) We were divinely led to start the process 10 days ago (not a day soon, not a day later), and that is why it was relatively painless.  Possible.  2) Our babes are giant scammers and could have slept through the nights months ago, and gave in easily because they knew the jig was up.  Probable.

Before the process began, this was our schedule:
Bed at 7:30-8:00
Snack at 10:00-10:30 before Momma went to bed
One or both up for snack at 2:00
Other or both up for snack at 5:00
Up for the day at 6:30

Last night:
Bed at 8:00
Snack at 10:30 before I went to bed
Quiet whining at 5:00 that we ignored
Snack at 6:15
Up for the day at 7:30!!


Sleep is never over-rated.  It's important.  The babes are loving it, the 'rents are loving it, even Roxie is pleased with the progress!!

Thanks for your encouragement!
The Rested Momma

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dodie to the Rescue!

The BATHROOM!!!  It took about 6 weeks longer than it should have.  It cost more than we thought it would.  BUT, it's DONE!!

I had to call for reinforcements.  The babes were sick and tired of getting dumped in the living room learning sign language with Alex and Leah.  They were tired of scooting around in their walkers in our bedroom while we hammered and painted and groaned.  So Dodie came to save the day!  She was here Friday afternoon til Sunday morning - and we finished!!


We also got some yard work done, cleaned out the garage, and rearranged the dining room!!  I had no idea how big my little distractions are!!

Thanks, Dode.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oklahoma friends, don't complain about mosquitos.  I found these treasures today...


Sometimes when you see something shiny, and you crawl really fast through a small passageway, this happens:

We got invited over to some friends' house today to swim!!  What fun!  We floated and splashed and had a blast!  I remember that when I was little swimming left you with a special kind of tired.  My babies were a special kind of tired tonight!  Sleep well, babes.  Thank you so much, Ball Family!

A special kind of tired, and a special kind of hair-do!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Best Friend

Three years ago today was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life, it turned out to be one of the hardest.  You see, three years ago today, my best friend got married!  It had already been such a fun year!  Within the year of 2008, we both got used to saying we were engaged, both planned a wedding, both planned to be each other's maid of honor...FUN!  I had made many trips to OKC for planning and shopping, she had visited out here for a spa weekend and relaxing.  And August 9th we were to meet in Mexico and get that girl married!

Dan and I left from Albuquerque early the morning before.  We connected in Dallas, and when we got ready to check into that flight, I realized I had lost my passport.  I had it in Albuquerque.  I had had it on the plane.  I didn't have it when I needed it.  Panic.  Like the kind of panic when you become irrational and crazy and mean and weepy.  I ran back to our previous gate and begged them to search the plane.  No luck.  I begged the attendent at the gate to just let me go - I would deal with how to get back into the U.S. when the time came.   No luck. 

Then, the real crazy set in.  We rented a car, bought a Texas and Mexico map, and I decided we would just drive it.  My sweet, sweet Dan just rolled with the crazy. 

All the while, my family was partying and making merry in Mexico.  I had to call.  I don't remember the order of who I talked to.  I don't remember what I said.  I don't remember what they said.  I do remember having to talk to Amanda.  It still makes me cry.  It was her wedding day, for pete's sake.  What kind of a friend does that to a girl on her wedding day!  I did.

Dan drove me to El Paso.  I had my dad's secretary fax my birth certificate to a Kinko's there, and we were gassing up and getting ready to cross the border.  It was dark.  We needed to drive straight through the night to make it in time.  Dan thought it was a bad idea.  My parents that it was a really bad idea.  Even Amanda said no.  I still didn't see the problem.  I had stopped at the ATM.  I had a ton of cash.  You can pay off crooked Mexican police, right?

We didn't go.  We stayed in a hotel in El Paso that night and drove home the next day. 

They got married, and it was perfect and beautiful.  They are married, happily.  They have a beautiful baby boy.  And she is still my friend.  My best one.  And today is their anniversary.

Happy Anniversary,

Monday, August 8, 2011

The John

Here's the update. 

We are going to survive!!  Dan got the flooring done last weekend, and we got the tile and walls finished this weekend.  Left to do: put up the trim, install the vanities and toilet, and decorate.  The end is in sight!!

Thank you, my love, for working so hard!


P.S. Operation Cry It Out was a success.  We're not talking about it yet, as I have a magical power to jinx things.  Knock on wood, cross your fingers, stop talking about it, whisper....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Told You So...

I've learned three things this weekend.  Yip, only three.  The rest of my brain power was devoted to not cussing with every breath while TRYING to finish the bathroom DIY.  Ugh.  To these three things, I am certain, one or many of you will be able to say, "I told you so...".  Shut it.

1.  Both babes had a cold on Friday.  About 3pm Friday afternoon this thought went through my head:  "Even though I hate for them to be sick and am so glad that they are active, independent little babes, it's kinda nice that they just want to rock and snuggle."  Backfire.  All night they wanted to rock and snuggle.  Not as sweet at 1:24am.

2.  Nice cameras are worth every red cent. 
Exhibit A (old camera):

Exhibit B (Daisy's fancy camera):

I'm saving my red cents.

3.  It must be easier for other people to sleep train their kids with the "cry it out" method.  I know it's not.  It's just heartbreaking for everyone.  We're doing it tonight.  I am crying at the thought of them maybe crying and me not rushing to go nurse them.  They still usually get up twice a night.  I know they don't need to...they like it, I kinda, in a messed up, tiny part of my heart, like it too.  But it's time.  Here are my excuses for not doing it yet: there are two, and when one cries at 2am and threatens waking the other, it strikes a fear in me that cannot be put into words.  So, I hit the floor running...and do my best to just have one awake baby.  That's it.  That's my only excuse.  But, it's time.  They'll be fine.  In fact, they will probably rest better (next week, after the crying has stopped) and we'll all enjoy the new schedule.  Dan has volunteered to "handle" the first night of toughness.  I'm sleeping downstairs...oh, I don't know about this...this could be a saga.  Warning.  If you are already bored of the sleep training talk, just don't read my blog this could get messy.

Pulling up my big girl panties,
The Momma

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Now I know why Mary was so contrary...she must have been trying to grow that garden in the desert.  Boo.

My gardening dreams started in this little ice cube tray sized "starter kit" that sat on my kitchen table.  There were peppers and tomatoes, carrots and peas, squash and cucumber...and high hopes.

Then, I graduated to these little plastic cups and some solo cups and let them hang out in the kitchen some more.  At this point, I had no plan past the cups.  Our backyard is dirt and rock - but not the kind of dirt that would actually sustain life.  The kind that's good for breaking your foot if you try to shovel into it, or the kind that's good for ants to live in and lizards to run plan.

Then, while blog-stalking the Pioneer Woman, I saw that she had these garden boxes!  What a great idea!  Since I was going to have to BUY DIRT anyway, this would be a great way to contain it.  BUY DIRT - I had a severe problem with this...who BUYS DIRT!! 

Exhibits A and B of the only green things in my yard.  Boo again.  My tomato plants looked healthy and promising most of the summer...there were even a few yellow blooms - that promptly died.

Green Thumb

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Daddy's Watch

Oh, how we all look forward to Mondays and Thursdays!  I love it because I get dressed in real clothes and run errands sans a stroller and see patients and visit with my work friends.  Dan loves it because he gets unsupervised Daddy time and possibly some alone time if a good nap falls on his shift.  The girls love it because they love their daddy.

And the girls love it because they don't have to get dressed.

And the girls love it because they get to make a sport out of unloading the entertainment center.

And the girls love it because Daddy does not have a to - do list...he just sits and plays and sings and reads.  Sweetest thing ever.

Now, on Momma's watch there have been a few catastrophes.  They have both fallen off things (beds, couches).  They have choked on things (barely, temporarily).  They have crawled off, under, and behind things and scared the momma half to death.  BUT.  They have never bled.

Today, Daddy made Kate bleed her own blood (name that movie!).  Kate has a very unique crawl - part belly flop, part frogger, part worm - unique.  Well, today, she was shimmying across the tile floor and tripped.  When you trip doing Kate's style of locomotion, your face hits first.  Poor baby got a bloody lip.

I called on my way home.  I knew right away.  In part due to the whimpering in the background.  In larger part because Dan started the call with, "Well, they're all ok, but...."  Momma drove fast.  Kate was fine, Lauren was jealous of all the attention, Daddy was ready to hand off the babes and head to work. 

Wife of Father of the Year,
E dot P dot

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

60 years

My Grandma and Papa Terry have been married for 60 years and 5 days. 
My Meme and Papa Eells have been married for 57 years today.

Does that seem like a really long time to anyone else!?  We traveled home this weekend to celebrate the 60th with the Terry Family.  It was awesome!  I love family get-togethers.  The food, the babies, the visiting, and, on this special weekend...the terrible old home VHS from 1991 Terry Chriistmas!!  Oh, the bangs, and the color block sweaters...the high waisted pants and the big glasses...yikes!!  It's funny how some memories are so vivid and some you can completely block.  I think I blocked all of 1991.

All this anniversary talk got me to thinkin'...marriage.  (Please say it like they do on "Princess Bride", please, for me...)  Marriage.  Does coming from a family with a great track record of long, lasting marriages stack the deck that yours might make it?  Or is it better to have lived what you don't want to repeat?  Amanda read somewhere that our generation will have fewer divorces than the older generation.  Is divorce trendy?

I don't pretend to know.  I do know that you just have to wake up everyday and remind yourself that you said you said you'd stay, you said you'd be on their team.  I hope my girls love Disney movies, and fairytales, and Prince Charmings....and I hope they see in us real life stick-to-it-ness that arms them with the ability to have a real-life lasting, good marriage.

Today, babies, I love your daddy.  But if I wake up tomorrow in a bad mood and wouldn't list him on my top 10 favorite people...I'll still stay.  'Cause I said I would.  I hope we make it to our 60th anniversary!!  And I hope our roles, babes, won't have completely reversed....but, as Uncle Joshy says, "I'll wipe you really well...just as I'd like you to wipe me should the day come."