Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

Four years ago today I wore these shoes and made some jab at my then boyfriend, Dan, about how much taller I was than him.  He somehow, cleverly, turned that jab into a proposal.  It was a happy day!

The B's love to "help" fold laundry.  Lauren has a severe affinity to my "intimate wear".  Go ahead, try to take them off her, dare you.

This morning I became acutely aware of how and why I am going to be a severe embarrassment to the babes about the time they hit Jr. High.  You see, I've spend the first year of their life doing the most ridiculous things to get a laugh.  It'll be hard to switch that off and remember that it's not so funny in ten years.  This became evident in the form of a dance party this morning.  And maybe even slightly more when I busted a move in the grocery store yesterday.  They LOVE all my best moves.

I made this rice pudding yesterday, sort of.  I Granny Eells-ed it.  Use half and half instead of milk, and omit the cocoa powder and chocolate chips, oh, and I didn't have the patience to zest, so a put two giant strips of orange peel in there then fished it out later, oh, and I didn't have any vanilla beans (stocking stuffer, Meme?) so I used plain ol' vanilla extract.  I guess I should just write my own recipe!  Make it.  It smells like winter and is delicious and you'll be glad you did.

Got an email update from Baby Center today that baby bean #3 is the size of a lime this week.  I never got that ultrasound, so it's still unconfirmed how many limes are in there.  90% of the day, I am certain that there is only one, I definitely feel different than last time.  However, when I squeeze into my jeans (or anything with a zipper) I am certain there are a bushel of limes in there.

Happy Wednesday,

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