Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A recap:
I blogged about how important it was to blog, and keep a record, and remember....and then I didn't for 10 days.  Boo on me.  Myyyy Baaaaad.

Some things other things I'm behind on:
1. Dusting
2. Laundry
3. Patient Recalls
4. Exercising
5. Calling my friends
6. Making Halloween costumes for the babes

Some things I'm NOT behind on:
1. Resting on the couch
2. All things Food Network
3. Pinterest
4. Nail and toe nail hygiene
5. Diaper maintenance
6. Eating

Keepin' it REAL.

Here's the goods.  I know you just use me for their cuteness.  It's ok.

"but pleeeeease"

ignore the scary eyes...just showing off the pointer finger

 Picnic at the zoo

Lazy Momma

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