Sunday, October 9, 2011

11 Month Old Monsters

Can you believe that our tiny babies are eleven months old!!?  I surely cannot.  In the midst of each day, some parts drag on, some stages seem to last forever, some nights are so long they seem to be weeks...but, at this end of eleven months, it feels like the blink of an eye.

The girls have changed so much.  They communicate more, they move more, they whine, they belly laugh.  They reach up for us and give the "grabby hands" sign when they want up.  They jabber, a lot.  They giggle, and laugh.  They steal toys from each other and whine. 

Lauren is taking a few steps now...I think her record is six.  And Kate walks as long as she can hold on to something.  They push each other on their Princess Mobile.  They play hide and seek in the curtains...and behind anything they can peek around.

They play so well in the bath.  When we lay Kate back to wet her hair, Lauren bee-lines over and blows "raspberries" on her belly.  They both giggle so much.  Occasionally, Lauren gets too excited and forgets to aim and "raspberries" right into the tub of water.  This makes Kate laugh, not Lauren so much.

They still love to be out and about.  Whether it's just out for a walk, or shopping, or the zoo.  They just love other people, new scenery.

They're still great eaters.  Shredded cheese, pasta, all fruit, and most any vegetable or meat gets devoured, or at least spends a little time in their mouths.

We have so much fun!  Dan and I say to each other at least 5 nights a week after we conquer bedtime - "They're just so BIG!" 

Counting our blessings,

(Thanks, Dodie, for taking most of the pics!)

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