Monday, October 17, 2011


1.  From Friday pm til Sunday pm I wore the same "workout" pants and t-shirt.  Yip, slept in 'em, then couched in 'em the whole day, repeat.

2.  I'm nine weeks pregnant.  With the babes, I had morning sickness (all day nausea, very infrequent, actual sicks) until week 16.  Seven weeks seems like a really long time.

3.  We are considering cancelling the ultrasound appointment on Thursday, and just waiting a while to find out if it's a two-pack this time around.  This is really not like me, but it might happen.

4.  The babes really like to crawl around on the couches.  Is it because they think that if I hang out there all day it must be super cool?

5.  My Dan-o takes really good care of his family.

Keepin' it real,
E dot P dot

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