Monday, October 10, 2011

Stair Masters

Dan just "came clean" while the girls were "coming clean" in the bathtub.

He was home with them today while I was at work.  He was talking to my dad on the phone when he heard the giggles of little girls who were getting away with something.  He peeked.  Yip, they had escaped the barricades of the living room, and were out exploring.  They were just in the other part of the living room when he came back into the kitchen to finish his chat.  THEN, he heard the splat/pitter/patter of little hands and knees on the tile floor in the entryway.  He started wrapping up the conversation, hear him tell it...a few seconds later went to check on the girls.

This is what he found:

This means that Lu had conquered 12 steps, and Kate is on number 10!  I DIE!!!!

Life's a changin'!
Wife to Father of the Year

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