Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Broken Babies

You know how you get used to a certain season in your life?  Let's just say you were used to two sweet girls who napped twice a day for about two hours each nap.  Let's also say that many times throughout the day they played together without your being near/touching them.  Let's also say that they liked to be held occasionally, but were also content to do their own thing.  Maybe they went to bed at the same time every night, and woke at roughly the same tolerable hour.  That all sounds pretty peachy, doesn't it?

Now, let's pretend that you left your sweet angels with their sweet grandparents and disappeared for two nights.  By chance, maybe, possibly, said grandparents held sweet angels 92% of the day, had one on one constant contact, and never, ever let sweet angels cry!  Let's also pretend that the magic gods of the clock decided to mess with it and move it back an hour.  For fun, let's throw in some phase of the moon (don't know what phase we're in, don't care - blaming it too!), a possible tooth, a growth spurt, and some gas.  What are you left with????


Sheesh!!  Last night was reminiscent of month two....me, needing to pee, grumpy, tired, and ever so slightly emotional.  Dan, receiving a phone call about every 52 seconds just checking to see when he'd be home!! 

Today seems better.  I think they're fixable.  AND, good news - in two weeks, we'll go let aforementioned grandparents spoil them again and start all over!!

Thanks for babysitting, Dode and Pop.  I really owe you one.

Slightly exaggerating,


  1. it is so hard when they get off of their normal schedule. that is why holidays are so hard! all the traveling and company and the girls are a wreck by the time it is over! the good news is that they always seem to get back to their routine. it just wears me out in the process. good luck.

  2. My mom is already talking about giving my future children candy... funny that we never had refined sugar when I was growing up but somehow the rules change when they are grandparents. :) Looks like they had a fun time!