Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Oh, it's a sad week in the Prince House.  I'm weaning the girls.  Nursing the babes became almost a cause to me during my pregnancy.  I'm a hippie at heart, and have always had a vision of how my pregnancy and birthing a baby would go...and it had nothing to do with high risk monitoring, monthly ultrasounds, precautionary medicines, and a planned c-section.  When it became evident that I was going to have to pull up my big girl panties about the pregnancy and birth not going my way, I found a new thing to try to control champion.  It was nursing. 

I read books, I talked to other twin moms, I met with lactation specialist, I googled it.  I had a plan and more determination than was probably healthy.  This WOULD go my way.

And, praise God, it did.  The girls were great nursers from the get-go.  And, because it was also important to Dan, he helped a ton.  We survived.  They thrived.  We ignored the advise to supplement when they were so tiny.  I got very brave and creative about breastfeeding in public.  And it has been one of my favorite, precious parts of their first year plus of life.

But, it's time.  The biggest reason for feeling that it was time has been baby #3.  I cannot imagine the tantrum to come if they were freshly weaned when 3 gets here and gets all the boob time.  Mayhem, I tell you!  It'll be good that it will be a more distant memory.

This is how Lauren feels about it:

This is how Kate feels about it:

Amazing how differently they deal with crisis, isn't it?! 

The end of an era....
The Momma

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