Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Did This Happen?

Today was a BIG day! 

We had to be at the office at 11:45.  I saw a patient, the girls had a snack, then we ran a few errands.  We only had to get in and out of the car three times due to some creative parking plans, but STILL.  We went in and out of seven places (one drive-thru), then came home for a quick nap.  Now, we are leaving again to go pick up Daddy (the Edge sold, praise the Lord!) and do one more stop.  Then home again for dinner, and to get settled in with Happy the babysitter so that Momma and Daddy can go finish Christmas shopping!!

I mean, that's HUGE!!

When did this happen?  When did leaving the house become a DAY?  When did it happen that having to put on make-up and plan meals on the run almost sent me over the edge? 

I used to handle seemingly more important and more detailed errands and stops before work in the morning!  At one point in my life, I went to school, and worked, and had a real social life (ie, stayed up past 9 pm)! 

It's amazing what two little people and one bun in the oven can do to a girl!!


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  1. it makes me wonder what we are going to do with three??? right now when things are crazy j and i will stop and ask ourselves..."where is the baby?" like where will the new baby be during all this chaos??? you had a full day. can't believe you are going shopping after that. hope you are feeling great.