Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double Flop.

OK friends, I need some help.  Well, I always need THAT kind of help, but this request is for the practical, real kind.  I'm short on ideas...

My bestie reported to me last week that her little pumpkin (only three weeks older than my pumpkins) was doing some impressive things at day care.  Now, some of them are totally situational and not necessary to have the babes doing...he takes his nap on a pallet on the floor with 10 other pumpkins!!  Like, lays down when it's time, falls asleep even though he has the ability to run off, sleeps, then gets up when it's time!  This is so impressive to me!  The girls go to sleep on their own, but in a CONFINED space.  If they had run of the chance.  But alas, while impressive, I don't feel the need to attempt this.

One of the things I do have the need to do is to introduce some craft/learning/organized chaos time.  Fingerpainting was the example bestie gave.  We don't fingerpaint!!  I freak out when they find a pencil laying around!  I think some art supplies will be their Christmas present, but what then?!  How do I control the mess?  How do I practically, in the wintertime when it can't be done outside, start this?

Another bestie suggested play dough.  FLOP.  They poked it a little, they laughed when I impressed their hand into it....then they had a bite and spent the next little bit gagging at the salt.  (I had made my own at bestie's prompting...she told me they'd eat it...they did.)  It was an inaugural craft time, it lasted for approximately five minutes, it ended with them literally wiping off their own tongues on their sleeve.

So, shout out your ideas!  They are 13 months old, brilliant, and there are always two of them.  Be kind to the Momma/cleaning lady.

(Flop #2 comes from the fact that I've misplaced my camera (indefinitely) and did not capture the faces that went along with playdough consumption!  H-I-larious.)

The Momma

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