Friday, November 18, 2011

Picture This

How has it been a week since I posted a blog!!?  How have so many cute things happened and I don't have any videos or even very many pictures to go along with this to help explain the cuteness!!  I hope my descriptive language can do it justice today!

Lauren walks.  She never crawls anymore.  If she falls down while walking, she just stands back up and takes off.  It seemed to happen so quickly!!  Kate walks more everyday, but if she needs to get somewhere fast (like to beat her sister to it) she crawls.  Lauren never wanted to hold hands to walk, Kate prefers it...never a better reminder of how tiny and short they are than to "walk" around holding hands with Kate!

They play peek-a-boo!!  So stinkin' cute!  Lauren has it mastered.  We say, "Where's Lu?" and she puts her little hands up over her eyes to hide, then does a big reveal!  Kate's attempt is more unique, maybe cuter (whisper that!).  She does the same when we say "Where's Kate?" except for the fact that she ALWAYS misses her eyes!  Maybe her little hands land on her cheeks, or ears, or on top of her head...she has no idea it's not just perfect (because it really is perfect!). 

Lauren blows kisses in her own unique style.  She puts the back of her wrist up to her mouth and makes "suck face" noises.  Not her palm, there's no blowing, or throwing that kiss, there's never a definite end to the event.  H-I-larious.  Kate just cracks up at Lauren at this new trick.  I think she knows Lu is doing it wrong and has decided to not even attempt.

They give fives!  It's usually like 25's...rapid fire five givin'! 

Their hair seems to get curlier all the time!  Especially after baths or if they wake up sweaty from a nap - curls deluxe!  I'm so glad I have always had to deal with unruly hair, there might come a day when I can help tame theirs.

They each have 2 new teeth!  Kate now has four across the bottom and two on top.  Lauren has two on the bottom and four across the top.  I'm sure if I googled this, the order of tooth appearance says something about their personality, or future stature, or something.  I'm not googling.

Such big stuff!  I have to be in class this weekend and they'll spend all day Saturday and most of Sunday with their daddy.  I'm sure I'll have new tricks to report!


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