Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remember This...

The year is drawing to an end....yes, I know it's not even the 15th of December yet, but let's be honest, it'll be over in a flash!  There are so many things from this year, this stage; so many things I want to remember about these people.  Here's a few fresh on my mind today:


The stinkin' smiliest, giggliest little lump of girl I've ever been around!  We can look at her funny, and she about busts with giggles...cackles, might be more descriptive.  She sounds kinda like an old man laughing.  Her shoulders go up to her ears, her eyes go closed, and her cheeks look like they should have stretch marks! 

Discipline means nothin' to this girl.  Slap her hand, nothin'.  Grab her chin to make her look at you, and she'll point to something right passed my shoulder and try to divert.  She has pointed back at me, when I'm pointing "No, no" to her.  She shakes her head more ferverently than I ever could.  She may be a challenge!

She is walking now...it's a sweet, careful, caculated waddle.  She's just cautious.  She walks more than crawls now though, and every day she's faster and better.  She gives the wettest, sloppiest, tastiest "frenchies" you've ever experienced!

Kate signs "dog" and "more".  She says "dog", "ball", "momma", and "da".  She loves Roxie somethin' fierce.  She looks for her and signs "dog" the minute we walk down the stairs in the morning, she goes over and pats Rox's head randomly throughout the day, and signs or says "dog" whenever she hears her coming.

She loves her pacifier, all things electric, her daddy, pasta, grapes, bananas, playing in the refrigerator, dancing, and baths.  She's not a fan of the first 2 minutes of naptime, brocolli, socks, or hair bows.

She is soft and squishy and snuggly and so loved.


This child is a live wire!  When she's happy, she's really happy; when she's sad, she's really sad.  She feels all feelings BIG.  She is the first at everything.  She doesn't walk, she runs.  She doesn't feel bad when she gets in trouble, she can barely go on.  She doesn't sing, she yells.  She doesn't mess things up, she destroys them!

She has a sweet little giggle and even sweeter smile.  She flashes her two front teeth in all their glory from across the room all day long.  She loves to be tickled (armpits, under the chin, thighs)!  She loves to be chased and snuck up on.

Discipline is a different ball game with this one.  She can barely go on when she gets in trouble.  She crumbles to the ground, face down, and WAILS.  She is always very sorry! 

She is so strong, fast, adventurous.  She can make it up the stairs in nothing flat.  She bales off the bed or couch like it's a tiny step.  She like to dance fast and big!

She is so tenderhearted.  She will come up 10 times a day and put her head down on my leg and pat me.  She gives all her dolls hugs and kisses.  She comes up to us, arms straight up in the air, grabby hands and NEEDS up for a hug.

She loves electronics, buttons, music, all fruit, cheese, naptime, drinking out of a straw, baths, brushing her teeth, and bouncing on the couch.  She is not a fan of meat, socks, or the word "no".

She is waspy and adventurous and sweet and LOVED.


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