Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I peed on a plastic stick and it showed a + instead of a -.

The plus side of that is we're very much in baby mode and really, what's one more.

Another plus side is that we love a challenge.

Plus: I don't have to waste any money on fancy tummy oils or lotions - the girls ruined me.

+: May 23rd is one of my favorite days (because I'm self-centered like that and it's my birthday) and I like that as a due date.

Plus side: we'll get a new car!  I've never loved the Edge.  (Slight negative - I think I'm headed straight for a minivan!)

Plus: supposedly girls are easier to potty train than boys and maybe I won't have three in diapers for long!

+: I talked my OB into a sneak peak ultrasound next week to double/triple confirm that there's only one occupant.  (Pray it up, peeps!  I might lose my "+"-ive-ness!!!)

Plus: God is faithful in teaching lessons.  Someday I'll learn that the best laid plans....

Another plus: we had left over names that no one has snatched up!

Funny plus: I like that my mom and dad will have 5 new grandkids, from only 2 kids (plus spouses!) in 26 months!!  It seems mathematically impossible, I like that.

Super Plus: who wouldn't want another one of these???

The Positive Momma

P.S. If you are learning this for the first time, and feel that you are a good enough friend that you should have been told in a more personal are probably most certainly right.  I apologize.  There are just not enough quiet hours in the day (at least not enough that I can keep my eyes open).  From here on out, count on learning all the important details of our lives in mass probably won't be getting any better any time soon.  xoxx

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    I cannot believe we have still not hung out. I hate that I know how long it's been by how old your babies are now!!! And I had to go back to find this post because I had missed it a month ago!!!!!! Congratsssssss!!!!! Also, I hate at&T right now because ever since the update Asher's contacts have over taken all mine! and i just went to call you and couldn't so call me and for REALS lets hang out!!!!