Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Because I Can

Because I missed my Monday List, and because I have been a slack-attack on the camera, and because we're back to not sleeping, and because I'm the boss of this's a list, not Wordless Wednesday.  (I promise to have tons of pictures of all kinds of cute kiddos after this weekend in Red River.)

A Few More of My Favorite Things...

1.  Snapfish.  Do you know about this website?  If you have a camera, kids, and those kids have grandparents, you NEED this website.  My favorite feature has been the photo books.  I am not a scrapbooker.  I love the idea of it, I just KNOW it won't happen at my house.  I also needed an easy way to chronicle the girls months that took minutes instead of hours.  This has been my answer.  I make a photo book for them monthly.  I upload all the pictures from the month to share with family anyway, so making the book is a matter of plugging in my favorites and adding some captions.  I spend around $25 a month on this, but I order 2 books ('cause I have 2 babies), and always a copy of all the prints from that month.  I've also bought mugs and phone covers and key chains, etc.  They are all reasonably priced and sweet little gifts.

2.  Another website that Daisy referred me to recently is Warby Parker.  Since growing these pumpkins inside my belly (it does not get any less weird with time!!  They were in my belly!!?!?!!) my eyesight has been, well, we'll say, off.  Off enough that if you meet me on the street, drive defensively.  I have had a perma-scowl for months...not because I'm grumpy, but because I can't see!  My favorite optometrist, my dear Uncle Max, lives far, far away.  So, I got an eye exam, a prescription, and went on this website and ordered some glasses.  Now, they are a little trendy for my taste, and they really don't have a ton to choose from, BUT when you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone in need.  How cool is that!  So, win-win...I can see, someone else can see, and I deceivingly look more trendy than I actually am!

3.  Onionionionionion.  Sound it out, say it out loud, now say it with your mouth closed.  This is my favorite noise uttered from the mouths of my babes.  This happens as they are fighting off sleep (why, oh why, sweet child!?!) with a pacifier in their mouths.  Sigh.

4.  Tupperware.  You remember Tupperware!!  Well, you can still find it, even though I haven't heard of a tupperware party in about 30 years.  They have a website, you can get a catalog, you can even become a rep and have yourself a party!  Well, again, this was a Daisy idea - what did I do without that girl!  I keep this dish full of cut up fresh veggies and fruits in the fridge at all times...except for this week, whatev.  I find that, for some reason, I make salads more often, grab a handful of snap peas instead of chocolate chips every once in a while, and have less stuff rot in the back of my drawers when I use this.  Daisy's kiddos also know that if it's in the tupperware thingy they can have it as a snack without having to ask first.  Brilliant!!

5.  Remember when I couldn't find the perfect pink nail polish?  I found it!!  The first I tried was from Tracy's Mary Kay website.  It's called Pink Sand, and it is pretty near perfect.  Then, Daisy got me Essie's Sugar Daddy for my birthday, and it's practically perfect too!!  After many tries, I love Pink Sand on my toes, and Sugar Daddy on my fingers.  It was a long road, friends, but the perfect pinks have been found.  I'd like to thank all those who helped me accomplish this daunting task.

6.  Dressing up babies.

Merry Christmas!  Heeheehee...

Big Momma

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