Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Will Survive...

Such randoms thoughts today...Roll with me.

Yesterday, the little ones and I were grocery shopping.  Fiasco.  Every time, it's a fiasco.  The babes do's just a spectacle.  I put them in the stroller, then STUFF the basket underneath full of our groceries.  I also carry a basket on my arm for eggs, bread, etc that would not survive the underbelly.  Well, I was in the produce section, completely loaded down, staring off into space trying to picture my grocery list (that was laying safely on my kitchen counter), when an older man was suddenly right in my face.  He smiled, touched my shoulder and said, "My twin girls are will survive.".  So nice, so timely, so sad that I looked like I thought I might not!!!

Dan was gone this weekend...we should all take a moment and say a prayer for single moms.  My.  Couple alone, with the girls not sleeping well, and it was a long weekend!  We did fine, there were no catastrophes, but I am glad we are a we.  They may have watched more than the usual 20 minutes of Baby Einstein per day.  They're super smart now...

The girls have changed so much in the last 10 days.  They are both crawling all over.  Both can go from crawling to sitting.  Both "waving".  (You kinda have to hallucinate, cross your eyes, and nod your head, but I swear, it's a wave.)  Lauren is pulling up on most anything (crib, couches, the step up into the entry way).  It's just crazy!

I love that they get to go places together now...Kate is just as quick!

We are getting excited to go 'home' for the 4th of July!  There's just nothing better than small town holidays!  We'll take in the parade, BBQ, and fireworks...and if it's not 114 in the shade, maybe more.

(It's a peeled apple...weird coloring...)



  1. they both look so big. i am hopeful one day our girls will get to hang out and play together! hope you have a great time in laverne. and of course you will survive. you are an amazing mom! also....more than 20 min of a show will not kill the kids...or cause brain damage...or anything else. I should know. belle and molly have spent the last month or so watching at least a couple hours a day of baby signing time and signing time while i puke my guts up! okay, okay, one more thing...single moms???? how do they do it??

  2. Did you notice Kate is trying to sign the letter "N" in the last picture. She's a genius, she waves and knows her ASL alphabet!!!