Tuesday, June 7, 2011

La Familia

Oh, Red River was fun!!!  It was cool, and familiar, and comfortable, and there was a ton of good food, and some of the best people to spend the weekend with!

The Crew, minus Rusty and Derek who were fishing, and Aunt Jan who was taking the pic.

Right off the bat, let's address some of the negatives of the trip.  We missed 2 of our favorite people!  Papa Eells decided to stay home this year, and Darin had to work.  We missed them both, but I'm so glad that Meme came anyway, and that Shannon made the trip with her tribe without the Daddy. 

This has been Papa's chair for the past 6 years...we kept it empty most of the time in honor of him!

This trip is so special to our family.  We started meeting in Red River in 2004, the year of Papa and Meme's 50th anniversary.  Seven years later, we have added three in-laws and 6 kids!  We have been in the same cabin, playing many of the same games, eating some of the same foods, and sleeping in our same 'rooms'.  The boys fish, we all go for four-wheeler rides, the kids "bloop" rocks, we shop in town, sometimes hike, and always leave with at least one funny story!

This looks like a funny story, but they were just playing!

It occurred to me this year that the construction of a family might be one of the most apparent ways to watch the hand of God move.  I need each of these people in my life.  They all bring something important to the mix.  Would I have become friends with cousin-in-law Hope if she wouldn't have married into the family?  I don't know...but I'm glad God knew that we all needed her, not just Rusty.  (Just an example, I could do this with each and every person!!)  Family is cool!!  One of those things we have absolutely no control over...and thank goodness!!

The babes did great!  They are still teething/have a cold, but they performed well and even slept well one night!!

Pop's stroller was awesome!  They had lots of chats!!

Still doing laundry,

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