Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here's a little story of nap time. 

I've been frustrated with naps this week.  Like frus-to-the-rated.  Partly because nighttime has become so lovely.  At bed time we just nurse, snuggle, and then lay them down in their beds.  They play a little, sometimes cry a little, but within 10 minutes, they sleep.  Naps...not so much.  The other part of the frustration comes that they have not been napping at the same time.  Momma NEEDS to not have one awake baby at some point during waking hours.  Thus, frustration.

Well, today we had to make a diaper run (shocker) right before their supposed afternoon nap time.  I always feel like I'm up against a timer when I leave the house with them, but right before nap time triples the fear.  We went to WalMart, we made good time, they were happy, so on the way home I got to thinkin'.  I thought to self, "Self, why do you still swaddle and wrap them for nap time?  Could this be why you are frustrated?  Could the babies be frustrated as well as you are sending them mixed signals about sleeping cues?  Why don't you try the night-time approach for nap time?".  Self thought it was a brilliant, if not hugely tardy, idea.

We got home.  I got both babies in the car seats into the house.  I got both babies out of the car seats, into my arms.  I got both babies, in my arms, up the stairs.  I got my shirt up.  I nursed both babies...and took these precious moments to stare into my loves eyes...and sop up some of the sweat.  And then, I just laid them down.  There was no crying.  There was just full, happy babies smiling up at me.  So I left.

I unloaded the car ('cause you KNOW I bought more that just diapers...darn you, WalMart).  I put everything away...and played with my new concealer.  And then I listened...silence.  Ahhhhhh.

So then, I crept up the stairs, just to peek.  And found this:

And this...

And this....

And then, I smiled. 
They delivered a solution for my frustration, even though it was not what I thought I wanted.

So I left them alone.  There was giggling, and barking, and laughing, and babbling.  And then there was crying.  And then there was silence.

And then this:


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