Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr. Prince

 Some things you may not know about my love:

We got engaged in OKC.  He asked in front of my mom, dad, Aunt Lanette, Uncle Steve, Amanda and Josh.  Brave.  This is the next day at Theta Pond.

He can sleep ANYWHERE.  This is not a pleasant backyard, but the OKC botanical gardens.  As in a park.  He's asleep, not posing.  I'm jealous of this gift he has.

He'd rather ride a four-wheeler up a mountain than hike it, but he will hike with me...yearly.
Goose Lake, Red River, NM

He's a good son.  With his mom...

He likes to hunt.  Poor Coyote.  I think there was army crawling involved this day.  Brother Darin really gets a kick out of hunting with Dan-O.

He welds.  He enjoys welding.  If he wasn't a chiropractor, he'd be a welder.

He likes cake.

He plans the best dates.  Raspberry picking, Mora, NM.

He looks cooler than me in impossible-to-look-cool situations.

He's a kid at heart.

Happy Birthday, my love.  I'm glad you're mine.

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  1. Happy Birthday Dan! And...he has really big words to describe really complicated things :)