Friday, June 10, 2011


What a week!  (Do I say that every Friday?)  This week we have recovered from travel, recovered from teething, recovered from snotty noses.  We have worked hard to get back on a sleeping schedule.  We have added apricots and summer squash to the babes' diet.  Whew!

Among that "usual" stuff we have some BIG things!!  Sunday, on the way home from Red River, one of Kate's bottom teeth made it's debut!!  Much to Kate's frustration, I have learned that this is an impossible event to get a picture of!!  You know it's not for lack of trying!  The most notable part of this feat is that it's among the first that Kate did before Lauren!!  (Not that it's a competition or anything!!)

Tuesday we had another big event!!  I had left the girls on the floor in the living room - like usual! - and was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.  As I was getting something out of the refrigerator I saw movement out of the corner of my eye!!  Roxie?  Nope, purple movement!!  My Lauren had motivated into the KITCHEN!!! 

I say "motivated", because if I said "crawled" you'd picture the wrong mode of transportation!  It's a frogger type move.  Adorable!  Now, I'd love to try to convince you that the reason that she trekked into this room is because she missed her Momma.  Not true.  She has a deep, deep, new-found love for Roxie.  Nothing lights up her life like the sight of that dog.  Roxie has been nice, if only slightly irritated.  Again, no picture of this.  I'll have Dan help me this weekend, it's a must-see.

Kate can really make some tracks too, but only in "R" so far.  If I could just figure out a way to fashion a rear-view mirror for that girl, she'd be hot on her sisters' heels.  Heel to heel...oh, that makes me laugh just thinking of it!!  Unfortunately, she most often finds her lower haunches trapped under the couch or chair or entertainment center.  Trapped.  And sad.  I have no doubt she'll find "D" soon and join L in her adventures.

They are both sitting up so well, too!  It's just been a big week!!  I'll leave you with one last new trick...Kate's ability to make my heart stop:

This morning (and I use that term loosely, the sun was NOT up, and neither should we have been) Kate decided she was done sleeping.  I tried to trick her into playing quietly in her crib for a while...she started banging on their "adjoining wall".  Nothing strikes terror in me like the fear of one waking up the other at that dreaded hour!  So, Dan brought her into bed with us.  She had a few toys, the remote control...she was happy for about 4 minutes.  Finally, I decided to take her downstairs.  I plopped her on the floor, changed her diaper, laid out some toys, started Baby Einstein, and promised to check on her in 15 minutes...Momma just needed 15 more minutes.  I laid back down in my cozy bed and didn't wake back up for 30 minutes!!!!!!  And when I woke, I woke to SILENCE in the house.  (Well, the irritating Baby Einstein theme music was playing, but I've already mastered the art of tuning that out.)  No baby noises.  None.  I BOLTED down the stairs!!  Had she learned to crawl and left???  Had she backed completely under the couch and...oh my, I couldn't even imagine.  Calm your racing heart...she decided she wasn't actually quite done sleeping either....

Pumpkin.  BTDub, this picture was taken AFTER she fell back asleep from my stomping and running and poking and getting down in her face to feel her vibrato-snoring breath on my cheek.  My heart rate is just now back to normal.  At least they won't have to learn about my crazy neuroses at a later'll have been all they've ever known.

Happy Friday!
E dot P dot


  1. okay...i am not judging here...just think i maybe missed out on something huge as a put her in the living room and went back to bed??? like she was alone? where was this idea when i had isabelle?? now it would be impossible, but then...what was i thinking? why did i never go back to bed? you are so smart!

  2. Tracy, it's been a necessity from day one around here! I put the girls down for a nap one at a time ('cause I'm home alone and it's the only physically possible way!) and when I'm swaddling and snuggling baby 1, baby 2 is always chillin' on the living room floor...just in case she decides to forget to "chill" and starts to scream. Alone time is important for all of us!! :-)