Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girl Time

My ABQ bestie and I had a day!!  A fun one!  It's amazing that a day in my home, with 6 kids, 3 under 2, a dog, 100+ degree temps (ie. no outside playing), and a few crafty projects could be considered relaxing...or recharging...or just plain, ol' fun!  But it was.  (Don't tell my mom...I'm still not crafty...)

First of all, I'm sure you noticed....Daisy re-vamped (or would it be vamped as there was very little vamp there to re-) my blog!  Idn't pertty?!  I love it!!!  Yes, the babes are like DAYS old in the big one.  Yes, I have way more recent pictures.  But it was HARD for her to add that silly picture, so I'll change it (read: have Daisy change it) on each birthday.  Thank you, Daisy, for being patient and fixing me up!

Next, do you know about Pinterest?  Swoon.  You must, must go there.  I LOVE the idea of it all.  It's like a giant online bulletin board.  You can make your own (boards) and pin stuff there that you'd like to remember.  You can snoop through other peoples' boards.  You can spend hours just looking a pretty pictures.  One of my new favorite ways to waste time.  Go there.

Anywho...we found 2 crafts on pinterest, and got to work!  After a quick trip to WalMart, we made cookie sheet magnet boards (still being worked on) and cute pillow case snuggle mats (in the washer - pics of all next time!).  It was fun.  And way more fun doing it with a friend.

Hope you get to have your own crafternoon someday soon,

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  1. love the new blog fact totally jealous. can daisy come to my house? glad you had a good girl day!