Friday, July 1, 2011

Eight, 8, Ocho!!!!

Babies!!  You are EIGHT months old today!  I can hardly stand it!  Time is flying they said it would, and you know I hate it when "they" are right!  You are my favorite people on this earth.  You make me laugh out loud daily.  You amaze me with your new tricks, and consistent personalities.  You bring a tear to my eye more often than I thought possible.

Kate, you are just the smiliest little person I have ever met.  I love that those two bottom teeth now decorate your smile.  You are so patient...when your sister needs me more, when she smooshes you and pulls your hair... You are such a studier.  You study our faces, your hands and feet, your surroundings, your sister.  You melt me, little girl.

Lauren, you are so active that I get tired just watching you!!  You are so fast and so strong and so adventurous.  You love Roxie, you love your daddy, you love paper.  I love that you still feel tiny in my arms.  I love that you let me snuggle you...if only for a second.  I love your tiny, tiny nose.  You make me so happy.

I wanted you, babies, more than I even knew.  If God would have given me a line-up of cuddly little girls, I would have picked you.  You are my Punks, my B's, my heart crawling around outside of my body.

I love you big time.

K: 14 pounds, 15.5 ounces.  2 teeth.  Crawling, sitting, waving.
L: 14 pounds, 15.5. ounces.  Crawling, sitting, pulling up, waving.

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