Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have writer's block.  Am I just tired?  Too ADD to sit down and type it out?  More boring than usual?  Not paying attention?  I don't know.  Just nothing great is coming to me.  Somewhere in my big brain there is a really sweet Father's Day blog.  (I think I'll post it next week, just to point out that Father's DAY really is just a made up day.)  There is a blog about my garden trapped in here.  There are some great stories about "Aunt" Sandy's visit.  There are stories and pictures and confessions.  Trapped.  So today, here are some random thoughts.  Tomorrow is another day.

1.  The girls are napping great...but not at the same time!  They slept about 3 hours each today - 45 minutes of it was at the same time, and 20 of that was in the car.  Didn't get much done today.

2.  I didn't get much done today, yet I made 2 desserts.  Yip.  I know.  I think it's because Dan and I met with the dietitian at the gym today.  He had some great suggestions about sensible choices and simple changes.  I rebel in obvious ways.  We're having rice pudding and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

3.  I have learned that, even when surrounded by real toys and activities and a singing, dancing Momma, babies like snot sucker bulbs and wipies the best.

Lauren.  It's a fresh wipe.  Promise.

Kate.  It's as clean as I know how to get those nasty things...Promise.

4.  Lauren really is "allergic" to carrots.  We tried again...bad decision, again.  She is red and flaky.  Good news is she doesn't seem to mind, and Kate is eating up the batch of carrots I made.

5.  Centipedes are gross.  Like way worse than cockroaches and spiders - gross.  Maybe not as gross as mice.

I killed something very similar to this yesterday.  Similar only because the one I went up against was bigger and meaner and leggier and generally scarier than this one.

I apologize.  Wasn't my best work.  I'll get my groove back...check back later.

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  1. Didn't get much done! You are caring for & loving your children--everything else can wait!!Your job (24/7) is to raise the most rounded, productive & loving adults. It starts when they are keeping you awake, driving you crazy, burping on your shoulder, depending on thier parents for everything.
    FYI- rice feeds millions around the world daily
    cookies are from the bread and cereal group
    chocolate is your treat
    Do not forget the milk---dairy.
    You are doing a GREAT JOB!!
    Love & Prayers