Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Potty Humor

After blog stalking some other moms, I thought I would count the diapers we go through in a 24 hour period.  Guess!?!  18 diapers!!!!!!!!!!  That's 126 a week.  Or 504 a month.  Or 2520 since birth - actually this would be a low number, cause I KNOW we were changing diapers more often that first month!!  I wish I wouldn't have counted.  However, it makes me even more grateful.  I think Dan and I have only purchased maybe 3-4 boxes of diapers...and a few of those while I was pregnant and we were still excited about the thought of all of the poop we'd shuffle!  Thank you Meme and Papa, and Laverne baby shower hostesses, and Dodie and Pop.  Crazy!!!

Poop Snake (I fib, we appreciate alliteration in this house)

I also need to clear up a little point about yesterday's post.  I re-read it today and I feel that I painted a picture that I'm super motivated and painting walls everyday.  Here's a little peek into our day today:
9:30 massage for Momma
10:30 Momma and girls to the office to see one patient
11:30-12:30 drive around ABQ and have Wendy's for lunch - attempt to get them to sleep before...
1:00 hair appointment - color, trim, lots of friends to hold babies, laughs with the girls, pampering
4:00 home - girls nap.  Momma made the bed and then laid on it for 45 minutes
6:00 stir together spaghetti for dinner
Somehow it is now 9:15 and I haven't done jack.  No to-do list, no big plan for a project, no shower today...nada.

There, just in case I misled you.

Remember, I always have witnesses, and they plot to expose me...



  1. For the love...are you cooking them??? LOL aren't bumbos the best? Love That you are blogging now too!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Way too truthful....haven't I taught you anything??? Never admit to a "nothing" day!!! Throw some flour around and act like you've been working hours and hours. And always remember to write "whatever you've just done" down on your list--just so you can mark it off! JEEZ..

  3. tammy,

    i love you. i have just covered my kitchen in flour and written and crossed off the following things on my to do list: feed girls lunch, change a bazillion diapers, clean living room, start laundry and make bed. i feel so accomplished and my hubs will think i have been working hard all day!!!


  4. You should eat spaghetti for dinner. You should not eat babies!

  5. Hil and Daisy - I worried about posting my cooktop babies picture! Don't report me!

    Momma - you know I know all the tactics! Today I made a list with things like: brush teeth, get dressed, etc just so I'd have plenty to mark off.

    Tracy - I knew I liked you.