Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pick a Baby

Not my favorite day.  Something is wrong with Lauren.  She cried a lot today, like a real a 'something hurts' or an 'I'm terribly sad', make your heart hurt cry.  She usually barks.  We said from day one that she's just not very convincing.  She was convincing today.  I'm about convinced that she's teething.  I don't know though, do you ever know for sure?  So, it wasn't a great day because of that.  But, it was also not a great day because I felt bad for Kate.  There I was, snuggling a sad baby, and instead of just really feeling bad for her and focusing on her, I was worrying that Kate wasn't feeling much love today.  Days like this are the hardest for me.  It just feels at some point like you are picking your favorite and letting the other cry.  I hate it.  Somehow, these days don't happen as often as you'd think, and for that I'm grateful.  It also occurred to me that this is not a problem only for mother's of twins, but for every mother with more than one child.  At some point, one just needs you more.  So, hopefully in the end it all evens out.  Send your guesses about Lauren's affliction, and don't worry too much about Kate - she was diggin' Lauren's exersaucer!

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  1. teething for my girls always includes a runny nose and diarrhea. fun stuff! hope everyones day gets better tomorrow. and don't worry about anyone feeling unloved or neglected. it does even out. plus it is better that way than them both being sick and needing you (which will also happen).