Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you were just learning English and had to be around me the word "home" would be one of the most confusing.  You'd think it would be the THEIR, THEY'RE, THERE fiasco, or the ACCEPT, EXCEPT problem, or, most troublesome for me the LAY, LIE, LAIN, LAID, LYING, LAYING - AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  But nope, if you were hanging out with me, especially this past weekend you would need ole Webster to help you with the word "home". 

While in ABQ preparing to go HOME for Easter I kept having to think of things we would need from HOME.  The girls' sweet Easter dresses, 49 diapers, my Spanx (teehee, a girl will never learn!), camera, phone, etc...Mom and Dad were here (from HOME, visiting our HOME in ABQ) and it made the trip HOME so nice.  We had 2 cars, 4 adults, 2 babes, 2 car seats, and 1 smelly dog.  We divided and conquered.  It took us longer than usual, but we had no schedule, and since Mom and Dad weren't at HOME waiting on us, but enjoying Lauren's screaming in the backseat right along with us, we took our time!  It's a long road no matter how you look at it, but I'm thinking looking at it rear facing in Lauren's chair must be the worst.  Bless her little heart!

We had such a nice time at HOME.  We got to see all the aunts and uncles, grandmas and papas, and cousins galore.  We met the soon to be newest member of the family (Congrats, Haley and Blake!!!).  We saw our church family.  We ate entirely too much.  Entirely.  Oh my.  It was awesome!

Easter is a strange holiday.  As a Christian, it is one of the most emotional, hard to wrap my mind around, awesome holidays.  As a consumer, it is such a sweet time for kids - the pastels, the bunnies, the eggs, the chocolate.  Our girls are, of course, too small to appreciate the consumer part, so I spent most of Holy Week with a frog in my throat.  The sacrifice God made for us...it became even more powerful now that I have children.  I cannot imagine.  I am so grateful.  What a wonderful Savior!

So glad to have spent it at HOME with our family.  So glad to be HOME to rest and recover from all of the fun.  So glad I don't have to teach anyone mastery of the English language.


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  1. You are cracking me up!! I have copied and pasted peices of your blog and emailed to Mom they are making me ROLL!! :)

    But, I can totally relate to "home". I call Laverne "home,home" and our home "home" make sense lol!