Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I've Learned

What a week!  I sometimes feel, though, that they are all such big weeks!  Whether we accomplish something big, or our schedules are full, or they reach a new milestone - something cool happens all the time!  Here's another list - of things I've learned this week...

1.  You should never say to your husband: "Babe, how is it that one of them always has a blow-out when you're with them - they never have blow-outs with me."  Rookie mistake.  There has since been a blow-out everyday this week - all when I am on diaper duty.  Amazing!  I don't so much mind though, because naked baby is my favorite kind of baby.  I like wardrobe changes throughout the day!

2.  There really is such a thing as a green egg.  And I do like green eggs (haven't had any ham recently!).  Dan has a patient who is keeping us supplied with fresh eggs - feels like Easter. 

3.  Spanx are a scam.  We had to film a video for a new project at work yesterday.  Big occasions call for big panties.  Sure, they sucked in my waist (needed) and they helped me to be a little less self-conscious about that one part of my body.  BUT, they made me strangely aware of others.  It's got to go somewhere, ladies.  Beware of back fat and new thigh rolls.  Scam.  (No accompanying picture.  You're welcome.)

4.  Some of the things you pass on to your children are just wrong.  Like the frightening bed head.  I have high hopes for this to get even better with length and maybe a little curl?  In the meantime, I think it looks like she is running really fast!

5.  My friend Brittany is the coolest!  We call ourselves the "Stupid Sisters" because of a series of seriously stupid scenarios over the years.  She's not stupid.  I don't know what roll she played in the following fun - I like to think she thought it up, planned it, wrote the song, hired the actors, taught the choreography, and filmed it.  I think this because I know it's quite possible that that is just exactly what she did.  So, super cool, BKing!  I think we should now be the "Super Cool Sisters".  (Watch the video, watch it a few more times, then forward it on to all your friends so they can watch it, then watch it 14 more times, thanks.)  ***Someone call me and teach me how to make this look cool.  I KNOW there is another way short of just copying that address.  Help.***

6.  I think Lauren's problem earlier in the week was plain, old-fashioned boredom.  I'm so ashamed.  They didn't let me know that they are OVER laying on the floor, playing alone, and staying in the house all the time.  I'm sorry, babies.  She has been much better as we have done more fun stuff (like running errands, and working in the yard, and being "worn" by Momma as we do the chores - they really don't ask for much!).  Here's our outting one day - we made it around the loop 4-5 times.  Momma was all out of chores and creative ideas.

Roxie got to go too.  She looks like I beat her into submission for this pic.  Promise I didn't - that's her version of "stay".

Happy Weekend,
Big Momma


  1. I know what you mean about boredom. My babes are the happiest when we are outside or on the go. They are starting to arch their back in protest when I lay them on the floor.

  2. One more thing...about inserting a link. At the top of the box where you enter your text for a new post, click on the word "link". Here you can paste the link and then add the text you want it to correspond with. Like: Click here. Let me know if this is clear as mud!

  3. Thank you Kendra! It does make sense. I didn't have anything to link to today's, but I'll try it next time. Thanks!