Thursday, March 31, 2011


1.  Five month olds are impatient.  This strangely makes me feel better about myself.   Patience is a virtue, but a learned one.  It's not something I was born with and have lost.  I was born an impatient person.  It's no excuse to not be more patient, to practice patience, to hope for patience in others...but, it makes me feel better.

2.  At what age do mullets go out of style?  Kate sports one.  She's adorable.  Most mullets are not adorable.
This looks more like a rat's a mullet, promise.

3.  Girl scout cookies are the best and the worst things to happen to my week.  Samoas,  Thin Mints, and Tagalongs have invaded my house.  They are perfect and make me reminisce and I'm nursing 2 humans and, therefore, normal calorie math does not apply...and I've had a tummy ache for 3 days.  I have NO self control.  It's embarrassing and kinda impressive how many (boxes) I've eaten.

4.  Dan dressed Kate today.  I laughed for about 20 minutes at the time and then everytime I've thought of it since.  Poor baby.  Everything was too tight, nothing matched, she was happy, he was proud of his accomplishment, here it is...

5.  Lauren rolled from back to tummy today!  She was so cute - almost proud of herself it seemed.  She can now really move across the room!  And, I'm already doing some serious self-talk about my comparison compulsion.  They had accomplished all the same milestones for exactly 6 days.  Whatever.

E dot P dot

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  1. that is NOT a mullet. if you really want to know what a mullet looks like i can send you a pic of isabelle at about 16 mo. it was horrible. she outgrew it and so will kate! and you are right, when you nurse twins you can eat as many boxes as you want!