Monday, March 14, 2011

Workin' Girl

I remembered how!!  Oh, what a relief it was when it all came back so naturally.  Work was fun today.  Dan made it home in time for the switch to be painless, and the girls were both acting like they felt better today, so it was easier to leave than I feared.  My sweet patients acted like they missed me and it was fun to catch up with them.  I'm glad we made this decision - I'm also glad that I prefaced this return with "but I can change my mind and stay home any time I want to!".  I think I'll go back on Thursday.

I am blown away by how quickly my babes are changing.  Today's big change is the swaddle.  We have swaddled the girls since day 1.  They were premies and just seemed to do well with the tight wrapping.  Also, we chose to crib them together from the start and you just can't have all those flailing arms!  Some have balked at our "mummifying" our babes, some almost have a panic attack about the imagined claustrophobia just looking at them, some (ok, just me) loves that it makes them look so tiny and you can smoosh them super close together while they're wrapped.  Well, almost overnight, they are done with it.  Kate is in the crib right now with all her limbs loose.  I could just bawl.  Only big babies can do that, not my sweet little pumpkins!  I think a second crib is in order - their arms still seem to flail about!  Let's reminisce...

See!??!  Tiny, smooshed together, melt your heart loveliness.

My sweet Lauren.

Babies grow.  Each stage has been better than the one before - I'll trust that it'll just keep getting better - flailing arms and all.

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  1. glad to hear work went well! those babes are ADORABLE. it does get better and better. (of course as i type that isabelle is stripping off all her clothes and diaper!)