Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Seriously, my mind is like an ongoing's today's!

1.  Why don't babies look like they just woke up when they've just woke up?  Is this something that comes with age?  Do we start to look tired longer as we get older and tired-er?  I promise, if you caught me 2 minutes after waking from a 2 hour nap at 10 am, I would look like I just woke from a 2 hour nap!

2.  Am I the only person in the world with this self-inflicted rule?  Dan thinks I'm crazy.  We had a few days of very warm weather, and I switched the unit from heat to AC about a week ago.  It was premature, I realize that now.  I was hot and not thinking clearly.  The rule, however, is that we don't switch back and forth all willy-nilly.  If you jumped the gun, you try to learn from your mistake, add an extra blanket, and be patient to not make the same mistake in the fall.  Nevertheless, you flip the switch 2 times per year...choose wisely.  (By the way, must give a shout out to my dad at this point.  I know exactly where this neuroses came from!)

3.  Is it weird to wear your babies?  I love my Moby.  If you wear your baby and don't see a chiropractor, however, you must change this.  I live with a chiropractor, work with 4 other chiropractors, and NEED it after days of this:


Don't judge me for wearing grey 2 days in a row - it's just a phase.

4.  Is a salad still a wise choice, calorie-wise, when you disregard portion control?  This is my favorite salad of all time.  It feels like spring/summer to me.  I love it.  This is a serving bowl.  I ate it all.

5.  I love my babies.
Again, no judgment allowed...this is first thing in the morning. The last time she got buttoned up it was dark!


  1. 1. my brain works in lists also
    2. who cares if you wear grey 7 days in a row?
    3. you are a nursing momma, eat all you want.
    4. totally with you on the ac thing!

  2. What's in that salad, btw? Looks intriguing... Mmn....

  3. Tomato, avacado, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, olives...delish. I use a greek dressing on it.