Monday, March 28, 2011

How do you do it?

Another happy day here.  I worked (a little), Dan got to play with the girls without my "help", and the girls were smiling and laughing a good portion of the day.  Poor Roxie probably would not agree that it was the happiest of days.  Roxie is our pit mix pound puppy.  We got her right after we got married.  She has been the absolute sweetest dog ever.  She was house trained when we got her and we've never had an accident.  She will stay right by us on walks without a leash.  She never barks, except at hot air balloons when they fly right over our house.  She survived Brother Darin's "obedience test" on her first trip home.  I didn't witness it, but I think that maybe her tail got pulled and her ears toyed with...he's such a good daddy, he was just making sure she was childproof.  She was mostly a house dog...until the babes came home.  She has been so good with them...mostly indifferent.  She prefers to not be around when they're crying.  She never steps on their blankets or gets in their face.  She has a doggie door and has just made herself into an outdoor dog as the weather has gotten nicer.

Well, yesterday we were working in the backyard when I noticed she was chewing on her right front paw a lot.  I figured she had a sticker, so I went to her rescue.  That poor baby had an ingrown dewclaw.  It was angry and bloody and swollen.  I almost cried (and puked).  My poor puppy was wearing her neglect on the outside.  I was so ashamed. 
I made an appointment with her vet for this afternoon.  I probably could have trimmed it myself, but my shame forced me to include the professionals.  So, after I got home from work we all loaded up and headed to the vet.  Loading up the girls and getting anywhere is a feat.  I've mostly mastered it, and it doesn't stress me as much as it once did, but I was nervous for this trip.  We haven't exactly streamlined the feeding schedule when I'm not around.  I figured one or both would be starving about the time that Roxie went bizurk. 
The vet experience turned out fine.  Roxie was such a good girl.  I didn't get scolded for the obvious neglect.  She got a few other things checked out while we were there so it wasn't a super waste of my time.  The important part of this story is that the staff and doctors there were so helpful!  They helped me with Roxie, helped me out to the car, acted super impressed that I was out in the first place...all the right things!!  It got me to thinking about when the opposite is true.
I can't count how many times I have been met with this scenario instead.  I'm out, by myself, with both babies, and juggling some other task.  Maybe it's grocery shopping, just using a public restroom, trying to get in a door, etc.  It's never very remarkable.  In fact, usually it's one of those tasks that 6 months ago I would have done on autopilot.  Anywho, during these menial tasks, on countless occasions, someone stands nearby and says to me "Gosh, how do you do it?!".  And that's it.  They don't open the door.  They don't push the cart or the stroller (have you ever tried to push a full grocery cart one handed?).  They just acknowledge that it looks hard. 

This turned into more of a complaint than I intended.  I meant to tell the story about Roxie's poor foot and the helpful people at the vet clinic.  I like that I've learned to tackle most errands.  I love spending time with my girls and if one little errand takes longer than it used to, it's well worth it.  Simply an observation.

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  1. people can be so funny! next time, just say, "i am pretty much awesome! that's how." i can't imagine grocery shopping with twins. i don't even take one of the girls when i go! you ARE awesome.